Your mind plays a very important role in health and optimal function. If you’ve seen my videos on thoughts, the mind, and changing your mindset then you already know how powerful the mind is. We don’t fully understand how powerful the mind is, however, there is actually an enormous amount of research proving the power of your mind especially when it comes to healing your body. By changing your thoughts or your mindset you can radically alter the physiology of your body and you can even alter the elements around you.. This is a very fascinating area of scientific research that we still don’t know much about, however, the research so far has shown some amazing discoveries.


Check out the videos below to learn more:

The Demartini Method

One of my favorite techniques for changing your mindset and perception is the Demartini Method which was developed by Dr. John Demartini. He has many videos and books that discuss his method, but I highly recommend going to the Demartini Breakthrough Experience which is a 2 day seminar that’s designed to help people resolve any and all emotionally charged events in the past such as abuse, a traumatic event, or a death of a loved one. This is the most logical and most effective technique I’ve ever come across for helping people truly overcome and resolve traumatic events to the point they’re left with absolutely no emotions except Love and Gratitude.

Click on the picture below to see to Dr. Demartini’s website:


Neurolinguistic Programming

Another great method of changing your mindset is Neurolinguistic Programming. This is a technique using the phase “I am” with a positive and descriptive word or sentence following it. This should be done several times throughout the day and I promise you it will radically change your mindset in a very short period of time. Here’s an example: “I AM strong, healthy, vibrant, sexy, beautiful, and energetic. Love, wealth, and abundance of all things flow to me. I AM excited to take on the tasks of the day and I AM living my life to it’s fullest potential.” Make up your own I AM statements, write them down if you have to, and repeat them throughout the day.

Deep Breathing

There’s a reason why breathing has always been an important part of meditation. Deep breathing increases oxygen to to your brain, has a calming effect on your body because it stimulates your Parasympathetic nervous system and taking time to deep breathe helps focus your thoughts.

Here’s an example of a simple stress reduction breathing exercise:
When you’re feeling stress, find a comfortable and quiet place, preferably outside. First, you’ll breath in for 4 seconds, then hold your breath for 7 seconds. And then you’ll breathe out for 8 seconds. Your goal should be to eventually work your way up to breathing in for 8 seconds, holding for 14 seconds, and breathing out for 16 seconds. Do this deep breathing for at least 5-10 minutes at a time, 3-4 times a day and you’ll see some amazing changes in your health. Breathing like this oxygenates the brain, changes the pH of your blood, activates your Parasympathetic nervous system, and increases your rate of healing.


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