Let us take stock at this juncture and understand the meaning of these articles.  Every reader can take care of their own health, and to make informed choices, the right choices when it comes to the human body.  Humans (us) are one of the most perfect organisms that exists on the planet. It is the most perfect vessel to experience life in terms of longevity and enjoy life and all that it has to offer.  I am visited sometimes by Jehovah’s Witnesses (JW) and we chat for 20 minutes or so and I enjoy the reinforcement by Biblical text because of its logic and common sense.  The witnesses see the world very logically and if you read their magazine Awake they contain some great articles about almost anything.  However, many are not aware of true health so whenever they get sick they visit conventional Allopathic doctors who make them sicker. One told me that he was diagnosed with blocked arteries and that he was recommended to have surgery to install a stent to open up the arteries. One was taking statin drugs for high cholesterol.  My question to them was “ If you follow God’s word and the teachings of Jesus why do you allow your body to be defiled in this way by taking an unnecessary drug that will alter your physiology and allowing a butcher to open your chest, when juicing vegetables will clean out the crud from your arteries” without high risk surgery.  The common reply “ Because my doctor told me that I needed a stent, or to take these cholesterol lowering drugs to prevent a heart attack.


If you have read my last article on the conducted experiments concerning obedience and compliance, it is human to comply with orders to carry out specific tasks, but we have a beautiful mind that is capable of reasoning, and questioning, allowing us to make choices.  But if we knew those choices were based on lies, deception and false science we would be pretty angry.  Without realising it these JW’s complied to recommendations based on false science, because those recommendations were given by someone who knows no better, and blind to the real truth, educating people who also know no better.  In summary, therefore educate yourself, do the research and preach the gospel to get the best out of your body, by understanding the vessel you inhabit, and as they say “ the truth will set you free”.  Finally, you need to be aware of, not only how your physical body operates, but also how the brain drives the body, and why psychotropic drugs takes over the driving seat. I further believe that readers who are interested can understand the principles of popular (pop) psychology and social psychology and even apply them in their everyday lives for themselves and others around them.

When Evil Steps Forward from the Shadows



Aggression Stimuli


Roy Baumeister professor of Psychology at Florida State University has achieved much toward our understanding of willpower, self control, self esteem, and has written some 30 books, including Evil: Inside human cruelty and Aggression. If we look at aggression we might consider aversive events such as being blocked short of a goal, which  increases peoples frustration, possibly escalating to aggression. Aversive stimuli such as physical pain, personal insults, hot temperatures etc can induce hostility.  People who are made miserable cause the same thing to others in an attempt to vent their own frustration. It is unfortunate, that as part of our being human, if aggression rewards the aggressor they will continue, which is a classic outcome in bullying, that can cause emotional trauma to the victim during childhood and adolescence. Although I do not advocate violence, because of its negative repercussions, bullying can be neutralized immediately by the victim defending themselves, showing the aggressor that there is always somebody that can, and will thwart their aggression.


Aggressive Roots


Another fact in our social psychological discussions is various cultures model, reinforce and evoke particular tendencies toward violence and aggression for survival. Richard Nisbett Professor of Social Psychology, University of Michigan has analyzed violence in Southern American towns and found that homicides are triple that of say New England towns.  This fact can be traced back to the settlers in the Southern American towns who were Scottish-Irish herders that placed an important emphasis on a Man’s honour, the use of weapons to protect their flocks, and not ‘sparing the rod to raise a child. In  New England on the other hand, the settlers were non-aggressive Puritan Quakers and Dutch farmers. Aggression is also heightened in children from one parent families, especially if the missing parent was the Father.  If excessive aggression is not abated at an early age it is much more difficult to ‘root it out’ once the child reaches adulthood.  This is why it is imperative that parents foster a kinder, gentler world as a role model for children, than having children witness constant fights and arguments between the parents.  I am not saying that children should not receive the odd smack on the legs, when absolutely necessary for say an offence that the child knowingly is wrong but continues to do it.  I am certainly not advocating physical abuse, which is totally wrong and can have dire consequences, but a show of aggression in certain circumstances is part of our survival mechanism.  It is of the utmost importance that the parent remains in control and not allow themselves to be manipulated, and be forceful enough to keep a watchful eye on the development of their child, and not to ignore ‘warning signals’ such as what was found in school shooter’s journals after the fact.

Aggressive Models


Modern media. TV, The Internet, Movies etc all play a role in fuelling the fire of aggression, as many studies have proven, and found correlational evidence that this is the case ( The doubling of homicide rates in the Americas between 1957-1974 corresponding to the spread of TV access, and within the white South African population; a doubling of the homicide rate occurred after 1975, the same year TV was introduced ). Although this has been disputed by some, but also concurred with, by the NIMH in 1982 and the APA Commission in 1993.  Geen & Thomas’s study in 1986 outlined the influential stages of ‘media induced aggression/violence as 1. Arousal by the violent content, 2. The amplification of violent Ideas, 3 The erosion of Inhibition and finally 4. Imitation. Other studies ( Singer & Singer 1986) suggest that prolonged exposure to violence desensitizes the viewer, becoming indifferent or more acceptable toward violent behaviour either in the media or witnessing it in reality.  There is cartoon caption showing a couple leaving the cinema having seen Diehard, and stepping over a body lying in the street and the woman saying “ They say all these movies and TV killings desensitize us to violence”, to which the man replies “ That’s just a theory, its never been proven”.

History and one example of Aggression on a Huge Scale


George Bush stated that 9/11 was executed because the perpetrators “ hated our freedom”…I very much doubt that..the reason was more associated with America’s actions and impact on the middles east.   I believe the roots go back further to 1915 when Britain, in league with Russia, divided up the Ottoman empire, however the Ottoman Empire did themselves no favors by siding with the Germans during WWI.  Germany lost the war and Britain occupied Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Palestine and Jordan.  Somewhere in the middle of all this, in 1916,  T.E Lawrence ( infamously known as Lawrence of Arabia) led the Arab uprising against the Turks and despite his heroic exploits, fighting on behalf of the Arabs, he was greatly disillusioned by the final outcome.  Instead of granting independence to the Arab people which culturally and ethically should have been done, they were placed under the control of the British and the French as mandated by the treaty of Versailles.  Sir Mark Sykes and Francois Georges Picot divided up the arab regions to cater to themselves,  instead of in favor of the Arab nations, by Arab sectarian, tribal and ethnic distinction, inhibiting Arab Nationalism and secularism ( This was well documented in the book by British historian James Barr in his book ‘A line in the sand’). The insertion of a Jewish state by British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour only put more fuel of the fire.  Furthermore, by ignoring the opposition of the Palestinians, 43.5% of Palestine was given to the Palestinians, while the new Jewish ‘homeland was given 56.47%, which again poured more fuel on the fire.

Social Rejection undermines Social Regulation

Baumeister argues that it is not low esteem of perpetrators that commit violence, its actually the opposite;  they generally have a high opinion of themselves, to the point where they could be considered narcissistic, and coupled with their lack of self control, amounts to a recipe for disaster.  Often violent or aggressive individuals do what they do because they need to satisfy a want in themselves, that they cannot get by more acceptable, legitimate means.  If we now turn our attention to Eric Harris ( one of the Columbine school shooters ), Baumeister proposes that one of the torches that lit the fire in Eric was social rejection, in itself not a trigger for aggression or mass murder, but if you consider social rejection as a factor that undermines self regulation, then the possibility comes a little closer.  As Baumeister so eloquently explains, functioning in a social group ( within a school environment for example) it requires a set of inner processes to regulate behaviour, such as helping others and making sacrifices, which is antagonistic to self interest. Social exclusion neutralizes the need to make these sacrifices, leading to impulsive, chaotic, selfish, disorganized and destructive behaviour.

“I want to leave a lasting impression on the World”

Peter langman who has studied school shooters for the past 10 years and has written a book ‘Why kids kill: inside the minds of school shooters’ has analyzed over 20,000 pages from the Jefferson County sheriff’s office documents related to Columbine and concluded that Eric had a disturbed personality with prominent antisocial, narcissistic and sadistic traits.  This aligns with what I had written in the second article of this series…Eric’s underlying character developed into an inner rage that he was unable to control..underlying human character is definitely genetic, but given the right exogenous stimuli an inbred character can develop positively, if not it only fuels the anger and rage that is already in there.  He wanted to be remembered by writing in his journal “ I want to leave a lasting impression on the World”. Eric wrote in his school planner ‘Ich bin Gott’ ( I am God in German) indicative also that he admired Adolf Hitler and natural selection and his multiple rants about killing mentally retarded people.


The Case of Dr Frank Karmack

Dr Peter Breggin in his book ‘Medication Madness’ talks about a case study on a fellow psychiatrist Frank Karmack who had a thriving practice until a series of personal events caused him great stress and he self prescribed Prozac ( …see even the prescribers believe in taking their poison…).  It didn’t help, and he self prescribed Paxil, which drove him to attempt suicide which was unsuccessful. Another psychiatrist prescribed Luvox ( the same medication that Eric Harris took for a year before the Columbine shooting). Like Eric, Frank ‘cracked’ and became violent. Frank’s prescribing psychiatrist failed to recognise that the drug may have converted Frank’s condition from depression to manic depression, so the psychiatrist increased the dose of Luvox from 100 to 150mg/day ( what was I saying about pouring fuel on the fire).  One of the personal events that led up to Frank’s depression was a litigation that he was involved in against a female colleague. Who in turn sued Frank’s son who was also involved in Frank’s business. When Frank finally ‘snapped’ he decided to go after this female colleague, and one day, in disguise, he lay in wait in the bushes outside of her office, and when she came out he attacked her with a tack hammer, requesting she sign a document he had which exonerated his son, and once she signed it he left. She ended up with multiple wounds on her head, and Frank attempted suicide again by disabling the catalytic converter on his car and poisoning himself with raw carbon monoxide.  He failed again and was caught by the police and sent to trial.  Due to the effects of the antidepressant medication, which he was still taking, he ended up refusing to plead temporary insanity, convinced he was sane, and insisted on testifying on his own behalf.  Frank concocted a preposterous story that she had misidentified him and he came upon a stranger that was assaulting her, and during the scuffle with the stranger, trying to rescue her, he got her blood on him.  As you can expect he was found guilty and sent to prison.  Today this is all behind him and now realises how dangerous SSRI Antidepressant really are, and I think this also provides closure to the reasoning behind the Columbine shootings.


Barbaric Surgery and Torture


Was anybody aware that in the former Soviet Union psychotropic drugs were used as a form of punishment and now they the same drugs are being prescribed for treatment for mental sick is that..and guess what were the drugs of choice.  Remember in article 5 Cathy was prescribed Lithium and Haldol or its other name Haloperidol ( yup this was one the punishment drugs of choice ). Haloperidol produces stiffened muscles, acute dystonia (repetitive muscle contractions), dyskinesia (involuntary muscle movements) and akathisia (restlessness ) and long term Parkinson’s and/or Tardive Dyskinesia ( stiff jerky movements of the face and body, grimacing and sticking out the tongue).  Why was it chosen ? induce intense restlessness and Parkinson type symptoms.  The other drug used for torture was Chlorpromazine. So what delights can we expect from this torture drug?.  The side effects include Leukopenia (reduction in white blood cells-compromised immune system), Agranulocytosis ( immune system leukocyte reduction), Eosinophilia (high eosinophil count usually caused by parasitic infection), hemolytic anemia, aplastic anemia ( a rare  disease involving damaged hematopoietic stem cells in the bone marrow which is what Madame Curie died of from years of exposure to radiation) , thrombocytopenia purpura ( causes the immune system to destroy blood platelets needed for blood clotting), pancytopenia ( Deficiency of red, white cells and platelets),  Acute dystonia and/or dyskinesia Akathisia,  Neuroleptic malignant syndrome. (Fever, Muscular rigidity, altered mental state ),  Convulsive seizures,  Momentary fainting, Parkinsonism Sedation and somnolence.

I am running out of breath…..there is more… Hypertonia, tardive dyskinesia, tardive dystonia, extrapyramidal syndrome, akathisia, parkinsonism, motor restlessness, drowsiness, convulsion/convulsive seizures (petit mal and grand mal), lowering of the seizure threshold,  Dry mouth, constipation, nausea, obstipation ( major constipation ), adynamic ileus ( intestinal paralysis ), atonic colon (Colon blockage),  Anxiety, mental confusion, agitation, excitement, aggravation of schizophrenic symptoms,  Blurred vision, photophobia, corneal/eye deposits, miosis ( excessive constriction of the pupil of the eye) and mydriasis ( the opposite of Miosis involving excessive dilation).

…Nearly finished….Contact dermatitis, photosensitivity/photosensitivity reaction, urticarial/maculopapular/petechial or edematous reaction ( to do with eye photosensitivity),  Impaired glucose tolerance, hyperglycemia, weight gain,  Orthostatic/postural hypotension, ECG changes (electrocardiogram QT prolongation, ST depression, U-Wave and T-Wave changes),  Hypothalamic effects, hyperprolactinemia/elevated prolactin levels,  Paradoxical reactions, impaired thermoregulation/temperature regulation disorder,  Nasal congestion/stuffiness, respiratory depression.

….enough..enough…why was it used as a torture drug ? induce grogginess, sedation and a vegetative state…..But why only just this ?..there is so much more..I especially like atonic colon (blocked colon) + obstipation ( major constipation )..this has got to be the worst combination.. after feeling like you want to die because you are incapable of eliminating any fecal waste, and when you finally can or it is induced, you definitely would want to die from the pain of finally passing it. So what is Chlorpromazine used for today ?….  Schizophrenia,  Bipolar disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Nausea, Vomiting and Hiccups….WHAT!!!!…picture yourself on a boat of a river, with tangerine trees and marmalade skies, somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly, a girl with Kaleidoscope eyes…. sorry I drifted off there a instead of getting rid of hiccups by drinking water out of the opposite side of a glass you going to take this drug and feel like you are dying over an attack of hiccups!!!???.

Barbaric Surgery

Let us now turn our attention to barbaric surgery. On Oct 10 1789 a PHYSICIAN Joseph Ignace Guillotin proposed to the National Assembly that capital Punishment should always take the form of decapitation by means of a simple mechanism.  You will notice that Monsieur Guillotin was a Doctor ( I think that says it all..don’t you think ?) and I believe he was transported to the 1960’s by time travel to orchestrate more barbarism.  But first I want to tell you a little story…



My Little Story

The Birth of Rosemary Kennedy

I am sure most people are aware of John F Kennedy the US’s 35th President elected November 9 1960, but how many are aware of the secrets kept from the public regarding his elder sister Rosemary?  Maybe you are also unaware of the eldest Brother Joe Kennedy Jr who was being groomed to be the next president, but was killed in action during WWII. JFK also fought in WWII but managed to survive.  So what of Rosemary (1918-2005) ?.  As they used to say on the radio in England many years ago…Are you sitting quietly?..then I will begin...In 1918 Spanish Influenza ( A flu virus that killed 20 to 40 million people around the world and thought to have originated in China) was virulent in the US and family physicians were excessively busy carrying for the sick and dying.  Mrs Kennedy was waiting for the doctor to arrive since she was about to give birth and an attending nurse told Mrs Kennedy to keep her legs closed until the doctor arrived, but this failed and the nurse pushed the baby’s head back into the birth canal and held it there for 2 hours. Can you imagine the trauma that baby experienced forcefully delaying its natural entry into the world, and the best of it was that the attending nurse was fully capable of delivering the baby so why did she have to wait for the Doctor ?.

Rosemary’s Induced Trauma causes Cognitive Damage


As you might expect Rosemary suffered brain trauma by this incredibly ignorant act on behalf of the nurse which became apparent as she grew older. All natural development such as crawling, standing, walking, speaking were all significantly delayed. Her teachers advised that she repeat Kindergarten and first grade. Since the Kennedy parents both expected all their children to exceed both physically and academically, which was also expected of Rosemary, which the parents forced on her by special education and experimental injections ( not specified), However Rosemary never advanced beyond 5th grade.   In these times society did not accept retardation, refusing Catholic communion and confirmation to the afflicted, and the kennedy parents in fear that having a retarded child might blunt their political aspirations Rosemary was banished to various schools where they could keep Rosemary hidden.  Rosemary had no idea the real reason she was separated from the family only that she would write letters home saying “I would do anything to make you happy, I hate to disappoint you in any way, please come a visit soon, I get lonesome every day”.


Despite her setbacks, Rosemary would appear, as she was, a sociable normal young adult that would go to dances, sometimes accompanied by her older brothers John and Joe jr.  In 1934 on a trip to Germany Joe jr became influenced by the propaganda being delivered by Hitler regarding the disposal of disabled people and his attitude toward sterilization partially overriding his apathy toward his ‘retarded sister Rosemary. In 1938 Roosevelt appointed Joe sr ambassador to the United Kingdom and the whole family relocated. Much to the surprise of Rosemary’s mother the British press wrote great things about rosemary especially after the Kennedys met the UK royals.  Rosemary loved the UK and she flourished in a special needs Montessori school. She was very happy, however impending war was looming so the Kennedys returned to the US.

Unfortunately, Rosemary became more rebellious, and violent at school, and again, to preserve their (precious) political position, Joe sr had heard of a new surgery called pre-frontal Lobotomy for mentally challenged individuals. This unscientific, unproven, dangerous, act of barbarity was then only 3 years old, and as you might expect the evidence uncovered it to be a very risky, unreliable, damaging and sometimes lethal ( in 9% of the patients ) procedure. Nethertheless the Kennedy father Joe sr did it anyway and put his daughter under the knife of the Butcher in charge without consulting any of the family. While she was strapped to an operating table awake, and asked to recite songs they began cutting into her brain, not long after she went silent and the butchers realised that the procedure had failed and reduced 23 year old, beautiful, socially outgoing Rosemary to a 2 year old partial vegetable.  This is one of most insane, selfish, horrific, totally ignorant acts of barbarity I have heard of, and the Father had the gaul to make this decision on behalf of his daughter. When she was in the UK she had improved so much, regressed a little on her return to the US, and with a little effort I am sure could have turned her around.   Instead, he destroyed the girl’s life because he could not face any of his affluent friends finding out this Kennedy secret.

To hide what he had done, he institutionalized the poor girl (pouring more salt in the wounds) to a psychiatric hospital in upstate New York, telling his wife that it would be best not visit her until she had settled in ( more lies, more deception, more concealment, and not man enough to admit his gross wrongdoing).  Why didn’t Rosemary refuse, and object ??..because remember the letter she wrote her parents when she was ‘concealed for the first time’..” she did not want to disappoint anybody”.  Eunice her sister, whom Rosemary was closest to, had no idea where Rosemary was for over a decade and the Father was  still concealing his secret, and then in 1944 Rosemary was forgotten all together. In 1948 JFK had been elected to the House of Representatives. So the Father, to make sure that the secret of Rosemary was not exposed he relocated Rosemary to an institution in Wisconsin where she would live out the rest of her 56 years.  The Father Joe sr never visited her, and it was only in 1958 ( 10 years later ) JFK finally found out what had happened. Rose, Rosemary’s mother finally went to visit her 20 years after but Rosemary rejected her. At the age of 81 Joe sr died in November 1969.  By the 70’s Rosemary was reunited with her family for vacations but she never accepted her mother again and in 2005 at the age of 86 Rosemary passed away peacefully, with what thoughts we shall never know…except for one I am sure…” I do not want to disappoint anybody”.


Man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides.

– André Malraux

Secrets, silent, stony sit in the dark palaces of both our hearts: secrets weary of their tyranny: tyrants willing to be dethroned.

– James Joyce, Ulysses

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