In this part I would like to present another case study involving a young girl and her mother which could easily be any mother and daughter just enjoying life until something happens that warrants her to walk to the dark side.  In addition what you should know about Fluoride.

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Case Study: Emily

(summarized from Peter Breggin’s great book “Medication Madness”)


This is yet one of hundreds, thousands of Prozac stories, and despite the mountains of evidence that Prozac, an anti-depressant is a dangerous drug that can damage lives and families and has done so, it is still made available on prescription.

Emily was your average healthy 16 year old with 3 close friends, a boyfriend, earned above average grades, played soccer, hung out at the beach.  Once she received her driver’s license  she had use of the family car, and when her older brother was away from home studying at college she was the center of attention from her mother and her step dad.

Emily Returns from a School Trip Sick

She went on a 6 week school trip to India and on her return she had contracted a gastrointestinal problem causing her constant nausea, which her local physician was unable to identify so they operated on her gall bladder…why ??..seems simple to me, a pathogen of unknown origin had taken the front driving seat of her gut due to an imbalance. Take some kimchee for a couple of weeks with some kefir and yogurt and see what happens (  am not aware of the details) so my diagnosis is somewhat speculative, but a condition like this certainly does not warrant a battery of blood tests (what are they looking for ??? aberrant pathogen swimming in the bloodstream), invasive GI studies (looking for what ?), and pills (???, anti-biotics, anti fungal ). So despite the complete waste of time examining Emily, she continued to suffer for months (6 months as specified). She was fed up and frustrated (as anybody would be) feeling sick and nauseous constantly.

Emily’s Problem is Unresolved and Prescribed Prozac

Emily’s family physician could see that her frustration with no solution, stressful medical tests and treatments was getting to what does the physician do?…instead of saying “ well your problem is emanating from your gut..WHERE YOUR DIGESTIVE SYSTEM IS..lets try and clear it using some dietary intervention”  (like I said fermented products to re-balance the gut).  No..let’s put her on PROZAC…Oh my have got to be kidding me…so we have no clue in curing your problem..and you are obviously very frustrated and depressed with your condition so we will calm you down with an anti-depressant.

Emily has Murderous Thoughts

Within a week on Prozac Emily began to have thoughts about killing her mother, not because she was upset with her. It was a completely irrational thought that came out of nowhere (well that’s not true it was drug induced). These thoughts of taking a kitchen knife and stabbing her mother in the back overwhelmed her so much she started to isolate herself from friends and taking drives in the car fighting the urges to kill, trying to figure out why she felt like this.

Only her second week on the drug and the feeling finally took over, unable to suppress it, her mother was having a dinner party and she went into her daughter’s room to bid here good night.  Her mother asked how her day had been and Emily replied “I want to kill you with a knife”.  For her mother’s sake this was the best outcome, since Emily ‘showed her hand’ and what could have been tragic was thwarted since her Mother knew there was something seriously wrong and soon realized it was the drug talking. Although the danger had past, and Emily had stopped the drug and was given psychotherapy for the next few months, this experience had damaged her psychologically and for many years after.  As Dr Breggin put it,

‘Her young life was irreversibly stained by the experience’,

and the saving grace was the tight relationship Emily had with her mother allowing her to admit she was having these murderous thoughts on the eve that she may have actually carried it out.

(Thank you Dr Breggin for your courtesy in allowing me to summarize Emily’s story)

These drugs have a similar effect, but much more ‘mind bending’ as alcohol in that it intoxicates you, and drastically interferes with chemical processes within the brain responsible for thought and emotional regulation and control.




It was 1870 in England where there was a firmly held view that fluoride had a role to play in protecting teeth and in 1874 Hunter;s fluoride pastilles was launched, and in 1907 a German scientist Deninger recommended fluoride pills to prevent tooth decay.  However, in 1937 the first publication appeared concerning a crippling condition (endemic fluorosis) in India linking excessive fluoride in the drinking water. Fluorine is the most reactive and electronegative of all the elements (except for oxygen and nitrogen) so it is not found in a free elemental state naturally.  

In the early 1930’s Hitler ordered his scientists to find an odorless compound that could be administered to the German people as a means of control.   I.G Farben came up with Sodium Fluoride, tiny doses of which overtime applied to drinking water would eventually poison and narcotize a small area of the brain that is responsible for resistance (in this case domination).

The Town without a Toothache

Then in the 1940’s Hereford Texas, Deaf Smith County became famous as ‘The town without a toothache’ and somehow a practicing dentist Dr George Heard was associated with the announcement that the mineral rich water in that county containing natural fluoride was what made this county have the lowest rate of tooth decay in the US.  Although Dr Heard also said that food in the rough (organic food) and raw milk also attributed to healthy teeth, in fact he later said that the fluoride in the water actually made teeth brittle.


By now however, the American Dental Association were convinced that fluoride was responsible for healthy teeth, ignoring the fact that the ground was rich in calcium and phosphorous bearing apatite (same material as calcium phosphate) which is a main ingredient of teeth and bone.  Out of the 3 elements fluorine is the most soluble so this ran down into well waters leaving behind the real reason for the healthy teeth the calcium/phosphorous rich soil where the town’s produce was grown. A few years later Dr heard commented that as more people changed their diet to processed food the amount of tooth decay increased.


The Spiral of Ignorance

In parallel with this series of events, a Dr Mckay and a Dr Black managed to persuade the City Commission of Grand Rapids Michigan to begin adding fluoride to its drinking water in 1945 launching a nationwide project to add  fluoride drinking water throughout the US. At the same time, Brantford Ontario Canada also did the same thing thanks to a Dr Hutton. Another story involves the first US Secretary of Defense James Forrestal who strongly opposed  fluoridation of water supplies on military posts.  

There is however a slight conspiracy attached to this man insofar as on May 22 1949 he was found dead  at the Navy hospital where he was hospitalized for depression. In March 28 he had been removed from his position, and immediately after, suffered a breakdown, and since he was no longer a government employee it is a mystery why he was receiving care on the 16th floor in a navy hospital in Bethesda. The official statement was that his death was caused by self-defenestration (suicide by jumping out of window), no suicide note and a bathroom cord was knotted tightly around his neck when they found him. Some say he was helped over the ledge because previously he had threatened to expose some Roosevelt-Truman administration secrets, or was it his opposition to the water fluoridation, we will never know.

Society Wakes Up to Realize that Fluoride is a Poisonous Neurotoxin

Then fast forward 50 years Dr john Lee a California physician wrote to Senator Arlen Specter explaining that fluoride does not benefit your teeth in anyway, despite the arguments put forward by Alberts & Shine (Bruce Alberts President of the National Academy of Sciences and Kenneth Shine President of the Institute of Medicine) that Fluoride is a beneficial human element, saying that fluoride is not even a chemical element while fluorine is a poisonous gas at room temperature. In fact Lee discovered that fluoride actually poisons certain essential enzymes in the body and in the 1971 book ‘Fluorides’ published by the Academy of Sciences lists 9 enzymes involved in the glycolysis process (sugar breakdown) that are poisoned by Fluoride.


Hypothyroidism and Brain Degeneration

Fluoride is a destructive substance toward brain tissue, the spinal cord and the nervous system, and as the Nazis added it to the drinking water the Sodium Fluoride soaked up all the lithium and made people depressed and easier to manage.  The body uses fluoride in those individuals that are iodine deficient as a desperate attempt to replace the lack of iodine into the thyroid causing hypothyroidism, brain fog, memory loss, depression, anxiety etc. Once fluoride crosses the blood brain barrier it causes degeneration within the Hippocampus (resp: memory, learning, emotional regulation, shutting of the stress response), the neocortex (resp: sensory perception, thought and language skills) and the cerebellum (resp: Coordination and balance).

Interruption of Pineal Gland Function


The Pineal gland (resp: producing Melatonin which is a sleep hormone and a potent antioxidant for the brain activated by sunlight, and an anti-depressant) can also be affected by the buildup of either calcium or in our case fluoride affecting vital pineal functions contributing to insomnia, and depression.  


In fact Paxil, Zoloft and Lexapro all contain fluoride because of the discovery by IG Farben all those years ago.  By the way before you pick up that fluoride tube of Colgate toothpaste..think again use a non-fluoride organic toothpaste..your teeth and brain will thank you for it.




So now you know, Prozac is not only is its mechanism of action detrimental to brain function it is also made from a substance that is poisonous to the body in general.  This however, is not the end of the story in terms of physiological damage, there is more which we will cover in the next part, as well as completing our discussion on Allostatic load III & IV.  In 2010 Psychology Today ran an article ‘5 reasons not to take SSRI’s’ citing a study in the journal of the AMA stating that unless you have severe depression taking SSRI’s is no better than taking an inert placebo, but I would add that even if you have severe depression avoid SSRI’s anyway.

Another referenced study at Columbia University and Johns Hopkins claim that doctors prescribe 2 or 3 SSRI’s for the reason that one of these drugs is bound to work, which is criminal in my opinion, tripling the chances of acquiring the side effects.  By reasoning that 1 of the 3 drugs is bound to work, by the same token the patient is bound to get most of the side effects, possibly simultaneously.  Since these drugs are not that effective let’s ‘dream up’ some other conditions where they may be more effective like ‘shopperholicism’, shyness, too high a sex drive and then we can add these new conditions to the sorcerers manual the DSM.  We (western nations I presume) have become an over-medicated society, and finally the ‘old chestnut’ (which I will explain in the next part) the psychiatric myth of ‘chemical imbalance’ which the whole modern Psychiatric treatment has its foundations built on.

Macbeth: How does your patient, doctor?

Doctor: Not so sick, my lord, as she is troubled with thick-coming fancies that keep her from rest.

Macbeth: Cure her of that! Canst thou not minister to a mind diseased, pluck from the memory a rooted sorrow, raze out the written troubles of the brain, and with some sweet oblivious antidote cleanse the stuffed bosom of that perilous stuff which weighs upon her heart.

Doctor: Therein the patient must minister to himself.”

-William Shakespeare,Macbeth





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