Previously we discussed the thyroid autoimmune conditions Hashimoto’s and graves or Hypothyroidism ( Underactive thyroid) and Hyperthyroidism (Overactive thyroid) respectively.   In this series I intend to cover the most common of autoimmune conditions since they all have a Common thread in that the host immune system is functioning inappropriately.  Many studies have been completed that confirm the immune system is involved with these conditions since excess antibodies have been produced as a result of the conditions that exist in the bloodstream.  Furthermore close Association with other autoimmune conditions are also evident insofar as patients can have multiple autoimmune problems simultaneously.    In all Autoimmune disorders blood tests confirm it by detecting antibodies produced by the immune System.   In this part we will discuss Celiac disease ( also known and Coeliac or Gluten Intolerance) and analyse the symptomatic statements of Celiac disease websites to determine if we need to avoid gluten or simply correct the underlying problem of gluten intolerance.

The Celiac disease foundation website

Let us analyze what is written on this website and try to apply some medical detective work to understand this disease.

Classical, Non-Classical and Silent Celiac Disease

According to the World Gastroenterology Organization, celiac disease may be divided into two types: classical and non-classical.

In classical celiac disease, patients have signs and symptoms of malabsorption, including diarrhea, steatorrhea (pale, foul-smelling, fatty stools), and weight loss or growth failure in children.

Liver/Gallbladder congestion

In this case Malabsorption is caused by enterocyte damage on the tight junctions of the small intestine where nutrients are absorbed.  Abnormal bowel movements like diarrhea and steatorrhea are classic signs of digestion dysfunction and with fatty stools means that possibly the liver and gallbladder ( if you still have one ) is congested.  For example  poisonous vegetable oils are indigestible, so they get transported to the liver to be enzymatically broken down, and if the gallbladder does not contain enough bile because the liver is congested then the host is unable to emulsify the fat; the job of the bile causing foul smelling fatty stools. The other consequence is that the host is unable to get rid of its own fat causing sugar cravings and obesity ( subject of the next article).  Downstream, the bile is used to neutralize the acid from the stomach in order for the pancreatic enzymes to complete the digestive process, and if that doesn’t happen you have undigested fatty food particles that end up in the colon and in the stool. This cascade of disaster can cause weight loss and growth failure in children because the poor kid becomes malnourished

In non-classical celiac disease, patients may have mild gastrointestinal symptoms without clear signs of malabsorption or may have seemingly unrelated symptoms. They may suffer from abdominal distension and pain, and/or other symptoms such as: iron-deficiency anemia, chronic fatigue, chronic migraine, peripheral neuropathy (tingling, numbness or pain in hands or feet), unexplained chronic hypertransaminasemia (elevated liver enzymes), reduced bone mass and bone fractures, and vitamin deficiency (folic acid and B12), late menarche/early menopause and unexplained infertility, dental enamel defects, depression and anxiety, dermatitis herpetiformis (itchy skin rash), etc.

Iron deficiency

Concerning iron deficiency, I wrote about this in my first series of articles on the Microbiome. If the host has gut dysfunction it allows our microbial ‘thieves’ to steal our iron directly from the hosts armoured trucks Lactoferrin and Transferrin. Lactoferrin ( A natural iron binding protein found in human milk and other human secretions like tears and saliva) is an integral part of the immune system where white blood cells release it to inflammation sites, to provide anti-microbial/anti-inflammatory protection. It also is part of the microbiome control mechanism to ensure balance. Transferrin is a true iron transport which is used to control the level of free iron in biological fluids.

“It is a boldface iron ‘Stick-up’ by our microbial buddies.”


The host will feel chronic fatigue if the body is malnourished and nutrient deficient, which will interfere with ATP cellular energy production (as explained in Part 2 of the 90 essential nutrient article series).  Chronic migraine is probably being triggered in this case ( Dr B says that 95% of headaches comes from a neck that requires correction), as well, possibly from peripheral neuropathy by pathogenic toxic metabolites being secreted in the gut and crossing the blood brain barrier from the bloodstream. Unexplained chronic hypertransaminasemia (elevated liver enzymes) which is a very interesting observation since a study conducted in 1999 by MARIA TERESA BARDELLA et al on 140 patients concluded :

‘Chronic Unexplained Hypertransaminasemia May Be Caused by Occult Celiac Disease’

System blockages

So now we are talking about ‘witchcraft’ ?…lol.  As I explained above, some indigestible food items and vegetable oils are transported to the liver to be  enzymatically broken down which could explain the hypertransaminasemia or elevated liver enzymes. Concerning nutrient deficiency, if stomach acid is low and/or Vitamin D3 and/or Calcium is not being absorbed, then to maintain tight calcium blood levels the body will leach calcium from the bones (short term survival decision) that might cause osteoporosis conditions such as reduced bone mass and brittle bones. Since Hypothyroidism can also exist as a multiple autoimmune set of conditions this could also upset the communication with the Parathyroid; the organ that regulates the body’s calcium levels. The skin conditions mentioned ( dermatitis herpetiformis (itchy skin rash) could also be a result of the congested liver that is trying to expel a toxic deluge using the skin to eliminate it.

The other reason could be ‘blocked drains’. The question now is, if the gluten is not digested, where does it go ?. The lymphatic system, our drainage system uptakes the gluten, since the lymphatic system contains enzymes to break  the gluten down, however, if the lymphatic system is overwhelmed, causing a blockage with large amounts of undigested particles, this drain clog will also occur in the lymph under the skin causing skin rash. Fatigue can also be a caused by lymph blockage and brain fog when the lymph system is clogged in the brain.  One university in the US discovered that approx 3 pounds of chemical and plaque deposits are eliminated through the brains lymph system annually while we sleep.

Silent celiac disease is also known as asymptomatic celiac disease. Patients do not complain of any symptoms, but still experience villous atrophy damage to their small intestine. Studies show that even though patients thought they had no symptoms, after going on a strict gluten-free diet they report better health and a reduction in acid reflux, abdominal bloating and distention and flatulence. First-degree relatives (parents, siblings, children) , whether or not experiencing symptoms, should always be screened, since there is a 1 in 10 risk of developing celiac disease.

Well, all I can say is that everybody is unique in terms of how they handle this condition, and the 1 in 10 risk factor is associated with how the body expresses dysfunction when the gut is unhealthy.

The number of ways celiac disease can affect patients, combined with a lack of training in medical schools and primary care residency programs, contributes to the poor diagnosis rate in the United States. Currently it is estimated that 80% of the celiac disease population remains undiagnosed.

It’s not just the lack of training in medical schools, it’s the lack of acknowledging where the real cause lies, and lot of undiagnosed cases are due the reluctance of people to go visit their physician believing that they are unable to help possibly, because of a myriad of symptoms that overwhelm the poor physician.

Gluten free

We also know that gluten sensitivity is also associated with this condition, so the helpful food industry has produced some wonderful gluten free foods for those suffering with Celiac disease..isn’t that thoughtful, so they can enjoy some of their favorite snacks without their stomach feeling like it’s going to explode. However, gluten free does not mean sugar free, as in fat free, or low fat products which are worse since fat removal as been replaced with sugar. There is a much more important problem that can occur by going gluten free. By avoiding Gluten, you are depriving your body in strengthening the immune system.  Some studies have discovered that consuming these ‘hard to digest substances boosts the beneficial bacteria in the microbiota. Avoiding gluten could mean less heavy metal chelation, less killer T cells ( immune system weakness) and as I said less beneficial bacteria. The body needs to be challenged in order to shore up its immune system strength.

This is what is written at the top of the website :

Celiac multiple symptoms

Celiac disease can be difficult to diagnose because it affects people differently. There are more than 200 known celiac disease symptoms which may occur in the digestive system or other parts of the body. Some people develop celiac disease as a child, others as an adult. The reason for this is still unknown.

This statement ‘ some people develop celiac disease as a child, others as an adult. The reason for this is still unknown’…..Well it is known..I have just explained it..celiac disease develops in anybody, child,adult alike if their GUT IS DYSBIOTIC.  What about this statement ‘Celiac disease can be difficult to diagnose because it affects people differently.’  If this crucial ‘organ’, the microbiome; I refer to it as an ‘organ’ since it is said that there is as much metabolic processes that occur in the gut as in the liver, is dysfunctional then of course a plethora of symptoms will erupt affecting people differently which is why there is 140 autoimmune type conditions.  The statement ‘celiac disease symptoms which may occur in the digestive system or other parts of the body’ well, the source is definitely the digestive tract, and of course other parts of the body will be affected depending on how the body adapts to the condition.  It’s all connected and as I stated before it also interferes with Methylation which affects the entire body.

The Canadian Celiac association

states that :

It is a condition in which the absorptive surface of the small intestine is damaged by a substance called gluten.

Let us look at this statement a little closer.   

The Microbiota – Digestion

Humans consume in general a variety of complex carbohydrates that our digestive system alone cannot break down, but rely on the gut to do the job. Starch from wheat, oats, rye, barley, buckwheat, rice.potatoes and legumes and fibre from whole-grain bread, brown rice, legumes, vegetables and fruits are common Polysaccharides and Glycans that provide nourishment (development, growth, functioning, and even survival) to our microbial friends. The metabolism of many of these are beyond the ability of the host to digest so both host and microbes have to complete the task. Foods like bananas, onions,chicory root,garlic,asparagus and leeks contain fructooligosaccharide, a prebiotic substance that our enzyme arsenal ( glycoside hydrolase ) cannot digest which is the same problem with Cellulose but our microbiome can.  

Does wheat kill or heal

Villous Atrophy

First of all, if we look at the statistics, in terms of how many people in the US have Celiac disease ( approx 1% or 3 million people) and the number of people with gluten sensitivity, equates to an average total of approx 5% which is around 16 million people. That’s why the food industry was able to build a $16 billion industry around gluten free food…very smart..building a market based on population ignorance. However, you must realize that there are at least 65 million in total of the US population that have some form of digestive dysfunction.  In fact Europe, Australia and South America are also running up numbers that equate to 05-2% of their respective populations as well. Many of these people already have some level of villous atrophy ( damaged absorptive enterocytes) but some have symptoms that range from diarrhea, steatorrhea ( excessive fat in the feces),  and/or weight loss to no symptoms, but who test positive to antigliadin, antiendomysial ( muscle connective tissue antibodies), and anti transglutaminase which are all antibodies produced by the immune system in association with gluten. Although Gluten is made up of hundreds of distinct proteins it is primarily made from Gliadin and glutenin that is not only associated with Celiac disease but Crohn’s disease ( a topic that we will discuss in the next article) as well.

Comparing ancient grains to modern grains

In one study conducted in 2012 ( Are Ancient Durum Wheats Less Toxic to Celiac Patients? A Study of α-Gliadin from Graziella Ra and Kamut) comparing modern grains to ancient grains found that ancient wheats Graziella Ra ( Original kernels taken from an Egyptian Tomb and brought to Italy in the 70s) and Kamut ( a Polish wheat ) had nearly twice the amount of immunogenic Gliadins and  α-Gliadin as modern wheat varieties.  It was also clear that further studies specifically on Kamut wheat confirmed that antioxidant phytochemicals ( polyphenols, flavonoids and carotenoids) were much richer in the ancient grains compared to modern wheat, and also displaying reduced levels of blood glucose,insulin, cholesterol (LDL) , improved Redox status, and a significant reduction in pro-inflammatory Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) alpha.  A study completed by Carnevali et al in 2014 compared pasta fed to rats made from ancient grain Kamut and modern grains and noticed that the effects of morphology ( structural changes) of the duodenal mucosa was present with the consumption of the modern grains, whereas Kamut had no affect on the mucosa. Wheat sensitivity was more pronounced using modern grains vs Kamut in another study by Valeri at al in 2015.   Highlighting that modern grains induce an overactivation of pro-inflammatory cytokines including C-X-C motif Chemokine 10( also known as CXCL10) pertaining to immune cell movement in acute inflammation.  Biesiekierski et al 2013 also implicated higher FODMAPS ( Fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, and monosaccharides and polyols) in modern grains vs Kamut promoting gut activity disruption causing bloating and excess gas production.

Health benefits of ancient grains and eating gluten

Modern medical science highlight the fact that the 31 short peptide sequence in wheat gluten proteins are defined to be celiac toxic ( Coeliac epitopes) from T-cell response.  Despite this claim, epidemiological studies ( Maki & Philips 2015 type 2 diabetes reduction and Giacco et al 2011obesity management) have scientifically proven that the regular eating of whole grains affect human health positively. Other studies ( Piergiovanni et al 2009, Chandi et al 2015) all describe to the use of a more nutritional flour like Kamut in making bread,tortillas and cookies that provides the same final product, even maintaining 180 day shelf life, the same as the nutritionless poisonous bleached flour used in modern baking. Bioactive peptides and small protein fragments found in these ancient grains, also provide health benefits, as well as providing health giving pre-biotics and the release of short chain fatty acids promoting good gut health. Finally, pro-inflammatory conditions such as lipid peroxidation of circulating immune cells ( monocytes and lymphocytes) and TNF alpha and ROS ( reactive oxygen species) were significantly reduced using the ancient grains versus the modern grains in a study conducted by Whittaker et al 2015 involving 22 patients diagnosed with acute coronary syndrome ( an umbrella term used by conventional medicine relating to heart attack and unstable angina).

You don’t need to eat gluten free

Attempting to avoid gluten is a ( excuse my vernacular) “ a royal pain in the rear”, since there are so many food products, such as pasta, baked goods and as excipients ( long term stabilizers ), some drugs and vitamin supplements, and in many processed food items.   Furthermore, the gluten free equivalents are considered to be lower quality and contain a poorer nutritional value as their gluten counterparts.  As John Douillard’s book ‘Eat Wheat’ puts it “ we are blaming gluten and its gliadins as the cause of our digestive imbalance, and yet humans have been eating wheat for a millenia using ancient grains that contained twice the gluten that modern wheat has”. Other publications blame wheat for raising the glycemic index to excessive levels turning wheat into sugar, spiking insulin levels.   It is the wheat that has been processed into a refined carbohydrate that’s spiking insulin not wheat per se. Healthy grains such as ancient grains like Kamut and even better, sprouted grain breads have insignificant effects on insulin. As you will read in the following paragraphs we consume a lot of host  indigestible foodstuffs like cellulose, and oxalates, but they are not indigestible to our microbiota.

Our microbial housekeepers

The microbiota is the housekeeper for the digestive system as stated by Dr Natasha Campbell Mcbride. The purpose of our digestive system is to digest/absorb food and nutrients but it can only do so if the microbiota is functioning efficiently and the various microbial colonies are happy and fed well with nutritional food. Two foods that people discuss in terms of intolerance is milk ( Casein protein ) and wheat ( Gluten protein ). I hear doctors talk about lactose (milk sugar) intolerance saying it is caused by a missing enzyme ( lactase ) unless you are of European extraction. Food companies have made a whole range of gluten free products because some individuals eating bread causes an allergic reaction, as if by magic a % of the world’s population suddenly cannot consume wheat or milk, despite them both being part of the human diet for 10,000 years and now in the last 20 years people have become intolerant ?. This does not make any sense, unless you consider that vast numbers are not eating real food anymore thus compromising their own digestive housekeepers.

Gluten/Casein fail to be digested

When these products are ingested, the stomach splits these proteins into peptides ( a kind of short chain amino acid ) which then travel to the small intestine where they are further digested by pancreatic enzymes ( peptidase ) that reside on the brush border ( microvilli ) of the enterocytes ( cells of the intestinal wall or epithelial ). It is this stage that fails, causing intolerance, because of the poor state of the enterocytes that are unable to perform their enzymatic/absorption function. Unless the gut is fixed, the natural replacement cycle of enterocytes which occurs when epithelial daughter cells that are constantly produced from the stem cells located in the crypts at the bottom of each intestinal gland, will simply not work. When the gut is healthy again each ‘newborn’ epithelial cell slowly travels to the top of the Villi ( where nutrients are absorbed ) performing their digestion and absorption tasks, and when they reach the top they are shed off and in this way the enterocytes are always replenished.  Given this explanation I would submit that the intestinal wall is already compromised before the gluten shows up, and as we explained above, if the gluten is undigested it is picked up by our lymph system.

Impaired Methylation

There are 3 big microbial by-products that impair methylation which are

  1. Phenols, if an imbalance gut is causing more phenols to leak into the body it will slow the clearance of Estrogen and stress hormones, since phenols from the diet (Resveratrol or Tea Catechins) or even worse from poisonous health products and cleaning products compete with estrogen and adrenaline/dopamine for metabolism through the COMT pathway.  
  2. If too much or too little of the aromatic amino acids ((tyrosine,phenylalanine,tryptophan) is produced by our bacteria  it can have an impact on the brain and methylation.
  3. Bacteria such as Candida release toxic substances that are similar in shape and function as formaldehyde and ethanol. The aldehyde type substance is metabolised by the same enzymes that metabolise neurotransmitters ( Dopamine, Serotonin, Adrenaline ) so they compete, thus disrupting methylation and slowing down the metabolic process. Ethanol ( alcohol ) depletes the body of zinc.magnesium,folate and the B vitamins, but they to get converted into aldehydes that can cause DNA damage.  So in effect gut microbe by-products can increase the level of stress hormones. There is another lurking danger which involves alcoholic effects, Candida love to munch on sugar and its digestion is a fermentation process, so it converts glucose into ethanol and its by-product is acetaldehyde. Individuals that appear to be under the influence of alcohol after a meal containing carbohydrates have in fact Candida overgrowth which makes sense, since yeast is used in the fermentation process of making beer. In terms of methylation, pure ethanol in low concentration (less than 5%/vol) such as beer, is a mild stimulant of acid secretion of the stomach, but higher concentrations of ethanol such as in Spirits ( Whiskey, Gin,Cognac) has an anti-stimulatory to a mild inhibitory effect on acid secretion. This means that there is a potential negative effect on stomach acid secretion which can deplete the creation of methyl groups.  In addition the typical poisonous ‘Western diet’ can also upset Methyl group creation.

Conclusive remarks

Foods are complex matrices containing many different ingredients that share a synergistic and/or antagonist effect on each other, if the foodstuff is modified, or contains unnatural additives, and it is these modifications or additions that changes the concentration and bioavailability of the final product from its original natural source. If you have read the article series on cancer you may remember my discussion of  Levorotatory/Dextrorotatory which concerns the many natural molecules that  consist of 2 non superimposable enantiomers. I explained that  in nature and in our natural foods, carbohydrates such as glucose or fructose are in the form of D-Glucose and D-Fructose ( D for  Dextrorotatory), while amino acids, the building blocks of protein, are in the form of L-Alanine or L-Tyrosine for example ( L for  Levorotatory), and fats like triglycerides, but not free fatty acids, exhibit chirality.  In our processed food industry the modified foods such as white bleached flour have in some instances created indigestible racemization products that are not only indigestible, but are also nutritionless non-foods in terms of our own physiological blueprints.  

Summing up our analysis, we should not avoid gluten, but just fix the underlying problem that is causing it not to be digested.  We need ‘hard to digest substances’ like gluten to challenge our digestive/immune system to strengthen it,  in preparation for the next virus that ‘ hits the street ’. Following a toxic/nutrient deficient lifestyle will only ‘gum up the works’ causing digestive malfunction, congesting our detox and elimination organs including the liver, lungs, kidneys, skin and the lymphatic system.  Avoid all foods that were never designed for the body. I quote Dr B again here “if man made it, don’t eat it”.

Eat organic

My final remarks concerns the type of wheat that you consume. If you buy any commercial breads, baked goods they all use unnatural heavy processed wheat that causes harm to the body, if not today but overtime.  If you don’t want, or do not have the time to make bread at home then at the very least buy bread made from organic ingredients or buy already made bread prepared using sprouted grains. Bob’s Red Mill products are good sources of organic grains.  Commercial grains including wheat have been sprayed with poisonous insecticide. Genetically modified seeds should be avoided at all costs and anything made from them. The processed food industry has infected thousands of products using this poison.   

No processed or fast food should be consumed if your gut is dysbiotic and expressing celiac disease, and of course avoid this man made food even if you are healthy, if you want to stay healthy that is. Remember all growing produce should not be sprayed with any man made chemicals.  If the plants have access to all of its required nutrients that are in the soil they can defend themselves as nature intended, without our help. If you are suffering with gut dysbiosis, celiac disease etc, you need to change your diet and follow something like the Gaps (Gut & Psychology Syndrome) diet that you can learn about from my article ‘Healing the Vaccine damaged’ Part 3 and/or follow the recommendations outlined by the author of the diet Dr Natasha Campbell Mcbride on her website

Unclog the drains

One thing you have to appreciate, since the body is constantly in cellular renewal mode, the old cellular debris, and the invading dead bacteria that are destroyed by the immune system, are dragged into the body’s drainage system, and since it does not have a pump it relies on muscle movement and particular food stuffs to keep the dead stuff moving and excreted out of the body.   If you want to follow a more holistic approach  you should exercise daily and add in a few jumps ( holistic medicine call this rebound like jumping on a trampoline) or if you feel really flexible you can invert yourself against a solid object like a wall and let gravity do the work or use an inversion table.

Drinking water with lemon during the day is therapeutic. In fact the best lymphatic movers to clean and detox the lymph system are green leafy vegetables which you can juice or blend, wonderful red foods like berries, cherries, beetroot ( which you can ferment with red cabbage) and cranberries. I would also recommend proteolytic enzymes ( 2- 5 before each meal) that can do wonders for the body in terms of taking a load off the pancreas to produce digestive enzymes allowing it to concentrate on the production of metabolic enzymes to assist in self healing. Supplemental enzymes also can assist in breaking down organic debris in the lymph system. The correct enzyme choice (glandular pork enzymes from Iherb) can also destroy abnormal cells in the body. Certain herbs like red clover and/or cleavers ((goosegrass) can also stimulate lymph drainage.

Detox the Liver/gallbladder

Liver detox and cleanse

You can do your own research, and there are a number of detox/cleanse regimens to achieve this, but if you have decided to give up poisoning your body daily with man made food then in terms of the liver, you have to think long term. Consider that if the liver is destroyed to say 75% it will take approximately 3.5 years of healthy living to regenerate it back to normal. This also applies to liver detox and cleanse; in fact any changes you wish to make should be a permanent life and dietary change to prevent chronic illness.  We have already mentioned the green leafy vegetables like Chard, Kale, collard greens that you either eat in a salad or juice or blend with apple cider vinegar and filtered water, celery, lemon/lime, ginger, celery, apple,banana, cranberries for example. Eating the cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage. Brussels sprouts radish etc actually help the liver to detox and body and detox the liver itself by stimulating enzymes inside the liver that perform stage 1 and stage 2 detoxification. Stage 1: breaks the poisons and toxins into small particles in preparation for stage 2: elimination.

Gallbladder detox and cleanse (Gallstones )

As part of the crucial digestive process like the sewage in the lymphatic drains that we must keep moving, the same thing applies to the grease emulsifier called bile which is produced in the liver and stored in the gallbladder.  Why the ignorant medical professionals are fixated on removing the gallbladder (cholecystectomy) because you have gallstones, is in my opinion, a criminal procedure based on flat earth thinking.  Gallstones are cholesterol stones, and as you may or may not know, the bile contains recycled cholesterol which can solidify if the bile ducts are blocked, and the bile is not moving, or what is more likely there is not enough bile. What can cause low bile includes excess estrogen caused in women by taking birth control pills, or hormone replacement therapy and not eating enough cruciferous vegetables which are anti-estrogenic among many other benefits.

Other factors that create low bile production include excess cortisol driven by excessive stress, excessive insulin, driven by excessive amounts of refined sugar and starchy vegetables without taking a buffer like butter to slow down the insulin release. Low fat diets that have insufficient healthy saturated fats to trigger bile release. If you suffer from constipation from a digestive issue as described above then that will backup the system and reduce the bile release, since bile actually lubricates the colon which it can’t do because there is a digestive dysfunction.  Therefore you need to correct the diet and take some bile salts that you can buy as a gallbladder formulae which will dissolve the stones if you have them.

For God’s sake please do not get your gallbladder removed, it is totally unnecessary, and you will have difficulty dissolving dietary fat for the rest of your life, because if the gallbladder is missing the healthy flow of bile from the liver is converted into a trickle causing an insufficiency for the general digestive processing of fat. What is more troubling is that if you follow dumb and dumber, and allow your gallbladder to be removed, and you don’t fix the underlying problem( I have heard that some physicians fail to mention that your diet needs to be closely monitored) then you run the risk of getting liver stones, what are they going to do then ?, a liver transplant and immunosuppressive drugs that will cut your life short because they have paralysed your defense system as opposed to changing your diet.  I know what I would choose.

Little bile, little acid production

As we mentioned above, to detox the drainage system, beetroot, celery, apples, turmeric, Fenugreek (tea) are all great natural foodstuffs to keep the bile moving. Dr Douillard refers these products as ‘Coladogs’ Turmeric and fenugreek increase the contractibility of the gallbladder by 50 and 75% respectively. Conventional medicine also fail to tell you that ((because they are unaware of the remarkable logical intelligence of the body) low bile production will interfere with stomach acid production because bile acts as a buffer to stomach acid. To counteract this, it is required to stimulate acid production. So, fix the bile problem with the bile formulae and cruciferous vegetables to be taken daily for life ( if your gallbladder has or has not been removed) and then ‘dial up the stomach fire’ using ginger,cumin,coriander,fennel and cardamom which you can introduce as spices in your cooking or in a smoothie, whatever suits you best.

Detox the respiratory tract and lungs

If you want to clean out your respiratory tract you can use the ancient remedy of sipping hot water throughout the day for 2 weeks which will stimulate the  motile cilia cells that line the trachea (windpipe), where they sweep mucus and dirt out of the lungs, in addition maintaining the correct viscosity of the mucous lining so as not to disturb our resident bacterial ecosystem.

Hands up.|Surrender for digestion.
Saliva one, requesting|ground support. Over.
Bicuspid four,|we’re in the vicinity.
This is a private organism.|Don’t run.
Up spit creek without a paddle.
Don’t get me mad.|I will turn into a germicidal maniac.
Halt. Saliva Patrol.
Son of a botulism!

Movie quote Osmosis Jones 2011

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