Modern science is trying desperately to get their brain around the cause of Autoimmune diseases. Typically, their hypothesis focuses on the open repertoires of B and T cell receptors allowing the recognition of any pathogen, but are purged of most receptors that bind to self antigens, accusing the body of allowing low affinity to self antigens after the training of these immune cells ( you may remember the rigorous training of the T cell recruits in the Thymus gland). Assuming  this to be true we move the mystery by asking why they are not triggered in everybody.  What is the trigger ?. The second hypothesis rests on the theory of clustering. Why are there several Autoimmune diseases that exist in individuals such as thyroiditis and Vitiligo occuring at the same time in the same person. What is the significance of these patterns.  Hemolytic anaemia can occur as a solitary condition or it can coexist with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE).  Another path of investigation follows susceptibility genes for autoimmunity often gathered from family studies, looking at the incidence of disease in monozygotic ( twins that are developed from one egg or zygote) and dizygotic twins (that are developed from two eggs), for example. Obviously, if autoimmune prevalence is in the monozygotic twin that genetics is a more plausible, while in the dizygotic twin its more environmental. So again they are chasing genes around, so we don’t really know, so genetics must be the cause…Q.E.D.. foolishness.

If modern medical science continue down this road of symptomatic investigation into diseases thev will never solve anything. They can do this for the next 100 years and still not come to any conceivable solution. It is as if conventional medicine ignore the fact that most of the immune system resides in our GI tract, and if they took a step back and realise that if there is trouble in the gut, then it’s logical to assume that there will be trouble in the immune system. What is the common thread..IMBALANCE. The body can’t possibly function efficiently if there is a biological imbalance. Autoimmunity is a manifestation of biological imbalance. So once the origin of the imbalance is established, the next question is, what has caused the imbalance ?, and like every disease, or should I say the body’s adaptation to the imbalance, is generally caused by, a nutrient deficient/toxic lifestyle exacerbated by other environmental triggers like pharmaceutical drugs and stress.  Fix these triggers, and improve the nutrient deficiency and toxicity and viola ! no more autoimmunity, and no more chronic is that simple.  Yeah..but what about Pericardial effusion or atherosclerosis, or can’t fix these by changing your diet…well..that’s the point..YOU CAN. ( there is a caveat here in terms of cancer, if it is advanced enough it is extremely difficult to reverse by diet alone, since it requires enzymatic intervention to treat the cellular aberration as explained in the articles entitled ‘The anxiety of wo(man): Cancer)

Psoriasis and Vitiligo

From the photos shown below you see the physical characteristics from both these conditions.


Autoimmune connection

There are many studies that have been done in an attempt to find the cause of this condition, only to confirm that Vitiligo is a disorder characterized by progressive, patchy loss of pigmentation from the skin, theorizing that. stress, accumulation of toxic compounds, infection, autoimmunity, mutations, altered cellular environment and impaired melanocyte migration and/or proliferation may all contribute to its etiopathogenesis. A study conducted in 2012 in Spain involving 196 patients, who many, also had a high frequency of thyroid disease, diabetes, psoriasis, alopecia areata and pernicious anemia, supporting previous findings that multiple autoimmune conditions can exist within one person.  It was also found that ATPO ( Anti-Thyroid Peroxidase), and APGC (Anti-Parietal Gastric cell) antibodies were significantly higher in Vitiligo patients. With These antibodies the patient is already at an early onset or actually has hypothyroidism, be it Hashimoto’s and/or Graves conditions with ATPO antibodies, and Pernicious Anemia with APGC antibodies. Another study conducted in 1993 involving 56 vitiligo patients were found with circulating cytolytic (Osmotic cell destruction)  antibodies to Melanocytes ( Pigment cells) confirming once more skin related immune system dysfunction.

In the encyclopedia of immunology, David Norris clearly states that family members suffering with autoimmune conditions have definite associations with vitiligo and Addison’s disease, alopecia areata ( hair loss caused by the immune system attacking the hair follicles), pernicious anemia or mucocutaneous candidiasis ( described as an immune disorder to T cells) involving Candida infection of mucosal surfaces, skin and nails and associations made to the Human Papillomavirus Infection ( HPV), a DNA virus transmitted via sexual contact.  Norris also reports that antibodies to thyroid, adrenal gland and gastric parietal cells are also found in Vitiligo Patients that have melanocyte antibodies specific to proteins ( i.e tyrosinase) involved with Melanization. Antibodies to a melanocyte specific 85 kDa antigen have been found in cats,dogs and horses that also have vitiligo. These antibodies cause melanocyte destruction.

As medical detectives we can look at the clues from the research. I believe there is compelling evidence that under particular conditions where the gut is dysbiotic, and the immune system is in chaos as a result of the dysbiosis, causes the multiple antibodies to be produced.  Mucocutaneous Candidiasis is evidence that an overgrowth of Candidas Albicans a voracious fungus, which is part of the Opportunistic colonies in the gut that thrives on sugar and processed carbohydrates has occurred. Like its neighbors Spirochaetaceae and Spirillaceae that are spiral in shape can very easily pierce through the gut Barrier,  Candida attaches itself to the barrier and grows roots through it.  I believe, because the immune system is in such disarray and confusion, almost everything in sight is a threat,causing these multiple antibodies to be produced, going on the attack toward the skin, organs, joints, ligaments etc.  Science is wasting inordinate amounts of time attempting to track down patterns of attack ( why this organ, why the skin etc), and patterns of susceptibility in race and gender, always looking for genetic associations.  They will be chasing ghosts around forever, and until they appreciate the real reason for this phenomena, progress on their behalf will stall.   I say this with the greatest respect, since medical science has brought us so much, uncovering such remarkable biological knowledge on how the body functions,and without this information, critical  research would not be possible.

What the clinical websites say about Vitiligo

They confirm that it is a disorder where the immune system attacks and destroys melanocytes  and that it can be hereditary. Trigger events could be sunburn,stress or exposure to industrial chemicals and complications can occur and even heighten the risk if you already have the sunburn or skin cancer.  This association between Vitiligo and skin melanoma has been widely documented and a study in 2010 confirmed a lower risk of skin melanoma with vitiligo sufferers,

This is an interesting discovery that vitiligo has a protective effect against melanoma, but it’s irrelevant because your body overall is functioning inappropriately.  There are other ways of preventing melanoma..avoiding poisonous sunscreens, safe sun exposure during the hours of 10am-3pm, taking the 90 essential nutrients and krill oil that is rich in DHA/EPA essential fattyacids and a UVA protective carotenoid Astaxanthin. ( please read my articles of the 90 essential nutrients and Vitamin D3).  To single out sunburn and skin cancer as a trigger event to vitiligo is total nonsense, where is the evidence for this?.   In my opinion, what is more plausible is that sunburn on already damaged skin such as destroyed melanocytes could be problematic since HEALTHY skin is supposed to protect you from UVB, and to be more prudent in your sun exposure hours to protect you from UVA. Furthermore, as I wrote in my article on Vitamin D3, studies exist that show high concentration of 1,25 Hydroxyvitamin D3 lowers the risk of developing Multiple sclerosis by 62% and 90% lower risk of childhood Type 1 diabetes, which are both AUTOIMMUNE CONDITIONS.


In 1993 a study was completed using 6 patients with Psoriasis, including one that had an Advanced case referred to a Palmoplantar Pustulosis who were found to have IgA and IgG Antibodies to Gliadin (AGA).  First of all, Immunoglobulin A (IgA) is an antibody produced by the Immune system to protect mucosal membranes, and Immunoglobulin G (IgG) is a humoral antibody used in blood circulation and extracellular fluids to protect against tissue infection. Gliadin is a type of glycoprotein (sugar proteins)component of gluten that is found in wheat, Barley and rye ; oats do not contain gluten, but they do contain a gluten ingredient gliadin. In 2002 a study was completed with 114 patients suffering from Psoriatic arthritis and tested for antibodies and found raised levels of IgA,IgG  and celiac disease.

What the clinical websites say about Psoriasis

Psoriasis has been identified in 4 types Plaque,Pustular,Guttate and Erythrodermic and they go on to say, to make everybody “happy’ Psoriasis is a lifelong condition that disappears and then can flare up again at any age. The Mayo Clinic state that Family history, viral/bacteria infections, stress.obesity and smoking are risk factors, and strep throat or skin infections, severe Sunburn, stress, alcohol, Vitamin D deficiency and medications such as lithium,beta blockers, antimalarial drugs and iodides can be potential triggers.

You will note the strep throat connection which we encountered with Fibromyalgia.  I am not sure where the severe sunburn and smoking associations came from. The only family history involved is inheriting an unhealthy gut. The sunburn and Vitamin D3 connection applies in the same way as in vitiligo as explained above.


Skin conditions are a little mystifying since they can be caused by various factors.  Generally, they are triggered by autoimmunity as described above.  They can also be triggered by toxicity where the liver is making a desperate effort to clear the toxic deluge by using its neighboring detox organs like the lungs, the kidney or the skin.  In this case the skin.  In terms of multiple autoimmune conditions I can tell you that my mother has Psoriasis, Vitiligo and Pernicious anemia, but of course she does not believe in my diagnosis of gut dysbiosis and even if she did, I am sure at her age she would not want to start introducing fermented foods etc into her dietary regimen,  since the closest  British people come to preserved foods is pickled onions and beetroot.


All autoimmune conditions arise because of an unhealthy gut, often called ‘leaky gut’, that refers to the Tight junctions of the epithelium that have opened, allowing large molecules to pour through the gut into the bloodstream. I have discussed this in great detail in this series of articles and in the Microbiome series of articles.  Poisonous food, excessive toxins ingested, overgrown pathogenic bacteria and stress can all cause this problem. This is the infamous gut firewall I have spoken about that is damaged.  You need to repair this damage, and thus reversing the autoimmunity by changing your diet and/or lifestyle. Poisonous processed, fast food that is loaded with sugar is doing the damage and probably high stress that you must alleviate.  Remember, the on button for stress comes from secretion of adrenaline/noradrenaline that is connected to the solar plexus connection of the sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system. There is no off switch, so to turn it off you need to make some lifestyle changes that will lower your stress levels such as yoga, low intensity exercise like walking etc, or even change your job if you can. I would recommend you concentrate your diet in foods that are rich in L-Glutamine (protein foods) such as beef,chicken,fish,eggs, vegetables ( legumes, beets,cabbage, spinach,carrots,parsley, brussel sprouts, celery, kale), fruit ( papaya) and fermented foods ) incl Miso). Try and make plenty of soups that have a bone broth base.  I like to eat borscht ( beetroot and red or green cabbage) with a bone broth base..this is a powerhouse of health. You can make the bone broth yourself just ask the butcher for some organic meat bones with skin and bone marrow and cook them for about 12 hours and then pour the contents into some tight lid jars and you can freeze it and take it out and thaw as needed.

Note : During my research I discovered that tv soap opera star and model Kim Kardashian has Psoriais and her mother to.  Her dermatologist has informed her that she has an incurable disease and in her position as a public figure has been very brave to accept it, but in the greatest respect incredibly naive to believe the dermatologist, when quite clearly this is not incurable it is indeed reversible..Miss Kardashian I hope you find this article and not have to live with this condition.

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