Autoimmune disease is one of many adverse conditions of the body caused by gut imbalance. We discussed this in detail in the articles ‘Microbiome and disease’. We will recall some of this information and then discuss healing foods. Since gut health is huge you might wonder how we got to this point of mass ill health from a historical perspective. The great tragedy is that most of the western world believe they can just eat what they want and then expect to visit their doctor who will fix their problem, and then carry on as they were, completely unaware that the very food they are consuming is making them sick and the ‘quick fix’ from their doctor, while making them feel more comfortable, their health is steadily eroding. Lets see how we got here.

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Mislead, misinformed and kept in the dark

Have you ever considered that medicine, and the science that is its backbone, is not unlike ‘backing the wrong horse’.  I think this is as clear as crystal, given today’s statistics on the amount of people who are sick and dying on the planet. The Pharmacological road that medicine has travelled since the turn of the century is a complete failure. But is it ? Is it not possible that conventional medicine simply dovetails into the broken systems of food supply and the suppression of natural health giving food.  It’s like a lock and key system. Processed food, fast food, industrialized farming and agriculture all fit nicely into this Frankenstein system of things.  At least the conventional health system is there to save us from the damage done by eating this food, with their arsenal of gadgets such as wire cages to open up blocked arteries, removal of body parts that are ‘irreparable’ and chemical prescriptions to make you feel more comfortable Without these skilled hard working medical professionals we would all be dying like flies….what a minute, that can’t be right… we are dying like what’s happening. Maybe this was the future plan written into the annals of Bilderberg to maintain population control…no, not possible,…. now I sound like a conspiracy theorist.

Molecular granulation

What fuelled this fire of medical misdirection was the theory and practice of Louis Pasteur (1822-1895).  Having said that, the world owes a debt to this biologist, for his discovery on chirality, and the idea of training the immune system with vaccinations without poisonous adjuvants and other ingredients as a combat tool to fight deadly anthrax and rabies. Unfortunately, his germ theory was based on ‘without contamination, microorganisms could not develop’ which is only part of the story. The other ¾ was provided by Antoine Bechamp who stated that molecular granulations in biological fluids were elementary units of life. He would go on to name these molecular granulations as ‘tiny enzymes’. He also believed, correctly, that unfavorable host and environmental conditions destabilize these ‘tiny enzymes’ or as we know today microorganisms that make up our microbiota. Although, he did not believe bacteria invade living species causing disease which was the correct belief of Pasteur, and he postulated that pathogenic bacteria evolved from decomposing host tissue, no they evolve on healthy tissue.   So for the 1850’s they were not far of from the truth, but what unleashed a trail of misery and disease that we see today was the total rejection of the Bechamp’s molecular granulation theory ( the microbiome) by conventional medicine, and the total embrace of the need to Pasteurize everything, and attempt to kill the ‘bad’ bacteria..


Pasteurization involves heat. Flash pasteurization heats liquids to 160 deg F for 15 seconds  (milk is heated to 120 deg f for 20 seconds). Most processed food is prepared involving this process, even using Ultra pasteurization ( 200 deg F for 3 seconds) and Ultra high temperatures ((280 deg F for ½ -1 second) to extend shelf life. Some processing techniques called cold pasteurization using irradiation..yes cobalt 60 still want to eat this dead food ??.

Prior to the 1990’s it was legal to sell unpasteurized fruit juice until the apple juice problem from Odwalla ( a company selling unpasteurized fruit juices) that killed one 15 month old child from a pathogenic strain of E.Coli. Now all commercial fruit juice must be pasteurized which has converted a healthy product into nothing more than sugar water devoid of most nutrients including Vitamin C. Commercial pasteurized milk is for the most part a dead product, even with added synthesised ‘nutrients’ even organic milk.  

Most nutrients are heat sensitive and the heating process kills enzymes ( such as xanthine oxidase, lysozymes( that protect the host from infection), lipases ( fat enzyme secreted by the pancreas) etc.   Vitamins C,A,E and B are diminished after this process, so to are plant nutrients such as anthocyanins and polyphenols. Lactose is converted to lactulose that can have some negative effects like vomiting and nausea in some people after pasteurization.  Even amino acids are depleted. Some foods in their natural state contain polysaccharides and oligosaccharides that are a combination of nutrients and sugar which pathogenic bacteria find hard to break down into food, and after processing this bond is broken converting them into simple sugars that pathogens can feast on.  Raw milk is best, but if it comes from sick cows, grain fed and given growth hormones than of course the milk can be harmful. That’s why poisoned industrialised farming goes together with poisonous pasteurized milk that goes together with poisonous processed breakfast cereals..see the pattern.

Kill the bacteria on sight!!…well at least through the microscope

Taken out of context like pasteurization to kill all bacterial species..’cause they spread germs’, Alexander Fleming came along and devised a method to kill bacteria using antibiotics. Although Fleming at least by this time was aware of our ecosystem, that contained a mixture of beneficial and opportunistic bacteria.  He realised that his antibiotic weapon killed both good and bad bacteria and the need to reseed the good bacteria with probiotics which he recommended and conventional physicians who prescribed this new bacterial killing mechanism also recommended This practice of prescribing probiotics with antibiotics from conventional medicine lasted at least for 20 years after which it was dropped and forgotten, viola !! world wide gut dysbiosis.

How are conventional medicine going to destroy all the pathogenic microbes on the planet

Conventional medicine believe that we have to kill all bacteria that exist,  instead of redressing the balance between beneficial and pathogenic bacteria.  The planet has supported microbial organisms from the time it was born, so why would a 20th century medical profession believe they can simply eradicate the harmful microbial organisms starting with Pasteur in 1860 forgetting that the entire planet is awash with innumerable numbers of our microbial neighbors, without, i might add we as a human race would not survive.  This is where Bechamp took issue with Pasteur’s germ theory arguing that it was the ‘field’ or the environment within us that should be the centre of research not the germs.   Antibiotics have now become mostly ineffective and are way ‘beyond their sell-by date’, and it’s only the host with a robust immune system containing healthy probiotic microbial colonies that keep our pathogenic neighbors in check and destroy them when necessary for population balance.  Again, medicine took a wrong turn in supporting the germ theory and vilified the facts as postulated by Bechamp, not dissimilar to medicine’s ignorant decision to support Madame Curie and Radiation therapy versus Dr Beards non toxic treatment for cancer and everybody with cancer is paying with their lives because of it.


Influence peddling, corruption and money and plain ignorance buried the truth about the ‘field’ theory, and put the weight behind the flawed germ theory and millions are suffering and dying because of it, not to speak of families trying their best to raise damaged children with multiple cognitive disorders including Autism.  Foolish decisions to deprive populations of health giving unpasteurized food and beverages because one fifteen month old child died, tragic as it was, the death was probably caused by a dysbiotic gut and a compromised immune system since many foods contain E-coli and Salmonella which do no harm providing they are under the watchful eye of our beneficial bacterial colonies. In general, sickness and even death is caused by the compromised gut and weak immune system of the host and not the pathogen. How many people die from prescription drugs, and is anybody deprived of these drugs as a result of the deaths..unfortunately..NO.  Where are the checks and balances ?.

Probiotic foods

‘On planet microbe, a microorganism is considered to be a probiotic when IT IS:

  1. ….of  human origin
  2. …..non pathogenic
  3. …..sufficiently resistant during its travel through the intestine
  4. …..beneficial to the immune system’.

Probiotic foods and Probiotic supplements should provide the same benefit to an unhealthy gut, but this type of regimen is complementary to an overall healthy diet and lifestyle to maintain and sustain gut health. This means no more food that will unravel the work maintaining gut health.  Any food that is not designed for the body, i.e man made synthetic food, since the refined sugar that these ‘junky food’ ultimately contain will only nourish your opportunistic flora encouraging it to overgrow causing imbalance. It is important to note that if you are facing a health challenge be it an autoimmune condition, or a cognitive dysfunction such as autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia, schizophrenia, epilepsy etc, then just taking probiotics/prebiotic foods is only part of the healing regimen.  It requires you to follow a more formal diet such as the GAPS (Gut & Psychology Syndrome) diet. The Gaps ( Gut and Physiology syndrome) diet devised by Dr Natasha Campbell Mcbride ( or the version from Weston A Price ) is highly recommended to help fix gut dysbiosis. I will precise the details of the diet ,since you can find this diet on Dr Campbell-Mcbride’s  GAPS diet website :

In addition if you visit Dr Campbells-Mcbride’s other site :

and select the Blog section you will find some interesting information such as GAPS cooking recipes and some ‘Wise Tradition videos’

Recommended dietary choices


I have recreated some of the text from a previous article ‘healing the vaccine damaged’:

Avoid food stuffs that the dysbiotic gut cannot digest

Since the delicate balance of the gut flora is upset, there is a possible breach in the epithelial wall within the tight junctions, so pieces of undigested food could leak through into the bloodstream, triggering an immune response to that food causing an allergic reaction. It is grains and dairy that are notorious for causing allergies because they are difficult to digest while the gut is unhealthy.

Sugars and digestion

Monosaccharides such as Glucose, fructose ( a simple sugar found in fruit & vegetables ), and Galactose ( a simple sugar found in butter, ghee, sour cream, cheese, yogurt ) can easily permeate the gut lining without any digestion or problems, and are tolerated on the GAPS diet. Disaccharides or double sugars on the other hand are not allowed…..Why ?. These are what are known as double sugars like Sucrose ( table sugar used in candies and cookies), Lactose ( milk sugar) and Maltose ( from starch ( potatoes ) digestion. In order for these sugars to normally permeate the gut lining they need to be converted into a monosaccharides by enzymes that sit on the surface of the enterocytes ( these cells make up the absorptive surface of the intestine that constitute the tight junction or Villi ). However, in the unhealthy gut the enterocytes are compromised and fail to break down these sugars, so they become undigested and cannot be absorbed. These undigested sugars stay in the gut rotting and become feed for pathogenic bacteria which in turn damage the gut further.   Avoid these double sugars like the plague until the gut is healthy again and the enterocytes can do their job. A point to remember is that fruit contains a certain amount of sucrose but diminishes as the fruit ripens so try and eat ripe fruit.

Protein and grains/diary

Once digestion in the stomach and duodenum is accomplished, the results are in the form of peptides, that again are presented to the enterocyte in preparation for absorption. As in the case of Disaccharides, the enterocytes need to process these peptides because they are made of multiple amino acids and thus cannot be absorbed, so, another enzyme sitting on the enterocytes breaks them down into single amino acids. Since the enterocytes are compromised they fail to do their job, and  proteins like Gluten from grains and Casein from milk remain undigested and follow the same fate as the rotting sugar. So grains and milk must be avoided as well. On the other hand, proteins from eggs, fish and meat are more tolerated especially if the eggs are poached or boiled ( not fried ) and the meat and fish are boiled stewed or poached ( stewing steak and boiled haddock are palatable) but avoid frying, roasting and grilled foods ( sorry, but its only temporary.. as the TV service used to announce..”Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible).

Fermented dairy is OK

Fermented diary like Yoghurt and Kefir are more tolerable since the bacterial fermentation of the milk proteins become pre-digested and the lactose gets eaten by the bacteria. It is recommended that you prepare your own home-fermented dairy products to avoid unhealthy pasteurization. If you have a suspicion that you are lactose intolerant then try the sensitivity test. This test is simple enough, by taking a drop of the homemade yogurt, sour cream or kefir and place it your skin and leave it there overnight. If in the morning if there is a red reaction around the spot then an allergy is present, if not you can introduce the fermented dairy into your diet. A note here:  Ghee which is a clarified butter used extensively in Indian cuisine is a milk fat that is almost completely devoid of milk proteins and lactose and a safe alternative as a cooking fat like lard ( Avoid all cooking oils…AVOID ALL COOKING OILS). Ghee is also a wonderful food to nourish the intestinal skin and help heal a damaged gut lining.

For every food that you introduce use the simple sensitivity test to avoid any future complications; you have enough to deal with already.   Goats milk has less protein than cow’s milk due to the amount of protein to develop a full grown cow versus a full grown goat, so you could consider using organic goats milk rather than organic cows milk. Introduce yogurt slowly since it contains live bacteria which can trigger a ‘die-off’ reaction because you have just increased the beneficial bacterial army that will begin to attack and kill the pathogenic bacteria. As a result of the destruction of the pathogens a by- product of some toxic waste will remain so this could result in some discomfort,  but don’t worry this is one more victory to be chalked up to the good guys. Since Kefir is part of your Paladin army, they can create a more intensive ‘die-off ‘ so its better to introduce your infantry first (yogurt). So the dairy order of introduction is : yogurt – sour cream-kefir-organic cheese.


Another fermented milk product was devised in Japan during the 1920’s when hygiene was not at its best in Japan causing widespread cholera, dysentery and tuberculosis.    Dr Minoru Shirota of the university of Kyoto on the Honshu island discovered lactobacillus casei resisted pathogenic bacteria living in the gut and he then used this bacterial species inside a beverage to be taken daily as a preventative measure to maintain gut balance as we do today.  

Fermented Vegetables

You can just about ferment any vegetable, but popular vegetables such as cabbage and/or beetroot are common to ferment.   If you like the taste of sauerkraut then you will be ok. You can prepare these vegetables at home. Just buy a red and green cabbage ( organic preferably) grate both into small pieces, then add 4 grated beets and add salt. Stuff the mixture tight in a large glass storage jar with a lid, leave it open on the kitchen counter for 4-5 days, everyday poke the mixture with a chopstick to release the liquid to the top ( make sure to leave some space at the top of the container). After 4 days it should be ready to eat and then close the lid and put into the fridge where it can stay for months. This preparation harbours the most concentrated amount of wonderful beneficial bacteria which you can use to ensure gut balance. If you prefer something that is a little spicy than you can buy Kimchi which is the Korean version of fermented vegetables. They use Napa cabbage, Radish, shrimp, anchovies and red chilli powder. However, a cautionary note is necessary here because fermented vegetables are a synbiotic, that is it contains probiotic bacteria and well as the the food the bacteria feast on which will also include indigestible fiber, so avoid any further disruption it is recommended to consume them only when a dysbiotic gut has been healed.

Fermented Beverage

Kombucha is a fermented tea, also with bacterial culture and it has a ‘fizz’ to it like a soda. Again you can buy it already made; costco carries a brand by Millenium Products California ( website  : If you can get a ‘mother culture’ you can make it yourself. You can get some tips and recipes from this website:  In Russia, where my wife is from there are Kvass stands on the street corners. Kvass is a very old beverage drunk for centurys in the eastern parts of the world.   I believe it can be traced back to Poland in the 10th century from its trading relationship with Russia. It’s made traditionally from rye (black) bread sold in the Baltic and Slavic regions and it can be flavoured with fruit and/or herbs, and provided you can get a mother culture you can make it at home. You can make beetroot Kvass or any combination of fruit,berries and vegetables such as apple,ginger and raspberry as well. Another cautionary caveat here, fermented beverages have an acidic effect on the body so do not overconsume like drinking several litres/day…like everything else in moderation to keep the body happy.


Since everyone needs a daily intake of potassium of 4700mg you would have to eat 12 bananas but if you blend some green leafy vegetables like beet leaves, kale, chard this would give you a reasonable amount of potassium in your daily diet.  You can juice if you prefer. You can add whatever your preferences are such as ginger,lemon,apple cider vinegar, celery, cucumber, banana, apple for example. However, like fermented vegetables raw green leafy vegetables contain indigestivle sunstances like oxalates and cellulose, so this is best avoided until the gut is healthy.


The body uses Bile which is manufactured by the liver, stored in the gallbladder and released into the small intestine to process ingested fat,so the enterocytes have very little if anything to do, therefore fats are tolerable to a point, BUT. Since the gut lining is a mucous membrane, and in an unhealthy condition, it is quite probable that it will be under pathogenic attack, in which case it will produce more mucus to protect itself.   In doing so, the excessive amount of mucus will tend to coat the undigested fats, prohibiting the bile and digestive enzyme to to break it down, leaving undigested fat within the intestine, impairing absorption and creating a nutrient deficiency.   Forgive me for the graphic description of waste; from an examination of stool, if it reveals a floating greasy pale looking feces this would be indicative of undigested fat. You have to be diligent with the diet, so you may have to cut back a little on the fats but you need to experiment until the balance is found.

Monitoring the dietary process

What you are trying to accomplish is, to put as many nutrients into your body using nutritious food, without them blowing up into an allergy balloon or inducing any more misery that you don’t already have. But this healing process takes time..your time and constant visual inspection is critical to see any signs of  discomfort, sleep disturbance, increase in anxiety, moodiness, hyperactivity, allergic signs on the skin for example as you build up the dietary itinerary.

Bone broth/Fish stocks/liver/eggs

Due to malabsorption there maybe signs of  anemia ( pale, pasty complexion, fatigue) so it’s important that you consume some liver into the diet on a weekly basis. The body does store iron which it depletes every day, and for a healthy person the iron storage is around 1000 mg which is depleted at a average rate of 1 mg/day, while for a woman, her iron reserve is approx 200-400mg which can be depleted at a rate of between 1.5-2.4 mg/day ( sorry ladies ). Forget about plant sourced iron (e.g Spinach) we absorb almost nothing. Try and prepare some meat and fish stocks from meat bones and sea food that you can add into the diet, they are highly nutritious. Eat eggs (organic free range..nothing else will do) daily;  they are nature’s nutritional powerhouse and for god’s sake shake one of history’s failed medical theories of cholesterol if you have this hang-up..I did once and I stood in the corner for a week ashamed that I had been sucked into this HOAX…lol. Remember to do the sensitivities test for eggs as well using a drop of raw egg yolk on the skin and inspect the reaction in the morning. Repeat this exercise for the albumin ( the white of the egg).

Vegetables, seeds, supplements

Introduce non-starch fresh organic vegetables such as Broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, cabbage,carrots,garlic, onions, mushroom, peppers etc and all fruit including all berries (during the winter I buy frozen organic blueberries, strawberries, raspberries from Costco and they are perfectly fine). While the gut is unhealthy avoid starchy vegetables like peas and potatoes, since they will put stress on the gut, but you can introduce them once the gut is healed.  As I said before, lay off the fruit if you have diarrhea and reintroduce the fruit once the stool is normal. Nuts are fine but again if you have suspicions of allergies either avoid altogether or do the overnight sensitivity test. Only natural nuts should be eaten, not coated with sugar or roasted. Seeds are also very nutritious especially hemp, chia and flax seeds rich in omega fatty acids. Maca powder is excellent for its complete amino acid content. Don’t buy ready ground flax because it will be oxidized, so buy the seeds and buy a small coffee grinder to grind the seeds on an as needed basis ( do not pre-grind flax because they will oxidize within an hour), and use no more than a tablespoon of chia seeds, anymore and you have overdosed.  In fact I would only use a teaspoon of each and you can add to the fruit or in a juice.

Finally, use only filtered or mineral water and use only sea salt ( Himalayan is good) because pure table salt is not good for the body because of its water retention properties, because it is devoid of essential minerals that inhibit this problem.

IMPORTANT!! Until your gut is healthy avoid all indigestible food stuff including prebiotics.

Inflammation as understood in man and the higher animals is a phenomenon that almost always results from the intervention of some pathogenic microbe. Elie Metchnikoff”

The more I study nature, the more I stand amazed at the work of the Creator.  Science brings men nearer to God Louis Pasteur

The Primary cause of disease is in us, always in us   Antoine Bechamp

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Author : Eric Malouin


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