Cruise for Health with Dr. Bergman (March 2019)

Dear Friends,

It is with great excitement that I invite you to be part of one of the most fascinating and life altering journeys you will ever take! Come join us on this fabulous cruise event as we spend a week relaxing and exploring your human potential for dynamic health and healing. You will learn valuable, life changing tools on how your body can reverse disease, regenerate and renew your body, all while making great friends of like minds and hearts!
The power of the sea will add to your awakening of your innate intelligence. This is the intelligence that has the power to renew, restore, and regenerate, and this is the life force that is within us all. While we cruise through the healing turquoise waters of the sea you will learn how your body works! You will learn how this innate intelligence protects you and how you can awaken this power to heal and revitalize you! You will learn tools to create the health and healing mind set which are essential to disease proofing your body.

See you onboard!

Dr. John Bergman

In this week-long program, Dr. Bergman will have lectures and question & answer sessions to attain optimal health and reverse disease. During the daily group sessions, you will learn anatomy, physiology, and learn about the source of disease. You will discover the difference between disease and environmental adaptation. You will become totally empowered and fall in love with how your body works! We will supply tools through lectures, demonstrations, workbooks, and web sites, on techniques that will change your life! For more information about the cruise click here. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about anatomy and physiology, meet Dr. Bergman in person and enjoy European adventure all in one!

Seminar overview

Throughout the week, you will learn techniques and skills, such as:


  • Basic anatomy – things that we all need to know to live fully
  • Physiology or how your body works
  • Nervous system and how it works to control and coordinate all the functions of the body
  • How your digestion works to regenerate a new body in just months
  • Symptoms do exist but disease doesn’t exist
  • Genetics and gene expression – learn how to turn on and off genes
  • How your muscles work
  • How to regenerate joints and reverse arthritis
  • The essential power of the mind in health and disease


Tools and Techniques to Renew, Restore and Regenerate your Health:


  • Diet changes to obtain optimal health and reverse disease
  • Techniques to change your mental state instantly
  • Exercises that heal and renew joints
  • Life style changes to keep you physically, mentally and spiritually, healthy your whole life
  • Tap into the power of your mind and change your physiology
  • You will receive an Action journal that details out all you learn on this cruise so you can utilize it the rest of your life
  • You will receive a meditation journal that will empower you with techniques to change your mental state, for a healthy, dynamic expression of the life you were meant to live
  • You will receive a cook book on eating for disease reversal and health expression of the life you were meant to live.




Prices start at $1959/person!*


*Cabin included
*Buffet style breakfast, lunch and dinner included
*Doesn’t include airfare





Cruise for Health with Dr. B’



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