There are a few things that can affect alcohol metabolism such as mineral deficiencies, nutrient deficiencies, or a issues with the liver itself. I’m sure you’ve heard of a little organelle called the Peroxisome which is present in the liver to aid in alcohol metabolism. Generally, people with ancestors from places like Northern Europe have a higher level of peroxisomes and people with ancestors from certain regions in Asia have low peroxisome levels. You can build up your tolerance to alcohol by increasing your level of peroxisomes. This usually happens naturally over time if you consume alcohol on a regular basis. There are ways of increasing peroxisomes in your body like regular exercise, a healthy diet, and healthy lifestyle. Proper vitamin D levels will also affect liver function as well as your mineral intake.

First, make sure your diet is primarily an organic plant based diet and avoid all packaged and processed foods as these are usually devoid of nutrients and minerals. Juicing vegetables blending fruits will be a great way of getting vitamins and minerals into your body, but you may also need to incorporate some mineral supplements like cacao, maca, moringa leaf, etc. Also, if you’ve been exposed to antibiotics, vaccinations, or medications, these will damage your digestive system and thus affect your ability to properly digest alcohol. Make sure you detox your body, eliminate toxins in your diet/lifestyle, strengthen your immune system and don’t forget to get your nervous system checked by a corrective chiropractor. There may be nerve interference preventing your organs, particularly your liver and digestive system from functioning properly.

Your main focus should be on looking for the underlying problem that’s causing this issue with alcohol metabolism because a healthy person, even an Asian person should be able to consume alcohol without any problems. So analyze your body and find what’s causing either your digestive system or liver to malfunction.

Here are a couple videos if you’d like to learn more:

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