What is Appendicitis?

Appendicitis is an inflammation of the appendix. Symptoms of appendicitis include pain in your lower right abdomen, nausea, vomiting, and a decrease in appetite. Appendicitis is not always a serious problem, however doctors take this condition very seriously because if left untreated, the appendix can rupture which is possibly life-threatening.


The appendix is connected to the colon right at the junction of the small and large intestines. Despite what the doctors may have told you, the appendix is an important part of the body. The appendix is part of the lymphatic system and Immune System. Since it’s connected to the intestines it plays a vital role in fatty acid transport and filtration of wastes. The appendix also serves as a haven for useful bacteria when there is a lack of healthy bacteria in the intestines. When appendicitis occurs this is a sign of long term exposure to toxic food and an unhealthy microflora.

The appendix is not a vestigial organ, It’s Part of the Immune System!



The best solution would be to switch to an organic, plant based diet with plenty of healthy fats like coconut oil. You’ll also want to avoid any packaged or processed food because these are loaded with toxins which directly affect the health and quality of your body.
Check out this video to learn about more healthy dietary and lifestyle changes you can start making right now to improve your health:

I also suggest juicing vegetables and blending fruits on a daily basis, in fact, I highly recommend a short term or even long term juice fast. If you’ve never done a juice fast I would suggest a 3-7 day juice fast where you’re juicing around 20-30 pounds of vegetables every day. After the juice fast you’ll need to do a hydro-colonic and coffee enema which will further detox your body, especially the colon and liver. Juicing and blending are fantastic because the soluble fiber in veggie juice can be absorbed directly into your bloodstream and bind to toxins which may be affecting the health of your body. Juicing/blending also pre-digests the food so the nutrients/minerals are more easily absorbed by your body. There are also enzymes and natural probiotics in the veggie juice/blended fruit that will radically improve your digestive system.
Here’s a detailed video about juicing if you’d like to learn more:

What if I’ve had my Appendix removed?
With the appendix gone you will need to be especially careful about your exposure to toxins and anything else that can disrupt your microflora. Obviously probiotics will be essential to restoring your microflora, but what would be even better than a probiotic supplement would be to consume properly fermented foods. One spoonful of fermented foods like sauerkraut contain more probiotics than an entire bottle of probiotic supplements. You can learn more about this in the video below:

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