Avascular Necrosis is caused by either direct trauma, long term toxic blood, and/or an unstable pelvis. Depending on the severity of necrosis and degeneration it’s entirely possible to gain full function of the hip back naturally if not, 70 to 80% function. A simple weight bearing x-ray of the hip will help to identify how much bone loss has occurred and any distortion of the femur head. With this I’d be able to tell you exactly how much function can be restored with proper care.

If you’re considering hip surgery, keep in mind that hip replacements only last about 8-10 years and major complications can occur with the surgery or later in life. I’ve had many patients with avascular necrosis and even in the worst cases I’ve seen, we’ve been able to restore normal function and eliminate any pain.

The Solution
First, stabilizing the pelvis and pelvic exercises will help to decrease pain and eliminate most of the symptoms. Then it’s important to find a corrective chiropractor that understands how to reverse avascular necrosis. Here’s a video that will help you find the best possible chiropractor in your area:

To learn more about the pelvis and the pelvic exercises I recommend here are a few videos to get you started:

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