In my video on Bladder Cancer I explain all the causes and natural solutions to restore health and function to your bladder.

Here’s my other video on bladder health:

Causes and Solutions

The first step will be to avoid all of the following causes of bladder cancer:
Chemicals (especially aromatic amines)
Medications (especially diabetic medication and statins)
Improper water intake
Chronic bladder infections
Chemotherapy and radiation
An unhealthy diet and lifestyle
Artificial Sweeteners (especially aspartame)

The next step will be to incorporate all the dietary and lifestyle changes necessary to promote health and healing. Here’s a video to get you started:

To address the nerve supply to the bladder which involves both the sympathetic and parasympathetic parts of the autonomic nervous system, the best option would be to find a chiropractor that can stimulate these nerves. Here’s a video to help you find the best possible chiropractor in your area:

Foods and nutrients that are particularly beneficial for bladder health include:
Citrus Fruits
Cruciferous vegetables
Vitamin B9 (folate) (black eyed peas, lentils, asparagus)
Vitamin D (sunlight exposure or vitamin D3 supplementation with vitamin K2)
Turmeric (curcumin)
Capsaicin (cayenne peppers, green or red chili peppers)
Conjugated linoleic Acid (grass-fed beef, raw milk, eggs, grass-fed butter)

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