Carpal tunnel syndrome is known as a “double crush” injury because the affected nerve is being compressed in 2 separate places. One aspect of the nerve is being compressed at the wrist and the exercise I demonstrate in the video below will help to alleviate pressure in that specific area.

The other aspect of the same nerve is being compressed at its origin from the spinal cord in the cervical region of your spine. To completely correct carpal tunnel syndrome it’s important to address both areas of nerve impingement. The best option would be to find a corrective chiropractor that can analyze your spine and nervous system, identify the specific problems, and correct them accordingly. Make sure you find a chiropractor with the skills necessary to reshape the structure of the spine, restore normal biomechanics, and stimulate the nervous system to promote healing and normal function.
Here’s a video that’ll help you find the best possible chiropractor in your area:

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