Congestive heart failure results from a tired, weak, nutrient and energy starved heart that’s losing its ability to pump blood efficiently. The medication used to treat CHF can dramatically alleviate symptoms, however, the side effects can be as problematic as the initial CHF symptoms. So to treat CHF naturally you’ll need to address the underlying problems that caused the heart to fail in the first place.


First, the vast majority of people with circulatory issues including heart conditions will have nerve interference coming from the upper Thoracic region which will negatively affect how the heart functions. To correct this you’ll need to get your nervous system checked by a corrective chiropractor. Once proper nerve supply is restored to the heart, the body will be able to properly regulate itself to the point that blood pressure levels and heart function will normalize very quickly.


Cholesterol levels and blood pressure issues will need to be addressed accordingly. I’ve done many health talks on this and I go into extreme detail on how cholesterol is actually beneficial and high blood pressure is not necessarily a bad thing. Here are some links to my latest videos:

So if you watch these videos you’ll learn the importance of the nervous system and how your diet/lifestyle plays a huge role in heart function. For short term relief of symptoms, supplementing with Coenzyme Q10 can be extremely effective. CoQ10 produces energy at the cellular level which fuels the heart’s essential blood pumping functions. High doses (180mg-360mg daily) are recommended if you’ve experienced CHF recently, but for general heart health you can take it for preventative health at (30-60mg daily).

For long term heart health you’ll definitely need to incorporate all the dietary and lifestyle changes I explain in this video:

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