If you’ve seen my videos on IBS and UC I explain exactly how to treat and correct these conditions. Here are a few in case you missed them:


Crohn’s disease has several underlying causes, however the most important causes is exposure to toxins from the environment, vaccines, or processed, non-organic food.

The first step would be incorporating all the proper diet and lifestyle changes to strengthen your immune system and give your body everything it needs to heal properly. Start by switching to an organic, plant based diet with plenty of healthy fats like coconut oil. You need to avoid any packaged or processed food because these are loaded with toxins which directly affect the health and quality of your body. You also need to supplement appropriately with vitamin D3, vitamin C with bioflavonoids, omega 3 (fish oil), Lugol’s Solution (iodine), chlorella, spirulina and a mineral/amino acid supplement like Body Balance from Life Force. Make sure you get the highest quality supplements you can find because these are vital for improving your health.
Check out this video to learn about more healthy dietary and lifestyle changes you can start making right now to improve your health:

I also suggest juicing vegetables and blending fruits on a daily basis. Juicing and blending are fantastic because the soluble fiber in veggie juice can be absorbed directly into your bloodstream and bind to toxins which may be affecting the health of your body. Juicing/blending also pre-digests the food so the nutrients/minerals are more easily absorbed by your body. There are also enzymes and natural probiotics in the veggie juice/blended fruit that will radically improve your digestive system.
Here’s a detailed video about juicing if you’d like to learn more:

And to address the nerve supply to your digestive system, the best option would be to find a chiropractor that analyze your spine and nervous system, identify the specific problems, and correct them accordingly.

Here’s a video that’ll help you find the best possible chiropractor in your area:

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