Dysautonomia is a term used to describe a dysfunction in the Autonomic Nervous System.



As I explain in many of my videos, there are 2 parts to the Autonomic Nervous system. You have the Parasympathetic Nervous System which controls rest, healing, and the digestive system. Then you have the Sympathetic Nervous system which is the fight or flight response. The sympathetic nervous system reacts to 3 forms of stress whether it’s chemical, physical, or emotional stress the result is the same… blood pressure decreases to your digestive system and most of your normal organ function shuts down to bring more blood to the arms and legs. The sympathetic response is an involuntary reaction of your body to keep you alive in stressful situations. The problem is most people are in a Sympathetic Dominant State because we are surrounded by those 3 stressors almost constantly. This state of chronic stress is the reason why we see so many chronic health conditions in our society.

This is the reason why you can take all the healthy supplements and healthy food in the world and still not heal from certain diseases or conditions. If your sympathetic nervous system is active, your organs aren’t functioning properly and you won’t be able to absorb those wonderful nutrients.

Focus on eliminating those 3 stressors to start healing your body properly. Chemical stress comes from vaccinations, antibiotics, medications, toxins in our food, and toxins in the environment. Emotional stress can come from daily stressors like your job or relationships and from major emotional events. Physical stress can be from injuries, trauma, daily activities, or underlying problems in your spine.

The spine surrounds the spinal cord and any deviation from the normal structure or biomechanics of the spine can cause major health issues. Whether you’ve suffered a major trauma or you sit everyday at work the effect on your spine can cause nerve interference or compression which prevents the brain from communicating with the rest of the body. This is where a corrective chiropractor will come in handy during your healing process. In addition to addressing the other stressors in your life, a corrective chiropractor can analyze your spine and nervous system, identify the underlying problems and treat them accordingly. This is what I do everyday in my office and our methods are extremely effective in healing all sorts of issues with the body. Here’s a video that’ll help you find a corrective chiropractor in your area:

If you’d like to more about the nervous system, here’s a video to get you started:

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