Ear infections are extremely common, at least in the United States and as a result many children are put on antibiotics and/or medications. The problem is that most of these “ear infection” cases aren’t really infections but rather “ear effusion” which is merely a buildup of fluid in the middle ear. The eustachian tube is responsible for drainage of the inner ear and it drains through the soft palate. So anything that affects the soft palate such as infections can negatively affect the ear, however, most doctors forget that the nerve supply to the soft palate can become compromised from any cervical trauma. This is extremely common in children who had a traumatic birth and in adults with cervical trauma including whiplash injuries from car accidents and forward head carriage from sitting for long periods of time. The solution is to first ensure there is proper nerve supply through chiropractic techniques. By restoring the cervical curve and alleviating pressure on the nerves that supply the soft palate you can dramatically improve drainage of the eustachian tube which then improves inner ear function. Then you can take the proper steps to strengthen the immune system to correct any infections involved with the soft palate.

First, you can alleviate pain and increase healing by using heat. A moist hot pack or towel on your ear will help to draw blood to the ear and increase immune system function to help with the infection. The ear doesn’t have a good blood supply so this is extremely effective. And remember viruses and bacteria die at a higher temperature so increasing heat will help with the infection. You can also use an ear flushing bulb to get warm water into your ear canal further increasing blood flow and killing the infection.

Don’t forget to address the nerve supply to the ear. Most of the time ear infections are easily corrected by correcting nerve interference or compression coming from the upper cervical region (the neck). So get your spine and nervous system checked by a corrective chiropractor who can stimulate the nerves that supply the ear.

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