I’ve done many videos on Fibromyalgia in which I explain the causes and solutions for this condition:

Through proper chiropractic care, diet changes, and lifestyle changes it’s possible to heal from many different diseases like Fibromyalgia. We have a 100% success rate in correcting Fibromyalgia and we do this by correcting the underlying problems that cause this condition. Fibromyalgia develops as the result of nerve interference or compression from improper structure or biomechanics of the spine as well as toxins in food, toxins in the environment, vaccinations, antibiotics, and medications, all of which negatively affect the nervous system. The first step will be making all the dietary and lifestyle changes necessary to promote healing and optimal function, here’s a video to get you started:

It’s important to keep in mind that very few chiropractor understand how to reshape the structure of the spine and stimulate the nervous system. To find the best possible chiropractor in your area you can use the 7 questions I explain in this video:

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