If you’ve seen my videos on genetics, you’ll learn that genetic diseases are much more complicated than most doctors will have you understand because there is an entirely new field of study called Epigenetics. If you’re not familiar with epigenetics, please check out Bruce Lipton’s research and books on it. Epigenetics focuses on the protein that surrounds our DNA which controls gene expression your body. Various toxins in our food and environment as well as nutrient deficiencies can negatively affect these proteins causing an expression or suppression of a gene.

So let’s assume the worst case scenario… you have a gene for a certain type of disease such as breast cancer which has been associated with the BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 genes. Even though you have these genes, your body can express or suppress these genes based on your environmental stimulus which either positively or negatively affects the proteins surrounding your DNA. The key is to limit your exposure to toxins and increase your exposure to nutrients to positively affect the protein that surrounds your DNA.
If you’d like to learn more, check out the video below for more information on Genetics and Genetic Expression:

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