Hepatic glycogen storage diseases (GSD) are a group of rare genetic disorders in which glycogen cannot be metabolized to glucose in the liver because of one of a number of possible enzyme deficiencies along the glycogenolytic pathway. It’s important to note that all diseases are a response to deficiency or toxicity. Even genetic diseases have to do with genetic expression and you have control of your genetics through something called Epigenetics. If you’re not familiar with epigenetics, please check out Bruce Lipton’s research and books on it. Epigenetics focuses on the protein that surrounds our DNA which controls gene expression your body. Various toxins in our food and environment can negatively affect these proteins causing an expression of a gene. So even worst case scenario you have the gene for GSD, your body can suppress or express this gene based on your exposure to toxins. The key is to limit your exposure to toxins and increase your exposure to nutrients to positively affect your DNA.


If you’d like to learn more about Genetics and Genetic expression, check out the video below:

You can start the healing process by detoxing your body and making all the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes necessary to promote healing and normal function. Here are a few videos to help him get this process started:

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