Vestibular Neuritis is inflammation of the inner ear or the nerves that connect the inner ear to the brain. If you’ve seen my videos about inflammation then you understand already that inflammation anywhere in the body is an indicator of an underlying problem that must be corrected in order to restore normal function. First, you need to find a corrective chiropractor that can analyze, identify, and correct any issues with the nervous system and spine. Most likely there are structural and biomechanical issues in your upper cervical region as well as the bones of the skull that are causing nerve interference or impingement to the nerves that supply the inner ear. Make sure you find a chiropractor with the skills necessary to reshape the structure of the spine, restore normal biomechanics to the joints, manipulate the sutures of the skull, and stimulate the nervous system to promote healing. There are very few chiropractors with these kind of skills so choose very wisely when looking for a chiropractor.

Here’s a video that’ll help you find the best possible chiropractor in your area:

The next step is to incorporate proper diet and lifestyle changes to reduce inflammation and give your body everything it needs to heal and function properly.

Check out the video below to learn more about inflammation:

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