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Physical, Chemical and Emotional Stress

         As you’ve probably heard from Dr. Bergman’s numerous health talks, every disease known to man has its true source in chemical, physical and/or emotional stress. It’s important to realize, that all three types of stress activate your body’s sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) which affects the physiological functions of your body. If you’re familiar with Dr. Bergman’s work, you most likely know that you can get rid of chemical stress by avoiding toxic food (pesticides, GMO etc.) and providing your body with all the necessary nutrients, staying away from medications that alter physiological processes of your body etc. You probably also know, that the physical stress can be caused by any traumas like accidents and C-sections, sedentary lifestyle and all kinds of impacts that cause subluxations. The easiest way to get rid of this type of stress is re-shaping your spine structure through (regular!) exercises and chiropractic care.

The affect of emotional stress on health is often underestimated. Chronic emotional stress can be as destructive to your body as the physical and chemical types of stress. According to American Psychological Association, being stuck in sympathetic dominant state (fight or flight) through a chronic emotional stress can cause serious health problems like insomnia, hormonal imbalances, digestive problems, painful musculoskeletal conditions, heart problems, respiratory complications, chronic diseases including cancer and many other serious health issues.

Therefore dissolving emotional stress is equally crucial for enjoying a healthy life and it can be obtained through various relaxation techniques, prayer and meditation, therapies etc. I’m here to offer you yet another extremely powerful tool – 1 on 1 coaching sessions where you’ll be able to find your life purpose and dissolve any type of emotional charges in a few logical steps.

“Logic could be used to identify and discard false beliefs that lead to destructive emotions” – Epictetus.


Dissolving your emotional baggage

Emotional stress can be tricky. We tend to bury our emotions deep inside without realizing that they often are the underlying source of anxiety disorders, depression and all kinds of mental and emotional conditions. But if you are truly ready to let go of your emotional baggage, I guarantee you – the results of our sessions will exceed your expectations.

Everyone has their own, unique set of values and their own purpose in life. However, it can be challenging to fully enjoy the purposeful life when you feel stuck on destructive patterns of your past, traumatic experiences or toxic relationships. But there is a good news – I can help you make that shift and step by step help you dissolve your emotional charges.

What I can help you with:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety dissorders
  • Dealing with traumas
  • Low selfesteem
  • Grief
  • Lack of purpose in life
  • Relieve from deep seeded anger
  • Addictions
  • Toxic relationships
  • Communication in relationships
  • PTSD
  • and more

The Sessions

During our initial session we’ll work together to determine your highest values and find out what truly energizes you. This will be the core of our work and this is what we’ll always refer to while dissolving your emotional charges during the following session(s). During the first meeting we’ll also determine your biggest supports and challenges in life, and finally, we’ll pinpoint the strongest emotional charges that need to be dissolved. This initial session is an extremely important step necessary to make the further shift in your mindset and completely free yourself from any emotional baggage.

The amount of sessions you’ll need solely depends on your own drive and willingness to make that shift. The most determined people I worked with were able to get amazing results within the first couple hours, for others multiple sessions were necessary to break through their old patterns and balance their perceptions with emotions. From my experience, most people need about 2-3 sessions to fully experience their personal breakthrough, but again – this is a very personal process that greatly depends on how much you really want to free yourself from your baggage.

One important thing you need to know – this is not therapy. It’s much more than that. It won’t go on for months slowly changing your ways of thinking like most therapies. No. It’s an intense mind shift and it’s designed to rewire your brain so you get the certainty and calm clarity of any situation in your life.

“All sorts of obstacles simply evaporate the moment your picture becomes clear and certain” – Dr. John Demartini

 You’ll realize that everything you experience in life has its purpose and it serves you in wonderful ways – sometimes those ways may be hard to see at first but don’t worry, you’ll be able to see them clearly. When you dissolve your emotional baggage, you’ll be left with love and gratitude. There is no bad without good, no negative without positive, no pain without pleasure, no black without white. Every situation has two sides. Always.


The Result

If you truly want to change your life and dissolve your emotional baggage, you are in a right place. You’re about to experience a major life change. My goal is to guide you through this process and help you achieve complete freedom, love and gratitude but most importantly, I’ll teach you how to use this great tool to dissolve any emotional charges you may experience in the future. I feel extremely honored to be able to facilitate this life changing process.

With love,
Karolina Krauz-Bergman

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