In Part 1, we will discuss the signs of vaccine damage and explore one stage of healing… Chiropractic care.

“Every vaccine recommended for use by government and doctors has been associated with hospitalizations, injuries and deaths. There is no guarantee that a particular vaccine will be safe to give to a particular individual and will not result in permanent injury or death.”

The National Vaccine Information Center

If you have recently got your child vaccinated and any symptoms from the list below occurs in the hours, days or weeks following vaccination, the chances are that your child has suffered some type of vaccine damage (referred to as Vaccinnosis):

  •                body rash or hives;
  •                shock/collapse;
  •                unresponsiveness, prolonged deep sleep;
  •                high pitched screaming (may include arching of back);
  •                hours of persistent, inconsolable crying;
  •                high fever (over 103 F)
  •                respiratory distress (difficulty breathing);
  •                twitching or jerking of the body, arm, leg or head;
  •                rolling or crossing of eyes;
  •                severe head or neck pain;
  •                joint pain or muscle weakness;
  •                disabling fatigue;
  •                loss of memory and mental skills;
  •                paralysis of any part of body;
  •                changes in sleep/wake pattern and dramatic personality changes;
  •                lack of eye contact or social withdrawal
  •                loss of ability to roll over, sit up or stand up
  •                head banging or unusual flapping, rubbing, rocking, spinning;
  •                onset of chronic ear or respiratory problems (including asthma);
  •                severe/persistent diarrhea or chronic constipation;
  •                excessive bruising, bleeding or anemia
  •                other serious loss of physical, mental or emotional wellness

Understanding What Has Happened

I am sure the burning question in every parent’s thoughts are “ Why has this happened to our child, there are millions of kids being vaccinated and they are ok”.  The answer is simple, tolerance and the bodies ability to eliminate the poisons as fast as possible.  We as humans are unique and different so the factors governing tolerance and elimination vary amongst us all. One issue to appreciate is that vaccine trials involve ‘healthy individuals’, those that are not taking any prescription drugs and so forth. Once the trials are over and the regulatory agency approves the vaccines they are given to everybody healthy and the not so healthy without prior sick is that.  Of course some children are going to take a hit but in the minds of the medical establishment they are expendable assets since we know the vaccines are not perfect and it’s not our fault that the kid is not healthy.  Well that’s all well and good but to the parent of the vaccines injured child they have the anxiety and worry and tremendous effort to fix the problem which could take weeks, months or maybe years depending on the extent of the damage, not to mention the child that is going through this nightmare.

Understanding Your Newborn Child

At birth the infant has certain reflexes which are involuntary spontaneous movements or responses to certain actions . These reflexes which are automatic movements directed from the brain stem signify normal brain and nerve activity which include :  

Root reflex which is stimulated when the infant’s mouth opens when touched to assist the baby to feed.

The Suck reflex is triggered from the roof of the mouth when touched and occurs around 8 months and develops 4 weeks later.

The Moro reflex lasts for around 6 months and is witnessed when the baby is startled by a loud noise and it throws its head back and extends and contracts its arms and legs.

The Tonic Neck reflex lasts for 7 months and  is seen when the baby turns its head to one side and the arm on that same side stretches out and on the opposite side the arms bends.

If you touch or stroke the baby’s hand it will show its Grasp reflex which is approx 6 months in duration.

The Babinski reflex is displayed when the sole of the foot is stroked and the big toe bends back and other toes fan out.

If the baby is held upright it will try to take steps as if it were dancing, this is called the Step reflex.

There are other reflexes such as the Spinal Galant which occurs if the baby’s Lumbar area is stimulated it will arch away.

Vaccines have the Power to Interrupt Early Reflex Development

What is important to note here is that all these reflexes are primitive that normally should all disappear within 6-7 months, and replaced with postural reflexes to maintain posture, balance and fluidity of movement in an upright position.  If this replacement does not occur  these primitive reflexes become aberrant and then the child’s ability to interact with its environment becomes delayed leading to possible inefficient motor coordination, sensory perception, cognition and expression.  There are many reports of speech and motor coordination abnormality associated with vaccines because the ingredients themselves contain toxic substances that may interfere with these normal physiological processes resulting in specific developmental delays.

Pediatricians have an Enormous Responsibility toward the Mother and Infant

I honestly do not think that some (not all) pediatricians quite fully understand the incredible, almost mysterious magical bond that is established between the mother and her unborn child.  Once physically developed where all the physiological parts are in place and their relative size is established, the unborn child is evolving into an aware, reacting small human being.  The fetus can see, hear, experience,taste and even learn in utero and above all feel, not this passive mindless creature that it is portrayed in traditional pediatrics texts.  It is apparent that when the child leaves the self sustaining environment of the womb this  new life is immediately vaccinated compromising its health before it’s a day old.. This same disregard of precious human life is heaped on the mother as well by injecting her with poison under some misguided reason of protection… not the reason for this barbarity due in part to the pediatric staff listening to some pharmaceutical representative recommending you do so and you blindly comply. The mother doesn’t know any better, she relies on you Mr/Miss Pediatrician to guide her, just like the blind leading the blind.

The Digestive System is Critical for the Newborn

As I have stated before digestion and the healthy gut is crucial for the infant. It receives its first nourishment from the mother’s milk that is enriched with Colostrum, high in immunoglobulins (antibodies) and lacto-fermenting bacteria populating the gut with beneficial bacteria. This is added to its initial microbiome established while in the womb with the additional bacterial colonies acquired from the mother’s birth canal during the birthing process. This healthy microbiome can be destroyed  from the antibiotics in the vaccines  (because the ignorant world of modern medicine still refuse to administer a probiotic as a follow-up from an anti-biotic just as Fleming had recommended so long ago).

Cooking’ the Immune System’

As the immature immune system is evolving and developing, it influences the infant’s personality development acquiring appropriate responses to particular stimuli, perception and learning, emotional regulation and self-individualism. Neurological development integrating the various left and right brain functionality subconsciously occurring, and further developing  the neurological pathways between the autonomic nervous system and the enteric nervous system (the gut and bowel) and all intrinsically linked to Immune system development.  Vaccine administration at these vital developmental stages can throw the immune system into a state of chaos virtually ‘Cooking’ or overloading it causing the Immune system to behave inappropriately to the point where in some cases of severity can trigger auto-immunity dysfunction.

Vaccine Damage Testimonial Samples

Casi Renee

Casi Renee was born in 1995 and scored 8 & 9 on her APGAR (Appearance, Pulse, Grimace, Activity, Respiration) scores (2/criteria, max possible score =10). We were warned by chiropractors of the risks involved with vaccines. Her pediatrician pressured me into vaccinating her and she received her Hepatitis B vaccine on 6-19-95. We were told of no risk and were even given a bottle of tylenol to mark the symptoms of any reactions.

Within days after the vaccine she developed a rash, but the pediatrician didn’t seem to be concerned. She was given HBPV, OPV, DPT and her 2nd dose of Hepatitis B on 7-27-95. We noticed she was very floppy. When we would pick up an arm or leg, it would just drop. On 9-27-95 she received another dose of DPT, HBPV and OPV. We still noticed her floppiness. Within a week, she developed eczema and she resisted being put on her belly.

On 11-30-95 she received another round of DPT and HBPV Her eczema was out of control and we noticed her babbling stopped immediately. We couldn’t get her to play peek -a-boo any longer and all she wanted to do was lay on her back. We also noticed she always wanted to look up at the ceiling. We thought she was fascinated with the ceiling fan and lights. We felt that she was not developing normally. The doctor said it was normal and not to compare our child with others.

She received her third dose of Hepatitis B on 3-12-96. Within a month, we noticed a lot of noise in her joints and she had not advanced mentally or physically in a while. At her one year birthday, everyone realized something was wrong. She was not even going from a lying position to a sitting position on her own. On 9-26-96, he gave her the MMR and HBPV vaccine. Within weeks of the MMR vaccine, she developed chronic constipation. We started suspecting vaccines and spoke to their pediatrician about our concern. He did not agree, but suggested we give her the safer version DTaP vaccine, along with OPV and TB screening on 12-19-96.

We finally taught her to walk at 22 months old. She was very unstable and fell a lot but seemed to get around. Casi never spoke and after seeing every specialist available, she was given the “label” of autism. In may of 1999, Casi started running a fever and blood work showed positive with Epstein Barr virus, which research show is also caused by vaccines. She inevitable contracted bacterial meningitis and was not treated properly at the hospital. Casi passed away 10 days after her 4th birthday and the only reason I’m able to breathe today, is because God has made my mission very clear. I have dedicated the rest of my life to doing WHATEVER is necessary to help these innocent victims and protecting the children-yet-to-be.

My thanks to the website for this opportunity to share this. I honor this mother for sharing this heartbreaking story

My son got his 18 month shots plus a flu shot when he was 15 months old per the schedule followed at his doctors office. Within 15 minutes after the shots when we were in the car, he passed out which may have been a seizure looking back now. Within 30 days he had lost all language, stopped responding to his name, and started to withdraw. Six months after the shots, he was diagnosed with autism and hyperkinesis. He is still non verbal because its only been a matter of months. He is going through therapies but no real improvement yet.  My son had a few early signs as far as having to have routine or he would cry non stop. But he was on schedule for language and everything else up till the shots at 15 months.  The shots were given in Brookville, Ohio.

Laura Adams

My son was born after an emergency c-sect at 34 weeks, not breathing at birth, apgar scores of 3 and 5, in the NICU for five days on a vent, AND he was given Hep B WITHOUT my consent! He has a DX of Autism, SID, ADHD.

Elizabeth L. Aley

My son hit all milestones: was speaking, had wonderful eye contact/ interaction and he ate everything I put in front of him. The evening of the day he had his MMR he ran a really high temperature and the site for the injection was red and rock hard with a lot of heat around it. Within 3 days he lost everything! He began to rock in front of the TV he would never look at anyone he refused all foods and he stopped speaking. He was diagnosed with low functioning Autism. I do not care what anyone tells me I KNOW his Autism was triggered by this vaccine. I have not been as reckless believing “the experts” with my youngest child…. I am in Queensland Australia but his injections were administered in Sydney Australia.

Tracey Lee Amodeo

My thanks to the website for this opportunity to share these stories to inform other parents of the dangers and risk with vaccines

Damage Diagnosis

Apart from saving lives under pressure, and putting ‘humpty dumpty’ back together again when limbs are torn or broken, which conventional medicine are extremely proficient at, the only other memorable accomplishment is labeling symptoms. If they poison the body or as previously stated ‘Cook’ the immune system there is a plethora of conditions the body expresses: Aseptic meningitis, encephalitis, Multiple sclerosis, diabetes, Guillain Barre syndrome, Autism, ADHD, Fibromyalgia, Sudden Infant death (SID), Eczema, etc, etc and all these conditions can be triggered by Vaccines.  It is irrelevant what condition it is, the individual has been damaged physiologically and psychologically and his or her body equilibrium has been compromised, so it is vital that this imbalance be corrected using naturopathic and chiropractic methods..NOT MORE DRUGS, NOT TYLENOL, NOT ANTI-BIOTICS.

Vaccines damage Gut and neurological functions and in the bodies attempt to cleanse the body of the toxins other organs like the Liver, Kidney and Skin can take a hit as well.  Other organs are also susceptible like the pancreas, the lungs and even the heart because the immune system has is driven into confusion and  loses its power of distinction between self and foreign tissue, attacking host tissue and organs causing autoimmune dysfunction such as Diabetes Type 1, Multiple sclerosis etc.  Seizures, Cognitive dysfunction, motor coordination dysfunction, Epilepsy, Autism, ADHD, Encephalitis, Meningitis etc  and other neurological disorders erupt because the poisons and toxins have breached the blood brain barrier and beginning to affect brain function.

Vaccine Damage Interferes with the Gut-Brain axis

The child’s body is in a state of imbalance so it has to be corrected. The autonomic nervous system controls every sub conscious activity in the body and its probable that the toxicity has caused this  imbalance so an adjustment from a chiropractor would be advisable to calm the body and to start bringing symmetry into the damaged body. The toxic load in the vaccines can cause gut disorders because the immune system is being ‘cooked’ such as viral gastroenteritis, irritable bowel and a whole host of neurological disorders as we explained above. This can also have an effect on our 6th sense or Proprioception that refers to the mechanism of sensing position and movement of limbs, muscle force and effort and balance, in other words our sense of self and awareness of our body and its movements.

Proprioception, Our 6th Sense

Proprioception is our ability to know where our limbs are in relation to our environment. Although our 5 senses sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch enable humans to perceive the world,  proprioception allows us perceive the actions of our body and perform our daily tasks successfully without thinking about it (you can demonstrate this yourself by going into a completely dark room and touch the tip of your nose with a finger..I know..its easy, but that’s because our proprioceptive senses make us aware where our arm and hands are relative to our face).  These senses, discovered by Guy Goodwin at Oxford University in 1972 suggested they are located in muscles to generate sense of limb position and movement, and for every proprioceptive impulse that is being fired toward the brain, there are 30 return motor impulses coming back down to the body proper. These sensory signals are processed by sensory maps used by the brain’s motor cortex which is continuously updated as we move around and and is the link between the proprioceptive sensory system and the motor system’. If these motor impulses are inhibited it can cause degeneration of  restricted limbs (‘use it or lose it’). Vaccines that cause inflammation all over the body including the brain can interfere with this process.

The Gut-Brain Axis

(Autonomic vs Enteric Nervous System)

The toxic load from vaccines not only damage the gut (from anti-biotics) but the aluminum and Polysorbate 80, MSG etc can end up crossing the BBB and into the brain interrupting the delicate balance of Proprioception. There was a case where a severe infection (Viral gastroenteritis) that triggered an autoimmune response where the individual could move his limbs but had no control over the movement due to loss of his proprioceptive sensory system. Although digestive disorders accompany many autoimmune dysfunctions (Every autistic individual has digestive problems), the individual does manage to stay alive since the gut and bowel (the enteric nervous system) can function of sorts without the brain.  The key to understanding what is going on is that autoimmune disorders that are so common from vaccine damage are frequently brain based metabolic dysfunction causing neurological, cardiovascular, digestive etc malfunction that cannot be diagnosed with standard medical tests.  Fibromyalgia for example is not a pathology/disease process as is interpreted by allopathic medicine, it is a functional neurological, endocrine, metabolic problem. All autoimmune, chronic inflammatory degenerative conditions are brain based.

“The Nervous System is the most complicated and highly organized of the various systems which make up the human body. It is the mechanism concerned with the correlation and integration of various bodily processes and the reactions and adjustments of the organism to its environment.”

Henry Gray from the 1918 edition of Gray’s Anatomy

Healing from Vaccine Damage

Since we have established that vaccine damage sometimes affects the proprioceptive sensory system in some cases it is crucial that Chiropractic adjustment is sought after as soon as possible so as regain the appropriate proprioceptive firing, and to regain the correct function of the Cerebellum (see diagram) which actually controls all neural impulses.


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