In this second part we will discuss the other healing protocols Detox, Chelation, Nutrient replacement and diet but first an explanation on how Homeopathy approaches the healing process for the vaccine damaged.

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Healing the Vaccine Damaged (Part 1)


Your child has probably become toxic because of the vaccine ingredients so you need to help the body to expel them. The ‘hip’ term is ‘biotherapeutic drainage’ which describes the methodology for all the ’emunctories’ (fancy word for the organs of elimination like the skin, the liver, kidney etc) to efficiently expel the toxins and repair damaged cells.  (Louisa  Williams describes this in her book ‘Radical Medicine‘.  Dr Gerard Gueniot (died in 2009 at the age of 62) was the pioneer in the field of drainage..he was a physician not a plumber, who got kicked out of France because of his therapies and he moved to Belgium.  Basically he practiced homeopathic medicine that encourages the healing power of nature..Hallelujah .  


Homeopathic therapy – Drainage and Gemmotherapy


However, drainage is not quite the same as detox, since the latter concerns toxin elimination from particular organs especially the Liver (the body’s main detox organ), or a  metal detox (using chlorella (Micro Algae found in powder form in the health food store), Vitamin C, Cilantro (Coriander), Milk Thistle ( 150 mg twice/day) or a colon cleanse (Juice of 1 lemon + a pinch of sea salt, teaspoon of cold pressed honey, in a glass of tepid filtered water and drink daily on an empty stomach -you can also add organic apple juice and a tablespoon of grated ginger).   Drainage on the other hand takes into consideration the metabolic state of the individual, level of health and vitality, the function status of the main emunctory organs and tissues including the liver, gallbladder,kidneys, the intestinal tract, the lungs and the skin, and also the secondary emunctories the mucosal membranes which act as a backup if the primary emunctory organs become overwhelmed.  In addition homeopathic products are used (UNDA from Belgium provides core homeopathic products (approx 80 products) and 13 products supporting Oligotherapy which is basically deals with trace minerals).  The favorite drainage therapy is ‘Gemmotherapy’ (plant stem cell therapy) which use plant bud extracts and other embryonic plant tissue such as inner bark rootlets, young plant shoots from various woodland trees and shrubs to open cellular detox pathways.


Other Homeopathic Remedies

I am not an expert on homeopathy but its been around for a long time, in fact before the Rockefeller family hijacked medicine all of the hospitals certainly in the US were Naturopathic, Holistic and Homeopathic, the era when real medicine was practiced before they started poisoning everybody, so there is definite merit in homeopathy because it deals with natural substances that work with the body and a good homeopathic practitioner will deal with the whole body, having said that I believe some holistic and homeopathic practitioners try and match symptoms with remedies, so I would be a little skeptical.



Homeopathic Nosodes

The Homeopathic practice use a system of Nosodes which are homeopathic preparations that contain bodily tissue and fluids (faeces, blood, pus discharges and saliva) which are taken from diseased patients suffering from a particular condition (measles, anthrax, TB etc) and then sterilized and diluted often to the point where no active ingredient remains. In fact this practice is Homeopathic’s version of vaccines called ‘Homeoprophylaxis’. Some 5-6 week double blind, randomised controlled trials were conducted before 1970 but were never replicated on Homeoprophylaxis so I cannot attest to them. Although an experimental lab test was done in 1999 and the study was published in Pubmed ‘Do Homeopathic nosodes protect against infection? An experimental test’ authored by Jonas WB and they found them to be ineffective in comparison to standard vaccines..well what a surprise.


In terms of healing an already vaccine injured individual Homeopathic medicine offer various natural herbs as a remedy such as for chicken pox, they use Rhus toxicodendron (Poison Ivy), for Haemophilus Influenzae and Meningitis they use Belladonna (Deadly nightshade) and Whooping cough or Pertussis Gelsemium sempervirens (Yellow Jasmine). Now, as far as I am concerned Deadly nightshade is toxic and contains Scopolamine and Hyoscyamine that can cause delirium and Hallucinations and eating 2 berries from this plant can kill a child stone dead, but I am sure it is used in a very diluted extract form (a bit like an attenuated vaccine) so I would be very cautious before embarking on the homeopathic trail specifically for vaccine remedies unless under the strict guidance of a Homeopath.



Homeopathic Vaccine Antidotes


Homeopaths use vaccine antidotes so for this you will need to do some further investigation  and talk to a homeopath doctor. I believe they also have a Vaccine recovery formula as well


You need to do your own research on Homeopathic techniques or just stick to a regular detox regime, diet and lifestyle adjustment as explained below.



Regular Detox Regime


You need to experiment it little with detox therapies, for example the Hepatitis B vaccine is a major assault on the liver so a liver flush or cleanse is essential.  To do this it is quite simple, you can make fresh organic apple juice and drink it for 3 days and then remove all toxic processed fats food from the diet, drink raw vegetable juice (I say it again the liver loves Kale), load up on potassium rich foods like bananas and beet leaves (1500mg/1 cup of beet leaves..marvellous ) so again for the child juice Kale,bananas,beet leaves and apple cider vinegar and throw in some coriander and parsley..a wonderful mixture for the liver cleanse.  One way to stimulate the liver to help it detox the body are coffee enemas but for a child I don’t think they would appreciate it. You could add Milk thistle and dandelion leaves to the vegetable blend as well and try and add some liver into the meals at least twice/week.


Other Natural Detox Therapies


Detox Bath


Megan Heimer on her website ‘Living Whole’ suggests a gentle detox bath for children which can pull bacteria and viruses away from the spine and cellular waste, metals and chemical away from other parts of the body. Simply add 5 drops of Lavender and ¼ cup of epsom salts (this is a marvellous product since it puts back healthy sulphur back into the body) into the child’s bathwater and footbath.


The Lymphatic System


In previous articles we have discussed the system before, where I referred to it as the ‘Antigen trap’.  The lymphatic system (Lymph nodes, spleen, mucosal lymphoid tissue) is a surveillance circulatory system like a security net, where the various security lymphocytes are ‘guarding’ the body looking for pathogens that have set up camp anywhere in the body. The lymph system is a type of highly organized drainage system collecting extra cellular fluid continuously from the tissues and returning it to the blood. It is this circulatory system that transports antigen bearing cells ( the dendritic cells) and antigens from infected tissues to the lymph nodes where they become imprisoned. Under normal healthy conditions the body is quite capable of ‘pulling the plug’ and draining this system. The Lymph or ‘sewage’ drains by body movement, breathing, exercise including walking, intestinal activity and muscle action. When muscles tighten from body movement, the lymph vessels are squeezed and the lymph is pushed along and filtered through the lymph nodes on its way back through the veins and the heart. but in a state of inflammation, poor gut health and a compromised immune system the body could use some help.


Draining the Lymph System

In part 3 we discuss cell health and the use of a supplement that contains Echinacea herb extract. Echinacea can help drain the lymph system, but it is also enhances immune system  function, reduce inflammation, and protect against fungal, bacterial and viral infection, as well as to strengthen macrophage function.  Dr David Williams a naturopath, chiropractor, medical researcher and biochemist informs us that we can gently massage certain areas of the body to stimulate lymph drainage, which include Reflex point stimulation, Lymph milking and axillary traction:


Reflex point stimulation : Located at the bottom of the breast bone (sternum) rub this area forcefully for 2 minutes


Lymph milking:  Using a lubricant like coconut oil move your hands from under the jaw down the throat on each side of the big muscle.  Then staring at the base of the skull with your thumbs just behind the ears push under the skull into the neck toward the collar bone. Continue for 3 minutes moving the thumbs closer together toward the spinal column Since 90% of all headaches come from the neck this exercise could relieve tension and headaches as well as help drain your lymph system…see 3 for 1..what a bargain.


Axillary traction: or ‘Armpit pull’ lie on your back, and have your partner (or a neighbor) stand at your head, place their hands under  your armpits (see that’s why you need somebody close) and gently pull yourself toward their body. Keep your arms at your sides while your assistant maintains this traction for 20-30 seconds, rest and repeat another 5 times.

Healing the Gut



The ‘Garden of Life’ have probiotic products for kids and these are crucial to reseed the gut flora. Even better would be fermented vegetables which you can mash up and hide into other food or serve as is, the child might actually like them since it tastes like sauerkraut.  Even non spiced kimchi with napa cabbage is another alternative, but the point is that there is much more healthy beneficial bacteria in fermented vegetables than any probiotic, such as  kefir (fermented milk) or Kombucha (fermented tea), but you can experiment a little with your child to see what he or she likes.  A full fat yoghurt is good, but remember Yoghurt feeds bacteria it does not reseed it.  In part 3 we will discuss a sensitive test that you can apply to the skin overnight to check for allergies which is don’t want to impose more misery into the child, and in some cases in can be dangerous, so we need to tread carefully.  One thing is for sure your are experimenting with natural foods designed for the body not poisonous drugs or vaccines that have no business being anywhere near a human body.


90 Essential Nutrients


If you have read any of my previous articles there are 17 articles dedicated to this subject. It is huge and the cornerstone of health for all ages. For a child ‘Body Balance’ from Life Force international would be my’s a cherry flavoured drink that contains Aloe Vera and sea vegetables that contains 74 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids, 3 fatty acids (Omega 3,6 and 9) and other healthy sugars. This is perfect to put back all the vitamins that the vaccines have robbed the body of.  It would not hurt to add Krill oil or Megan suggests Udo’s oil from FLORA that is made from organic flax, sesame and sunflower seed oils.


Check out the First article of the Essential Nutrient Series:

90 Essential Nutrients (Part 1- Overview)


Chelation therapy

Coriander is a wonderful chelation agent to rid the body of any bound heavy metal substances such as Mercury or Aluminum, so you can add this wonderful herb into a juice or a blend.


Juicing and Blending


Because we are on a healing path it is better to juice rather than blend. The advantage with blending for a healthy person is the fiber and cellulose (this is a substance that plants use to protect themselves), since you are incorporating the whole plant food rather than extracting the juice and discarding the rest ( fruit and vegetable pulp). The bacteria in a healthy gut can feed on the cellulose since we have no means in the human to digest it (that is why a cow has a double stomach to ferment the cellulose from grass).  Humans actually excrete any excess cellulose and fiber, and the reason why fiber is beneficial is not to do with an nutrient extraction but it is a substance for the ‘bowel to chew on’, in other words it keeps the bowel moving, keeping it healthy. The other problem for the unhealthy gut fiber becomes an irritant to the gut wall which in an unhealthy state is inflamed, so keep to juicing (NOT BLENDING) during this healing period.  Some children who have been vaccine injured the bowel movements are abnormal and many times they have diarrhea so consumables should be given in moderation until their stool normalizes.




Kids love juice, so give it to them and there are so many fruits and vegetables to mix and match together..just remember to go easy on the fruit because although it is natural sugar the liver still has the metabolize the fructose content of the sugar (approx 50%) and an adult liver can only metabolize approx 20-30mg of  fructose/day without overloading the liver which you want to avoid without question because you are trying to detox the liver as well.  There is a list of all fruit and its fructose content on the try and use fruit that contains small fructose values. Try and include lime or lemon Zest and juice into the daily juices. Here are some examples:

  •  {Each makes 250ml of juice}
  • Apple Lemonade – 2 apples, 1/2 small lemon
  • ABC Juice – 1 apple, 2 carrot, 50g beetroot
  • Kale & Pineapple – 200g kale, 1 large slice pineapple
  •                Carrot & Orange – 2 carrot, 1 orange


Under no circumstances should you give your child commercial orange (or any other flavor) juice even it does say ‘all natural’, this stuff  has been pasteurized and any Vitamin C that used to be there was destroyed from the processing.



In Part 3 we will look at diet in more detail encompassing some of the above.




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