Parents and vaccine injured children and young adults once the injury has occurred, their lives will change drastically if only temporary, yet they will face a long hard road to recovery in some instances.  For a parent to face an autistic child’s recovery requires a time consuming, anxious at times, difficult challenge. While the child who has to live this miserable existence it puts enormous pressure on the parents to change its eating habits especially if autism has struck when the child is not an infant anymore and has acquired his or her own likes and dislikes of various foods. It is like redeveloping the child all over again in the midst of the child’s obvious frustration of being incapable of communicating properly, developing normally, and all it took was a 20 second action of an injection in the arm to cause an injury that can take up to 2 years to heal if at all.



Cell Health

You might want to include Elderberry into somewhere in the healing processing since elderberry inhibits enzymes used by viruses to penetrate and infect healthy cells.  ‘Elderberry defense’ from Nature’s Sunshine according to Megan is a good product since it not only contains elderberry fruit extract but it also contains Echinacea herb extract (boosts immune system function). Willow bark extract (anti-inflammatory, rich in anti-oxidants), Royal Jelly which is a honey bee secretion used for larvae nutrition and adult queen’s (anti-oxidant, immune system modulator, enhances brain function, protects the liver, anti-inflammatory), and Olive leaf extract (Kills commensal Bacteria and fungi, improves immune system, improves cardiovascular health) and it contains 2000 IU of Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3). I would not introduce this until the gut is in a healthy condition.



Vitamin C

Although ‘Body Balance’ as mentioned above contains Vitamin C it does not hurt for the child to take extra.  ‘Ester C’ 500mg Vitamin C capsules with citrus Bioflavonoids is a good product (1 capsule/day). Vitamin C counteracts the damage of heavy metals, chemicals and toxins and strengthens the immune system. This can be introduced once the gut has healed and able to absorb nutrients.



Silica pulls toxins out of the tissues and into the bloodstream in preparation for elimination from the body and slows down the accumulation of aluminum in the tissue and the gastrointestinal tract and enhances aluminum excretion through the urinary tract.  You can buy a supplement ( like horsetail or as a cell salt) but silica is naturally in Cucumber so make sure this is part of the daily meal list of ingredients.


Drink enough water to flush out the crap from the system (a good rule of thumb is to drink 100 ounces per 100 pounds of bodyweight every day). To achieve positive results in healing you need to avoid municipal water and only use mineral or filtered water.  The water supplied at the faucet contains chlorine which damages the gut and if you use it it will unravel all of the work you are trying to do or have previously done in healing the gut.


Diet and Seizures

Since a common after effect from vaccines are seizures, so back in the day, in fact since the time of Hippocrates and Galen their remedy for seizures was fasting which after a period of time the body converts to ketogenesis where the liver converts body fat into ketone substances (Hydroxybutyrate, Acetoacetate and Acetone) which can cross the blood brain barrier (BBB). Normally the brain burns glucose which becomes non existent when fasting and physicians (according to them) reported that it stopped seizures, so in the 1920’s they searched for a diet that could produce these ketone bodies, and  the ketogenic diet was born.


The problem is that seizures are caused by the buildup of toxins and in the case of vaccines this build-up becomes very rapid,  so I am not convinced that this a true therapy for seizures and in many patients once the diet is stopped the seizures return because the toxins are still there.  It is also conceivable that it the diet is successful, and it was in some Patients, according to reports,  it is possible that the diet or ketone bodies somehow reduced the toxic load.  In any event, seizures are a result of the body ‘blowing out the toxins’ like a reset function.


To really recover from seizures it is necessary to detoxify and remove the toxins from the brain (and not with anti-epileptic drugs) or at least prevent the buildup of toxins again using a diet with complex carbohydrates removed.  Starchy foods, refined sugars feed our pathogenic bacteria and once metabolized create the metabolites that are the very toxins that cross the BBB and cause the toxic build up. So in essence the forced toxic load into the brain with a nutrient deficient child (in particular deficiency in Folic acid, Vitamins B6,B1 and manganese), which is why it’s important just to take the 90 essential nutrients in a whole food powder form.



The Gaps

(Gut and Physiology Syndrome)


The Gaps (Gut and Physiology syndrome) diet devised by Dr Natasha Campbell Mcbride (or the version from Weston A Price) is highly recommended to help fix the vaccine injured child or indeed the adult.  I will precise the details of the diet ,since you can find this diet on Dr Campbell’s GAPS diet website :

In addition if you visit Dr Campbell’s other site :

and select the Blog section you will find some interesting information such as GAPS cooking recipes and some ‘Wise Tradition videos’


Say No to Corporate

Prepared Food and Poisonous Water


To begin as part of your healing journey for your child or an adult you need to avoid all processed food, fast food, municipal water, and consume pesticide free fruits and vegetables (this means organic where possible, if this is difficult you can buy conventional produce and soak it for at least half an hour in a large bowl containing filtered water and organic apple cider vinegar which will remove most of the pesticide residue).  Poisonous processed food etc will only feed your pathogenic bacteria making an already bad situation worse.

Avoid food stuffs that the dysbiotic gut cannot digest

Since the delicate balance of the gut flora is upset, there is a possible breach in the epithelial wall within the tight junctions (a situation we discussed in the article series of the microbiome ) so pieces of undigested food are leaking through into the bloodstream triggering an immune response to that food causing an allergic reaction. It is grains and dairy that are notorious for causing allergies because they are difficult to digest while the gut is unhealthy.


Check out the article titled: “The Guide to Healing Your Gut”

The Guide to Healing Your Gut



Sugars and Digestion

Monosaccharides such as Glucose, fructose (a simple sugar found in fruit & vegetables), and Galactose (a simple sugar found in butter, ghee, sour cream, cheese, yogurt) can easily permeate the gut lining without any digestion or problems, and are tolerated by the Gaps or in this case vaccine injured child normally so they are allowed these substances as part of their diet.  Disaccharides or double sugars on the other hand are not allowed..Why ?.  These are what are known as double sugars like Sucrose (table sugar used in candies and cookies), Lactose (milk sugar) and Maltose (from starch (potatoes) digestion.  In order for these sugars to normally permeate the gut lining they need to be converted into a monosaccharides by enzymes that sit on the surface of the enterocytes (these cells make up the absorptive surface of the intestine that constitute the tight junction or Villi).  However, in the unhealthy gut the enterocytes are compromised and fail to break down these sugars, so they become undigested and cannot be absorbed.  These undigested sugars stay in the gut rotting and become feed for pathogenic bacteria which in turn damage the gut further. So the vaccine injured child should avoid these double sugars like the plague until the gut is healthy again and the enterocytes can do their job.  A point to remember is that fruit contain a certain amount of sucrose but diminishes as the fruit ripens so try and feed your child with ripe fruit.

Protein, Grains and Dairy

Once digestion in the stomach and duodenum (you can read more on this if you read the article of the microbiome and digestion) is accomplished the results are in the form of peptides,  that again are presented to the enterocyte in preparation for absorption. As in the case of Disaccharides, the enterocytes need to process these peptides because they are made of multiple amino acids and thus cannot be absorbed, so the other enzyme sitting on the enterocytes breaks them down into single amino acids. Since the enterocytes are compromised they fail to do their job, so proteins like Gluten from grains and Casein from milk remain undigested and follow the same fate as the rotting sugar. So grains and milk must be avoided as well.  On the other hand, proteins from eggs, fish and meat are more tolerated especially if the eggs are poached or boiled (not fried) and the meat and fish are boiled stewed or poached (stewing steak and boiled haddock are palatable) but avoid frying, roasting and grilled foods  (sorry, but it’s only temporary.. as the TV service used to announce..”Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible).

Check out this article titled: “The Microbiome and Digestion”


The Microbiome and Digestion



Fermented Dairy is OK

As we indicated in Part 1 Fermented dairy like Yoghurt and Kefir are more tolerable since the bacterial fermentation of the milk proteins become pre-digested and the lactose gets eaten by the bacteria. Again, you as the hard working, very patient, responsible parents you will have your work cut out for you, it is recommended that you prepare your own home-fermented dairy products since dumb world sometime pasteurize their commercial products after fermentation which will destroy all the goodness you are trying to get your child to consume. Dr Natasha Campbell Mcbride suggests that mothers try the sensitivity test on their child to ascertain if there exists a lactose intolerance. This test is simple enough, by taking a drop of the homemade yogurt, sour cream or kefir and place on the skin while the child is sleeping. If in the morning there is a red reaction around the spot then an allergy is present, if not you can introduce the fermented dairy into the child’s diet.  A note here Ghee which is a clarified butter used extensively in Indian cuisine is a milk fat that is almost completely devoid of milk proteins and lactose and a safe alternative as a cooking fat like lard (Avoid all cooking oils…AVOID ALL COOKING OILS).

For every food that you introduce use the simple sensitivity test to avoid any future have enough to deal with already. A note here, Goat’s milk has less protein than cow’s milk due to the amount of protein to develop a full grown cow versus a full grown goat, so you could consider using organic goats milk rather than organic cows milk.  Introduce yogurt slowly since it contains live bacteria which can trigger a ‘die-off’ reaction because you have just increased the beneficial bacterial army that will begin to attack and kill the pathogenic bacteria. As a result of the destruction of the pathogens a by- product of some toxic waste will remain so this could result in some discomfort in your child but don’t worry this is one more victory to be chalked up to the good guys. Since Kefir is part of your Paladin army, they can create a more intensive ‘die-off ‘ so it’s better to introduce your infantry first (yogurt).  So the dairy order of introduction is :  yogurt – sour cream-kefir-organic cheese.



The body uses Bile which is manufactured by the liver, stored in the gallbladder and released into the small intestine to process ingested fat,so the enterocytes have very little if anything to do, therefore fats are tolerable to a point, BUT.  Since the gut lining is a mucous membrane, and in an unhealthy condition it is quite probable that it will be under pathogenic attack, in which case it will produce more mucous to protect itself.  In doing so the excessive amount of mucous will tend to coat the undigested fats prohibiting the bile and digestive enzyme to to break it down leaving undigested fat impairing absorption and creating a nutrient deficiency.  Forgive me for the graphic description of waste; by an examination of the stool of the child or adult, if it reveals a floating greasy pale looking feces this would be indicative of undigested fat.  You have to be diligent with the diet that you are exposing to your child.  You may have to cut back a little on the fats but you need to experiment until the balance is found.

The Road to Recovery


What you are trying to accomplish is, to put as many nutrients into your child’s body using nutritious food, without them blowing up into an allergy balloon or inducing any more misery that they don’t already have.  But this healing process takes time..your time and constant visual inspection is critical to see any signs of regression (less eye contact) discomfort, sleep disturbance, increase in anxiety, moodiness, hyperactivity, allergic signs on the skin for example as you build up their dietary itinerary. As Dr Campbell points out GAPS children crave comfort food, the very food that will make them continually sick, such as cakes, candies, waffles, crackers, chips, pizza etc. The parents will exclaim in horror that their child will starve..well live in pain and discomfort or get better..these are the choices I am afraid.  So alternatives must be sought, and remember our taste buds can be reprogrammed which will also eventually create an indifference toward the crappy food that your child once craved for.

Your injured child will probably be anemic so it’s important that they get some liver into their diets on a weekly basis.  The body does store iron which it depletes every day, and for a healthy person there is enough iron storage to last a year for a male and less for a woman (since the woman depletes her stores more rapidly due the menstrual cycle) which obviously is not the case for young children. Forget about plant sourced iron (e.g Spinach) we absorb almost nothing. Try and prepare some meat and fish stocks from meat bones and seafood that you can add into the diet, they are highly nutritious.  Let your child eat eggs (organic free range..nothing else will do) daily they are nature’s nutritional powerhouse and for god’s sake shake one of history’s failed medical theories of cholesterol if you have this hang-up..I did once and I stood in the corner for a week ashamed that I had been sucked into this HOAX…lol. Remember to do the sensitivities test for eggs as well using a drop of raw egg yolk on the skin of your sleeping child and inspect the reaction in the morning.

Introduce non-starch fresh organic vegetables such as Broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, cabbage, carrots, garlic, onions, mushroom, peppers etc and all fruit including all berries (during the winter I buy frozen organic blueberries, strawberries, raspberries from Costco and they are perfectly fine).  As I said before, lay off the fruit if your child has diarrhea and reintroduce the fruit once the stool is normal.  They can eat all type of nuts,, beware of the peanut and allergies. Only natural nuts should be eaten, not coated with sugar or roasted. Seeds are also very nutritious especially hemp, chia and flax seeds rich in omega fatty acids.  Maca powder is excellent for their complete amino acid content.  Don’t buy ready ground flax because they will be oxidized, so buy the seeds and buy a small coffee grinder to grind the seeds on an as needed basis (do not pre-grind flax because they will oxidize within an hour), and use no more than a tablespoon of chia seeds.  I would only uses a teaspoon of each and you can add to the fruit or in a juice.

Finally, use only filtered or mineral water and use only sea salt (Himalayan is good) because pure table salt is not good for the body because of its water retention properties (…see Dr Ignorant did get something right by recommending a low salt diet), well that’s not strictly true because doing this under extreme heat conditions during the summer can cause a heart attack. What he should have told you is that you should consume sea salt because that contains many minerals and so does not have fluid retention properties or at least very little.



For more information on the 3 part GAPS diet:

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You can consult with Dr Campbell’s website shown above and/or find her book ‘Gut and Psychology Syndrome’

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A special thank you to Dr Campbell Mcbride for allowing me to use her material on the GAPS diet


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  2. Gut and Psychology Syndrome Dr Natasha Campbell Mcbride Book 2010
  3. Children and Men 2006 Movie fanatics

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