In this article we will review 2 vaccines Pneumococcal and Varicella (chickenpox)

Vaccine Ingredients


Pneumococcal  (PCV13 – Prevnar 13)

(UK: 2,4 mths and 1 year 3 doses)

(US 2,4 and 6 mths and 12-15 mths 4 doses)

Soy peptone Broth

casamino acids and yeast extract medium

CRM197 Carrier protein

Polysorbate 80

Succinate buffer

Aluminium phosphate


Varicella (chickenpox)

(UK 1 Year 2 Doses given 4-8 weeks apart)

(US 1 Dose 12 & 15mths, 2nd Dose 4-6 yrs)

Same as above + Guinea pig cell culture, MRC5 Human diploid cell cultures, Sodium chloride, MSG, Sodium Phosphate dibasic,Potassium Phosphate monobasic, potassium chloride, EDTA (Ethylenediamineteacetic acid)MRC5 lung tissue derived in 1966 from a 14 week aborted white male fetus.

Chelating agent

Pneumococcal disease

This is what the CDC say about this disease:

Each year in the United States, pneumococcal disease causes thousands of infections, such as meningitis, bloodstream infections, pneumonia, and ear infections. Pneumococcal vaccines are very good at preventing severe disease, needing treatment in the hospital, and death. However, vaccination is not guaranteed to prevent infection and symptoms in all people.

Before the vaccine, there were about 700 cases of meningitis, 13,000 blood infections, and 200 deaths from pneumococcal disease each year among children younger than 5 years old. After the vaccine was introduced, these numbers dropped quickly.

What exactly is the vaccine protecting against ?..Bacteria Streptococcus Pneumoniae. A nasty pathogen that causes Pneumonia of course and many other infections such as bronchitis,rhinitis (stuffy nose),otitis media (inflammation of the middle ear), conjunctivitis (inflammation of the outermost part of the eye),meningitis (inflammation of the protective lining around the brain and spinal cord), sepsis (serious infection of tissues and organs), osteomyelitis (infection of the bone), septic arthritis (infection of the joints), endocarditis (infection of the endocardium which is the lining of the heart chambers and valves), peritonitis, pericarditis (inflammation of the peritoneum which is the membrane that lines the inner abdominal wall) , cellulitis (Bacterial skin infection), and brain abscess (inflammation emanating from an ear infection or dental abscess or sinuses). This bacteria has 90 strains in its arsenal, and in 2000 the Vaccine PCV7 targeted 7 of the 90 strains, and then in 2010 a 13 strain vaccine version was introduced, the PCV13. The problem as you can gather already is that the vaccine while protecting some individuals, increases the number of cases caused by other strains. This bacteria possesses an intelligence by replacing targeted strains by the vaccine with others that the vaccine has no protection for.  Streptococcus Pneumoniae is part of the normal pharyngeal (throat) flora in healthy children and adults.  Colonization of this particular bacteria is acquired around 6 months of age, and declines to 25% in teenagers and 2-9% for adults unless they have a high exposure to children.

Streptococcus Pneumoniae colony’s decline with age

The reason for the decline is the adaptive immune system that has built up enough antigens to combat most strains, but I believe there is another reason as well, due to balance of the gut flora…In previous articles I emphasized that once the microbiome is unbalanced this affects the whole bacterial, virus, fungus etc flora throughout the body including the mouth and throat. Therefore I submit that if you maintain a healthy flora throughout your life commensal bacteria that cause tooth decay in the mouth are kept in check so in theory your teeth will always be healthy..cavity free (that’s the theory but in reality you can suffer bone loss due to say osteoporosis causing your teeth to shift position).  Streptococcus Pneumoniae hangs around the mouth,throat and nose waiting to strike, which it is preventing in doing so by the beneficial flora which is always in command within a healthy gut flora.  Yes..this means that if Weston A Price instead of being run ‘out of dodge’ by the schutzstaffel of the day and was appointed Surgeon general of the US, dental cavities would have been greatly reduced and most people today would have excellent teeth without this stupid notion that adding fluoride into the water was going to protect people’s teeth..the same ignorant idea of adding statins to drinking water to lower heart attacks.   Furthermore the US would have the healthiest population on the planet instead of what you have now which is no more than a mass population of chronically sick and getting sicker by the day, because the powers that be refuse to see sense and realize that as a global community good health is diet and lifestyle not drug prescriptions.

An interesting study Pediatric invasive Pneumococcal disease in the US in the era of  Pneumococcal conjugate vaccines 2013  Tina Tan  NCBI informs us that 7 Streptococcus Pneumoniae serotypes (bacterial strains ) account for most of the clinically significant drug-resistant strains (6A,6B,9V,14,19A,19F and 23F). 5 of these serotypes are included in the PCV7 vaccine (6B,9V,14,19F and 23F), and all 7 are included in the PVC13 vaccine.  So serotype 19A was unaffected by the PCV7 vaccine allowing the spread worldwide of this strain. 90% of invasive Pneumococcal disease (IPD) in children are caused by 13 serotypes (1,3,4,5,6A,6B,7F,9V,14,18C,19A,19F and 23F) which triggered the manufacture of the PVC13 vaccine. These 13 serotypes are also resistant to anti-biotics. Streptococcus Pneumoniae is an encapsulated bacteria with a polysaccharide capsule that acts as a shield against the immune system and evades attack from macrophages. Scientists have been studying this bacteria and its protective mechanism for a century going back to the time of Pasteur and Sternberg in 1881 and is thought to have been responsible for the high mortality rate during the 1918 influenza pandemic where in one year 500 million people were infected  and 30-50 million died. Even in 2006 WHO estimates 1.5 million people are killed annually by this pathogenic bacteria. In 1939 Danish Prince Valdemar contracted  Pneumococcal disease caused by serogroup 9 but did not respond to treatment from antiserum 9L or 9N and then it was later discovered that he had serotype 9V. It was at this point that was important to isolate the various serotypes within their groupings.

The next 100 scientists studied the chemical structure of the capsule. The painstaking problem is that the capsule differs in chemical structure depending on the serogroup, for example serotypes 6A and 6B are isopolymers that differ in one linkage to 19A and 19F. The capsule is -vely charged which prevents clearance from the body’s protective mucus, and having the ability to repel phagocytes through electrostatic repulsion, while serotypes 7A,7F,14,33F,33A and 37 are not charged.  Although it was discovered that only 20-30 serotypes of the 97 discovered serotypes can evade the immune system, but of the 20-30 they display more than a 100 fold variability of invasiveness of one given serotype.  I can see this is a daunting task,,and now I see why the alien invaders failed in their mission to take over the planet in war of the world’ However our wonderful immune system has the smarts to create anti-capsular anti-bodies to thwart a  Pneumococcal army invasion.

Pneumococcal conjugate vaccines PCV7 and PCV13 studies

The Pediatric infectious disease journal of March 2012 published a Study :Pneumococcal carriage and antibiotic resistance in young children before the 13 valent conjugate vaccine conducted by Wroe PC, Lee GM et al involving 8 Massachusetts communities and 1011 children aged <7. The results reported that 7 years after PCV7 was introduced all targeted strains by the vaccine were rapidly and almost completely replaced by non targeted strains. Although the introduction of the PCV7 vaccine had an effect on reducing the numbers infected by the pathogen, the overall  Pneumococcal carriage rate rapidly returned to pre-PCV7 levels. Furthermore the non vaccine strains that replaced the targeted strains became anti-biotic resistant.  A similar study is now on-going in the Thames Valley region of the UK again looking at the effect of the PCV13 for the last 7 years since its introduction in 2010 involving 1600 enrolled children aged between 13-48 months who have received 3 doses of the 13 valent vaccine.  The word carriage is used because a conjugate ( to join) vaccine comprises the fusion of a polysaccharide antigen (weak antigen) that rides on the back of a stronger protein Carrier antigen.

The Varicella (chickenpox) vaccine

The Varicella virus also known as chickenpox and the adult version shingles.  Chickenpox is a benign condition in childhood.  I believe that every mother knows this. When a child is exposed to this virus the immune system is well equipped to handle it, and when it finally eradicates the infection the virus lays dormant in the body.  What can happen if the immune system becomes compromised when the child becomes older into adulthood there is a likelihood that the virus can be reactivated from its home in the dorsal root ganglia ( part of the spinal column) into Herpes Zoster or shingles that can develop into a painful cluster of blisters and postherpetic neuralgia ( a burning pain that can last a while after the shingles rash and blisters disappear ). The more exposure to chickenpox the less the chance of contracting shingles.  I was not vaccinated against chickenpox and I developed shingles as an adult..not a big deal, and it never returned.  When national chickenpox regimes went into action they reduced the number of chickenpox infection but increased the more serious shingles, which is why the shingles vaccine was produced.  Booster shots of the chickenpox vaccine are given because the vaccine is not that effective in terms of cost and in comparison with natural infection in childhood without vaccination.  Vaccinated children are still getting shingles and as it appears serious adverse reactions occur with both vaccines.

A study by by Goldman GS King called Review of the US universal varicella vaccination program: Herpes Zoster incidence rates,cost effectiveness and vaccine efficacy based primarily on the Antelope valley Varicella active surveillance project data and published in Vaccine Mar 2013 has an interesting story attached.  You may need to get a cup of coffee or tea and devote a few minutes of your time to read the following:

It was January 1995, the CDC funded a LA Department of health services Antelope Valley Active Surveillance Project (AV-VASP) prior to the FDA’s licensure of the Varicella vaccine on March 17. Between 1995 to 2000 the number of Varicella case reports diminished from 2834 to 836 respectively. By 2000 50% of children>10 were vaccinated.. Since the inclusion of Herpes Zoster (HZ) in 2000 and by 2002 HZ case reports were increasing,  although the 302 adult HZ cases reported in 2003 represented an 18% decrease to the 368 cases in 2002  and by 2006 20% of the vaccinees were contracting varicella. In 2007 a shingles vaccine was approved for adults aged 60 +. The study involved 300,000 residents made up from 35 communities and the project director Goldman noted that number of HZ cases were maintained or increased in every adult category except for people who were 70 or older, also reporting that there 158 in 2000, and 203 in 2001 for age categories 20-69, while HZ incidence rate was low among vaccinated children under 10. So the actual HZ incidence rate equated to 307/100,000 in 2000-2001 and 446/100,000 during 2000-2003.

The CDC made the following statement concerning the years 1995-2000:

“Varicella disease has declined dramatically in surveillance areas with moderate vaccine coverage. Continued implementation of existing vaccine policies should lead to further reductions of varicella disease in these communities and throughout the United States.”

During the years 2000-2006 the high incidence rate of HZ was brushed off by the CDC saying the data was inconclusive so they concluded there was no rise in HZ incidence rates. Two additional studies in 2011 also reported no evidence of the universal vaccine program contributing to increases in HZ. So Goldman found conclusive evidence that did just that, and of course the CDC dismissed the findings because it criticized the efficacy of the vaccine and Goldman resigned.  Now he could objectively publish the VASP findings that implicate the vaccine which he then submitted for a formal review to the journal Vaccine and as a courtesy gesture he informed AV-VASP and the CDC his intent to publish the data.  Very quickly a Dr Laurene Mascola of the Los Angles County court on April 10 2003 insisted that Goldman cease and desist publication.  Goldman’s attorney replied:

“(a) if your client persists in its efforts to restrain his findings, (b) if his findings enhance the public health, safety, and welfare, (c) if by seeking to restrain him from imparting valuable information concerning the lack of safety and effectiveness of the pharmaceutical being reported upon, and (d) if the County of Los Angeles has in any way been enriched by its participation in any study the results of which it seeks to restrain in this manner or any other manner whatsoever,” then there would be follow-up litigation under both the State and Federal False Claims Acts.

The county dropped their opposition, and the manuscripts were published in Vaccine on Oct 2003.  The CDC published a paper criticising the content of the manuscripts, but despite this, Goldman’s rebuttal proved the CDC’s  criticism to be invalid.  Goldman went on to provide more analysis which he published in 2005/2006 in the International Journal of Toxicology, and then in 2009 the CDC and VASP  ironically published the same reported HZ incidences rates discovered by Goldman (if you wish to read the study details you can find it is the reference section of this article).  There are other studies/articles concerning the importance of contracting chickenpox in childhood including the discovery that it has a protective effect against angina pectoris (chest pain  from coronary heart disease) and Heart attacks (“Dual role of infections as risk factors for coronary heart disease” Pesonen & Andsberg et al Jun 2007 Atherosclerosis), and (Exposure to varicella boosts immunity to herpes zoster:implications for mass vaccination against chickenpox Brisson M Gay NJ et al Vaccine 2002). There are also problems with the Shingles vaccine as reported in another study “Efficacy of an adjuvanted herpes zoster vaccine in older adults Lal Cunningham AL, et al NEJM 2015 specifically concerning the unknown effects of the AS01B Adjuvant.


There are plenty of studies that praise and support the efficacy of these vaccines and there is no doubt that they do reduce incidence rates of various bacterial infections and viruses.  It is irrefutable, but this is not the issue,after all a vaccine like a drug is a pharmaceutical substance both for a slightly different purpose, but the issue is they both have side effects and nobody knows until they administer the chemicals who is going to benefit and who is going to suffer..It bit like ‘Thunderdome’..”Spin the wheel, and make a deal”.  As Kate Birsch co -author of a book on Homeoprophylaxis ‘The Solution’ states in her book, currently the world is in the midst of a gigantic experiment injecting millions of children of every race,culture and ethnicity with infectious disease agents, in combination with solutions of preservatives, contaminants, adjuvants. Recombinant DNA, genetic animal and human tissue cultures in the hope of preventing infectious epidemics. As she states the estimated value of the global vaccine industry in 2009 was $24 billion which is expected to increase to $52 billion in 2016. The experiment is based on the fear of disease as opposed to understanding the purpose of disease. The administrators of the vaccines perform their work risk free and litigation free while the recipients who believe the vaccine is risk free with total benefit in protecting them from infection…I suppose its synonymous to the concentration camp inmates who thought they were all just going for a shower.  The big question is do we want to continue with this experiment…of course we do look at the money we are making..are you nuts??..what’s a few deaths and paralysis here and there..

Ephraim Goodweather: You don’t like terrorists? Try negotiating with a virus. A virus exists only to find a carrier and reproduce. That’s all it does and it does it quickly. It has no political views, it has no religious beliefs, it has no cultural hang-ups and it has no respect for a badge. It has no concept of time or geography. It might as well be the Middle Ages, except for the convenience of hitching a ride on a metal tube flying from meal to meal to meal. That’s how a plague begins. So… you still want to be the first one through the door?   

Quote from ‘The Strain’ TV series



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Author: Eric Malouin


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