“The greatest exaction of science is truth”.

Dr Beard 1911


Some months back I wrote 4 articles on cancer, so I want to revitalise this crucial topic because in 2012,( 5 years ago ), worldwide there has been 14 million new cases of Cancer and 8.2 million have died from it. In 2016 in the US alone there have been 1,685,210 new cases and 595,690 people died from cancer. In 10 years of the Vietnam conflict there were 58,220 US military fatalities , 2 million civilians died on both sides, and 1.1 million north Vietnamese and Viet Cong fighters lost their lives (Total = 3,158,210 ).   These cancer statistics are exceeding in one year alone the death toll of US soldiers that were killed in 10 years during the vietnam conflict, and in 2 years almost the same as the number of Vietnamese that lost their lives in 10 years between 1962-1972.  Since Nixon’s declaration of war on cancer (The National Cancer Act) in 1971, has there been any progress ??…has the enemy surrendered ??..this is what CNN reported in December 2011 :

Forty years later, the war is still being waged, and much of the optimism has faded. This year, more than 500,000 Americans will die of cancer.

In 1970, 330,972 people died of cancer in the US, so enough was enough for President Nixon saying :

….”because when we consider what cancer does each year in the United States, we find that more people each year die of cancer in the United States than all the Americans who lost their lives in World War II….Congress is totally committed to provide the funds that are necessary, whatever is necessary, for the conquest of cancer “

The same CNN article goes on to say :

‘Today, we know that cancer is far more complicated than imagined in 1971….Unfortunately, few cancers can be cured after spreading from their initial site of origin. In clinical studies, many of the newer treatments for widespread or metastatic cancer extend median survival by just a few months. It is progress but clearly not satisfactory progress’.

In 1990 ( 20 years later) the death toll rose to 505,322 in the US.  So I think in 20 years is enough time for cancer research to make their best efforts to begin winning the war…but it hasn’t, in 20 years the annual death toll went from 330,972 (in 1970) to 505,322 (in 1990).  One encouraging statistic is cancer cases have tapered off since in 2016 when it was only 595,690/annum.  With these levels of cancer deaths if the same numbers occurred during the Vietnam war, every street corner in the US would have a Vietnamese fast food restaurant not Mcdonald’s, or Burger King.  Well I think we can all agree that it’s been a total failure, not only that a lot cancer victims have very limited life extensions measured in months. After they have been radiated and poisoned, and some with body parts missing, not because of enemy ordinance but because the cancer was so far gone they took the infected organ out.  Cancer is a systemic condition, CANCER IS NOT A DISEASE, it is the body adapting to missing raw materials and/or toxicity causing a systemic physiological imbalance…repeat after me.. CANCER IS NOT A DISEASE, IT IS A NATURAL PHENOMENA AND GERMINAL IN ORIGIN AND OUTSIDE OF PREGNANCY IT IS CAUSED BY A  MAJOR PHYSIOLOGICAL IMBALANCE IN THE BODY

There are very little dysfunctions in the body that can’t be put right by nature


All chronic conditions of the body is man made, even mutant genes that rarely exist are man made, all birth defects are man made.  Cancer erupting in the body is man made. In the ignorant world of allopathic medicine nature is pretty much ignored..this arrogance is man made..this stubbornness not to use the power of nature is to the detriment of modern methods to heal the sick and dying.  The brilliant discovery of Dr John Beard who found the origin of Cancer and how it can be successfully treated was buried in 1923 upon Beard’s death in obscurity. As a result cancer hospital wards throughout the world are full of frightened dying people that do not need to be suffering and every life can be saved. Beard wrote in 1911 :

…”unheeding human medical and surgical perversity, intolerance, and ignorance, will continue to destroy cancer, or trophoblast, or asexual generation, as in the past has happened for untold millions of years, for long ages before man was evolved.      For this is one of Nature’s fundamental postulates, one of her inexorable laws for the continued existence of a race of human beings to people the earth, and without its strict and unbending observance there would be no living human beings upon the earth, no surgeons, no “cancer experts,” loudly parading and proclaiming publicly their ignorance of the origin and nature of cancer, and –no problems of cancer.”

Hidden truth

If you, like the modern medical establishment do not believe this to be true…that’s your perogative.  Why would you..the truth has been hidden from sight and from you since 1924. Ten years later it was evident that conventional medicine didn’t want the truth, as was painfully obvious when in 1934 a St Louis physician had previously found Beard’s research and tried it and it worked, so during a Medical society meeting he presented his success story that he in fact had cured a number of cancer patients, and his colleagues vilified and attacked him. A Dr Seelig who attended that meeting said  “…I recoil at the idea of witlessly spreading the hope of a cancer cure which is implicit in the remarks of Dr Morse this evening”. Then the eminent Sir James Paget (1814-1899) British surgeon and pathologist had this to say :

“ the diagnosis of cancer is not one which can be regarded as conforming to a scientific ` criterion.  When one thinks of the extraordinary frequency of recurrence after surgical operation, one can only conclude that, in the absence of the crucial stereo-chemical tests, either of adequate injections of sufficiently potent preparations of trypsin and amylopsin, or of examination of the tumour albumins by means of the polarimeter, at present there is no valid evidence extant that operation has ever cured a single case of malignant disease, though it may quite well have induced it, as the X rays have often done.”

A year before Dr Nicholas Gonzalez’s ( The celebrated cancer doctor) death he made a lecture visit to Germany and gave a talk on his cancer treatment protocol and he noticed that many physicians and oncologists in the audience where becoming anxious and angry, and as he discovered afterwards the reason was twofold.  Some were in disbelief as to be expected, but some expected to be able to put his protocol into practice after a 2 hour lecture which is total nonsense. Conventional medicine are completely frustrated that their treatment options for cancer are not working, has never worked, and will never work, except to provide fractional life extensions for some patients.  This is a SCARY situation if they diagnose you with cancer in the conventional world of modern medicine. What this means is that your life expectancy is now been drastically reduced, if you allow their poisonous therapies to be applied, leading to immune system suppression and further imbalancing of your body. As I have said before..IF YOU ARE DIAGNOSED WITH CANCER..don’t make it your life’s obsession thinking about it, and don’t attend any cancer groups, because there is HOPE, and there are means to heal. Remember the BODY HAS EXPRESSED CANCER FOR A you need to help the body suppress it.  Cancer like any chronic ‘dis-ease’ is a consequence of physiological imbalance and there are various reasons, invariably related to poor lifestyle choices, nutrient deficiency and/or toxicity. In one of my articles I mentioned total cellular replacement that occurs over a 7 year period and given the right circumstances a chronic deficiency of Selenium could cause the body to express cancer. Modern medicine completely disrespect the body, disregard its intelligent design and above all dismiss the fact that the body needs all 90 essential nutrients to function appropriately. So their ‘Dan Dare’ approach of poison, cut and burn to treat symptoms is a gross error of judgement and invariably will lead to premature death.   

Natural Cancer I

To understand cancer, you need to appreciate the beginning of life itself.  I know this is a very philosophical statement, but nevertheless it is a fact. During the early stages of human pregnancy the placenta begins to develop which will act as a biological interface between the host mother and her offspring, providing essential nutrients for the baby to develop and to eliminate waste products. This early placenta known as the trophoblast and made from undifferentiated cells, quickly needs to anchor itself into the Uterus of the mother. This is achieved by exhibiting a high proliferation of cells to cut a migratory path in order to invade and implant itself into  the uterus. As Drs Michael J Murray and Bruce A Lessey, both from the department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of North Carolina, published in 1999 a paper entitled ‘Embryo Implantation and Tumor metastasis: Common Pathways of invasion and Angiogenesis’. In their paper they present the biology of the trophoblast comparing it to the metastatic potential of cancer.  Furthermore, Dr. C. Ferretti in the October 2006 issue of Human Reproduction Update, states that both cancer and trophoblast cells share the same molecular circuitry for their proliferative, invasive and migratory capacities. So these modern day scientists as well as Dr Beard in 1900 confirmed the identical nature of Cancer cells and the trophoblast, and indeed, Cancer is trophoblast and trophoblast is cancer.  If modern conventional oncology were paying attention they would realise that every pregnant woman expresses cancer cells ( trophoblast cells ) to achieve placenta implantation.

Modern scientists never asked the ultimate question

Alas  modern scientists never went further to ask the question “HOW DOES THE BODY SUPPRESS AND ELIMINATE THE CANCER ONCE THE PLACENTA IS FIRMLY ANCHORED INTO THE UTERUS?’”.  The brilliant Dr Beard did ask himself this question and he answered it. As he stated in his 1911 publication ‘the enzyme treatment for cancer’ :

The view generally accepted by mankind, even by all medical men, has long been that cancer is “an incurable disease.”  How often have I not heard this expression, even from very prominent surgeons! Not only was cancer incurable, but it was a disease of the nature and origin of which the whole of the medical profession, by its own confession, often proclaimed by leading surgeons in public orations, knew nothing at all about.  Under such circumstances it could hardly be strange that it should not be in conformity with the generally accepted, when a scientific man, who knew very well what he was speaking about, and who, like Pasteur, had earned the right to an opinion by his investigations of many long year, announced that cancer was not a disease, but a natural phenomenon, that it was germinal in origin and asexual (trophoblastic) in nature

Even today, modern medicine are still proclaiming ‘Cancer in an incurable disease’. During his 10 year research into natures mammalian birth process, Dr Beard found that day 56 of embryonic development, the malignant nature of the trophoblast ( placenta ) is transformed into a benign structure of cells.  In addition the prolific cell growth slows and stops, due to particular transcription factors which are activator proteins that bind DNA fragments ( Enhancers) bending them nearer to the Gene promoter ( proteins responsible for transcription initiation) ensuring that the correct genes are expressed in the right cells of the body at the right time.

Essential transcription factors

These particular transcription factors include Hxt that initiate trophoblast formation, OCT-4 involved in the self renewal of undifferentiated cells, Mash-2 a regulator of rapid cell division promoting the invasive and migratory path of trophoblast signalling DNA to begin replicating, and Hand-1 that is responsible for slowing trophoblast replication.  Hxt and Mash-2 are activated to produce the highly invasive undifferentiated prolific (cancer cell-like) growth constituting the ‘gas pedal’ to ready the trophoblast for uterine invasion, while OCT-4 and Hand-1 slow and stop the process acting as the ‘brake pedal’ once the trophoblast has successfully entered and anchored inside the uterus.

Undifferentiated cell elimination

In conclusion, this biological ‘docking procedure’ when complete, the body still has to deal with the malignant cellular mass surrounding the trophoblast.  What the body does now should have changed the course of medical history. becoming the solution for cancer elimination that has eluded medicine for an eternity, and to the detriment of the millions of lives lost, and are still being lost today needlessly.  The pancreas at this stage of embryonic development contains enzyme granules Trypsin and Amylase ( referred to as Amylopsin in Dr Beard’s day) which are used to dissolve the cancer-like trophoblast cells, thus disposing of the unwanted malignant cell mass. Dr Beard knew now the bodies natural cure for cancer, calling it nature’s remedy,  so if he could synthesise these enzymatic products he would have the answer to cancer elimination. Again in 1911 Dr Beard wrote:

This, Nature’s remedy, may be taken or left; but the truth may be denied no longer.  It is beyond my power to prevent mankind, in happy ignorance of what the cycle of life really is, from awaiting some other solution of the problems.  In doing this futile thing mankind may watch, and hope, and pray, until the crack of doom; but all in vain. Even if the scientific solution were to dawn upon official research, it could—in this universe, at all events, and as it is constituted—be none other than that offered by Nature!  No denial can any longer have the smallest value against the supreme truth, that when properly—that is scientifically-applied, the pancreatic ferments, trypsin and amylopsin, being the most powerful things in the whole range of organic nature, are efficacious agents against cancer.


In the paragraphs above we have described how the body uses cancer cells to allow trophoblast invasion of the uterus anchoring the early placenta into position in preparation for embryonic development.  So in this instance, cancer and its elimination is associated with mammalian reproduction, but we all know that cancer is expressed in the body in both male and female alike, where Cancer is ignited from stem cells that originate from the original yolk sac during embryonic development, that are located in tissues all over the body, which are used for natural lifetime cellular replacement purposes.  As the embryologist Dr Beard points out :

Sexual and Asexual, Sexual Generation and Asexual Generation.—In animals and in plants two modes of reproduction are recognized, the sexual one, by means of germ-cells, eggs, and sperms, and the asexual by budding, which is really a process of continuous indefinite cell-division, with no eggs or sperms.  In an animal or plant a sexual generation is one which bears reproductive organs, in which eggs or sperms, or both, arise. On the other hand, an asexual generation of an animal or plant is one which never bears reproductive organs, eggs or sperms, or both, but which reproduces in the way indicated above, really by cell-division.  In plants the asexual generation is the flowering plant, which is capable of indefinite unrestricted increase, as, for example, a Gloire de Dijon rose or the fine white chrysanthemum, Niveus

In essence because cancer is a natural phenomena, and its trophoblastic association is true when it is created as a result of a male/female sexual union, and as a result asexually from stem cell  division. We are also aware that naturally, cancer cells are created everyday…why??.

Natural Cancer II

According to some science ( I have no way of measuring this myself) 50 million new cells every second are created daily within the average human can do the calculation i.e 50 million * 24 hours * 3600 ( 1 hour = 60 secs *60 minutes) = 4.32 e+12 ( 4.32 raised to the power of 12 which means 4.32 and 12 zeros or 4 trillion.  That’s approx less than a quarter of the US federal debt = $20.4 Trillion. Anyway, it’s a huge amount of cells being produced daily, and as you can imagine at this fantastic production rate the body can make errors ( I am amazed that the body can work that fast, let alone make very little errors). Around 1 million cells worth of errors/day ( around .002 %) occur which is a small error margin considering, and if not eliminated could erupt as cancer cells, and to ensure biological integrity the body has to use its phagocytic defense force recruited from the immune system to eliminate these errors. However, to maintain health and efficiency the body needs the host to fuel its nutrient supply, and move the body daily in order to appropriately detox the body, so there are no obstacles in the way while the body goes to work internally.  

Why does cancer occur in the first place ( outside of normal early placenta implantation)?

Since we can only exist in optimum health in balance with nature, as soon as we allow our environment ( that is perceived and experienced in terms of nourishment etc) to cause imbalance we run the risk of creating physiological dysfunction.  This is well borne out when we discussed our delicate internal eco-system the Microbiome.


I have spoken about Louis Pasteur (1822-1895), the French chemist in a negative light in previous articles.  Unfortunately the world, and indeed how medicine today has developed listening and believing his germ theory, whereas they should have been listening to Antoine Bechamp who understood the balance theory of bacteria as in the gut of every human that walks this earth,.  Which is why there is this deleterious process of Pasteurization which has no business in today’s food processes because it destroys the much needed nutrients and enzymes required for human health not to speak of the bacteria that our bodies can need. What he did provide the world was this idea of Chirality ( non superimposability) in which many natural molecules consist of 2 enantiomers ( also known as optical isomers).   It was Etienne Louis Malus (1775-1812)  in 1809 who actually discovered this initially when working with calcium carbonate..if ever you climb the Eiffel Tower you will find his name inscribed with 72 other brilliant french scientists.  Although these isomers are identical chemically and physically, when a polarized light source is passed through the molecule the angle of the plane of light is rotated ( Pasteur at the time was attempting to resolve a problem with Tartaric acid, a chemical found in the sediments of fermenting wine and he used a polarimeter, a device used at the time as a polarized light source to examine both Tartaric acid and another wine compound Para Tartaric acid and found that one rotated plane polarized light and one did not). Each enantiomers ( Stereoisomers ) were mirror images of each other but cannot be superimposed upon each other.  The following diagrams illustrate this phenomena.

Protein designates

So there is a right and left hand molecular structure, so on one of the enantiomeric pair rotates the plane of polarized light in a clockwise direction and is designated Dextrorotatory, while the other rotates in a counterclockwise direction designated Levorotatory. So what..what’s the significance ???. Well in biochemistry, and indeed within the human body, enzymes are built to attach to specific molecular geometries and if they don’t match, they don’t work.  In nature and in our natural foods, carbohydrates such as glucose or fructose are in the form of D-Glucose and D-Fructose ( D for  Dextrorotatory), while amino acids the building blocks of protein are in the form of L-Alanine or L-Tyrosine for example ( L for  Levorotatory), and fats like triglycerides, but not free fatty acids, exhibit chirality.  What this means is that our digestive blueprints are designed to digest D configured Carbohydrates, and L configured amino acids, although D amino acids do exist, they are generally indigestible.  Furthermore, exposure to food proteins to certain processing conditions ( like in processed food ) and heavily cooked food induces 2 main chemical changes: Racemization ( the mixture of both enantiomeric pairs which does not exist in nature) and the formation of cross-linked amino acids such as Lysinoalanine and ornithine alanine, which basically convert  L-Amino acids to D-analogues, producing indigestible proteins and foodstuff, that is of poor nutritional quality.  NOW YOU KNOW WHY YOU NEED TO AVOID PROCESSED AND OVERCOOKED FOOD.

Even Dr Beard stated in 1911:

…just as we ourselves should probably starve if provided with food of organic compounds the opposites in light-rotation of those to which we are accustomed, so our opposites, the lævo-men, if they were to come among us now, when we have not yet succeeded in manufacturing the more important foodstuffs artificially, would find our food, even our bodies, not suitable for their nourishment.  That is, these foodstuffs would require to be changed, or “inverted.” If we our-selves had to digest compensated mixtures, we should need a double digestive apparatus

So Beard almost prophesied that one day the human race would be feasting on food that was never designed for the body.


Cancer statistics even today are horrific, and the bloodshed and loss of life continues like the 100 years war, with no end in sight, and no hope of a cure..and there will never be one, as long as modern medicine continue on this road of cut,burn and poison cancer out of humans. Even the great embryologist Dr Beard in 1911 spoke of this at length in his 1911 publication. Cancer is within us all daily and it is only the intelligence of the body that prevents it from massing on our biological borders, but at a certain point, after the body courageously attempts to maintain biological integrity, scavenging what nutrients it can from a nutrient deficiency/toxic body, it will finally run out of materials and the body has no choice but to express cancer as a last ditch effort to maintain host survival until the correct intervention is applied.  I have introduced the natural existence of Levorotatory/Dextrorotatory in terms of substances so you can appreciate that the molecular building blocks that maintain our very existence require a particular form in order for enzymes to function and maintain life.

During Beard’s career as an embryologist, and like all brilliant scientists that have made historical discoveries was often criticised and vilified because it seems that the arrogance and stubbornness to embrace a new science of truth is a human flaw and this is reflected in his 1911 publication, but he found comfort from the writings of John Greenleaf Whittier (1807-1892) an American Quaker poet and advocate of the abolition of slavery in the US.  I have included a quotational poem which sums up the torments that face all great men :

When things go wrong, as they sometimes will,
When the road you’re trudging seems all uphill,
When the funds are low and the debts are high,
And you want to smile, but you have to sigh,
When care is pressing you down a bit,
Rest, if you must, but don’t you quit.

Life is queer with its twists and turns,
As every one of us sometimes learns,
And many a failure turns about,
When he might have won had he stuck it out;
Don’t give up though the pace seems slow-
You may succeed with another blow.

Often the goal is nearer than,
It seems to a faint and faltering man,
Often the struggler has given up,
When he might have captured the victor’s cup,
And he learned too late when the night slipped down,
How close he was to the golden crown.

Success is failure turned inside out-
The silver tint of the clouds of doubt,
And you never can tell how close you are,
It may be near when it seems so far,
So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit-
It’s when things seem worst that you must not quit” 

John Greenleaf Whittier

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