“The statement made that cancer is a natural phenomenon, not a disease is unassailable.  It rests upon scientific evidences, which are impregnable against all attacks; but it may be questioned whether civilized mankind as a whole has any real conceptions of the nature of natural phenomena in general.  Some are beneficent. The sun rises, and its heat and light render this earth habitable to man. Owing to natural phenomena, the seasons return in orderly fashion, bringing, among other things, spring, with its fresh, new green; summer, with its wealth of flower; and autumn, with its harvest of fruit and grain.  Other natural phenomenon are maleficent—malignant. Cancer, with all its malignancy—a thing which laughs to scorn the impotence of the surgeon’s knife, which yearly claims its thousands upon thousands of human victims –is at its scientific basis only a maleficent natural phenomenon, such as these.”

John Beard Dsc 1911


As we stated in Part I, the discovery of natural cancer as part of the embryonic development in humans and well as in all invertebrate species  should have changed the course of history but it did not for various reasons, one fundamental reason that existed in the early 1900s as today, is, a natural solution to cancer is considered not possible, because it is not patentable . The other question is, if cancer cells are identical to the cells used by the body to achieve uterine invasion during the human reproduction process, why does this not happen in asexual cancer (Stem cell origin). The answer is that the body does not expect an irresponsible trophoblast to grow anywhere else in the body except as part of the early placenta development. In Part 1,  I introduced the natural phenomena of Levorotatory/Dextrorotatory in terms of organic substances but this natural asymmetry is also applicable to Cancer.

Enantiomers in relation to Cancer

Whatever it is, in terms of living compounds within the basis of life, exists the asymmetric carbon atom and isomeric substances, so naturally occurring organic compounds are evolved in the direction of dextrose-sugars, dextrose-glycogen, and lævo-albumins (proteins).  In terms of the fertilized egg and the formation of the trophoblast, its constituent compounds are made up of D-Albumins (proteins), L-starches and L-sugars whereas in the independent stem cell (cancer ) they are made up of L-Albumins, D-Sugars and D-Starches. The enzymes released by the pancreas namely trypsin and Amylopsin ( known today as amylase) are both  levorotatory thus it attacks the dextrorotatory sugars and starches and they must work together to reduce the cancer into compounds that are less or non-poisonous to the body. In isolation they fail to do their job. Furthermore, the normal tissues of the body are levorotatory so the pancreatic enzymes leave them untouched. As Beard explained in 1911:

‘Trypsin and amylopsin acting upon the living dextro-rotatory albumins of asexual generation or cancer: Trypsin at once attacks these, and pulls them down into quite other bodies than those which its forms from dead lævo-albumins.  These bodies, or some of them, are rank poisons to the human body, but, as they are further acted upon amylopsin, and by it pulled down into simple, harmless products, the two ferments, trypsin and amylopsin, acting here together, pull down the cancer-albumins, these products of the action of trypsin are chemically relatively highly organized and can be used as food by the cells of the body’.

Even in 1906 this trypsin/amylase combination was used in an injectable form to treat eclampsia,  a pregnancy disorder giving rise to seizures, hypertension and proteinuria (excess proteins in the urine possible caused by kidney dysfunction) that can occur during the pregnancy or during delivery.

Antithetic alternation of generations(Metagenesis)

In animals, only the diploid ( 2 sets of chromosomes) generation has a complex multicellular body, with the haploid ( 1 set of chromosomes) portion of the life cycle limited to eggs and sperm, in females and males, respectively *. Some biologists reason that if mammalian life including human were like the land plant life cycle, the human life cycle would possess an alternation of generations meaning that our eggs and sperm would be multicellular individuals with an independent life.  Having said that, the antithetic alternation of generations has always applied to land plant life and algae only, which have distinct sexual Haploid and asexual diploid stages. So in plant life a multicellular ‘gametophyte’ which is haploid produces a diploid sporophyte by fusing with another gametophyte that produces a zygote such as in human reproduction ( called Mitosis).  This sporophyte is capable of producing 4 distinctive spores which are 1 set chromosome haploid cells. To complete the cycle these haploid spores germinate and develop into haploid gametophytes again and the cycle repeats itself.  So it can be argued that cancer can potentially follow this alternation of generation cycle by first producing the natural zygote from the sexual union of the male and female, and the stem cells that are produced, can grow like sporophytes not to produce a gamete for a new life but to repair or replace tissue in the mammalian species or grow irresponsibly as cancer. As Beard wrote in 1911:

“ The general principle of an antithetic alternation of generations has now been applied to the special case of the natural phenomenon known as “cancer,” or “malignant disease.”

* Gametes are cells used during sexual reproduction to produce a new individual organism (Zygote).  Both male gamete (sperm) and female gamete (egg) are haploid cells, that is they only contain one set of chromosomes (n=23). The zygote contains both chromosomes (n=46) and is termed Diploid.

The physicians that applied Beard’s cancer protocols in 1900

Margaret Cleaves (1848-1917) who pioneered the use of electrotherapy and brachytherapy ( a very foolish radiation therapy using small radioisotopes that are injected into localised cancer sites such as in the prostate or breast or even the brain…an ineffective treatment that literally fries healthy tissue and mature cancer cells alike), successfully used Beard’s enzyme concoction as prepared for him by Fairchild pharmaceuticals that existed at the time in New York.  There were 2 cases, one in 1906, the first was a female patient who ended up with inoperable cancer of the tongue after 2 postoperative procedures where she concluded in the 1906 issue of Medical Record after using the enzyme therapy :

“The patient is now living in good physical condition and keeping appointments with her dentist to have teeth lost by ravages of the disease, replaced.

The other case involved a patient suffering from cancer of the rectum causing long lasting pain (2 years ) constipation, loss of appetite, fatigue and the inability to stand or walk only for a few moments.  After 3 surgical procedures nothing changed until Dr Cleaves administered the pancreatic enzymes after which she writes :

“After a thorough and vigorous treatment using pancreatic enzymes  the cancer mass has been absorbed and eliminated : the rectal tissues are soft and flexible: the cauliflower condition has undergone tumefaction, degeneration and elimination…the patient now walks, drives,does some professional work, eats most heartily and functions well.”

Another case that was reported in 1907 in the journal of the American Medical association involved a Dr Richard Goethe who treated a woman with advanced metastatic breast cancer who made a full recovery from the administration of the enzyme protocol.  Dr Goethe began the enzyme treatment in Jan 1907 and within weeks he noted a considerable sloughing of the cancerous tissue producing a wound a little larger than a hen’s egg. He also remarked that the woman initially had no faith in the enzyme treatment but she no choice after the X-Ray treatment failed leaving her with inoperable cancer.

Dr William Donald Kelley


So Dr Beard and his remarkable research were both buried, until in 1964 when a Dentist who lived in Grapevine Texas discovered he had developed stage IV Pancreatic cancer.   In my original Cancer article Part 4, I described in detail the story of this man and you are invited to read it. In summary Kelly had only months to live, but by sheer determination and overwhelming courage coupled with the brilliance of this man, and the tenacity of his mother he was able to cure himself by experimenting with various nutrients and by chance began to use proteolytic enzymes for his digestion. By chance again he found a copy of Dr beard’s 1911 publication that basically confirmed  the use of digestive enzymes was the answer to melt away the cancer. A while after, the physician that had originally diagnosed his terminal cancer was speechless when Kelly marched into his office healthy and his body rid of the malignant disease. As result the physician began sending his cancer patients to Kelly, who used his own experience with nutrients and enzymes to cure hundreds of patients. As you can appreciate Kelly only held a license to practice dentistry not a medical license so his trial and tribulations are a fascinating read which you can in my original cancer articles on this site.

Kelly applies the work of Francis Pottenger Senior

During this time, Kelly, already familiar with the classic work of Francis Pottenger Senior, on the autonomic nervous system, described in great detail and accuracy in his 1911 publication ‘Symptoms of Visceral disease’, the common patterns of malignant disease and the balance of the autonomic nervous system. This remarkable biological system, the very physical/chemical backbone of the human body takes centre stage for the great work that Dr Bergman undertakes everyday in his chiropractic practice, not to mention his wonderful nutritional work healing the body physically, physiologically, biologically and spiritually.  It was Pottenger that first put forward his observations that the autonomic nervous system is chemically affected by particular nutrients.

Summary of the autonomic nervous system

I have already documented this system in my articles on cancer and metabolic typing so the following precise will suffice. Modern physiology distinguishes between the central nervous system (CNS) which is comprised the brain and spinal cord, and the peripheral nervous system (PNS)  that make up all the nerve fibers of the body from all of the organs, glands, and tissue that are voluntary and involuntary controlled. The latter being the autonomic system (ANS) that provides automatic control of the body during our 24 hour daily activities. There is the ON system referred to as the sympathetic branch and the OFF system referred to as the parasympathetic system.  The wiring of these systems weave their way through the body with main trunks located parallel to the spinal cord and the invertebrate. During our wake state the sympathetic system turns ON ready for the days activities and physiologically its purpose is to provide energy thus increasing heart rate, blood pressure, to shunt blood to the brain for alertness and oxygen, energy and nutrients to muscles for physical activity.  All other activities that are the responsibility of the parasympathetic branch is turned off such as digestion, acid production of the stomach, enzyme secretion from the pancreas, metabolism and immune function. Both these systems can be turned on/off as needed from environmental cues. For example while at rest at the end of the day the parasympathetic system is active, but if a stressful situation occurs the sympathetic system can quickly activate. In essence the sympathetic system is known as the ‘Fight or Flight state and the parasympathetic the rest and digest state.  

It was Pottenger that observed during his work in the 1920’s that some patients exhibited a dominance in either branch, some were sympathetic dominant and others parasympathetic dominant meaning that their dominant branch was overactive leaving their other branch weak and ineffective. Since this system fed all of the organs of the body they would in turn be weak and ineffective causing dysfunction and disease to erupt in the body. In the sympathetic dominant patients the heart, muscles, left hemisphere of the brain and the endocrine glands were highly active ( possibly hyperactive) while their weak parasympathetic side controlling the right hemisphere of the brain, the digestive system, pancreas and liver would be weak and inefficient.   Pottenger observed that patients who were sympathetic dominant tended to be anxious, irritable, explosive ( if stressed), prone to stress, borderline insomniacs and generally suffered with digestive problems. The parasympathetic dominants tended to be calm, easy going, tolerant but prone to depression, low adrenal and thyroid function, unable to handle stress and prone to obesity due to their weak endocrine function. In the third group which is pretty much the majority, were the balanced individuals who were generally healthy. Pottenger experimented with minerals and the unbalanced individual and found that magnesium and potassium blocked sympathetic activity while calcium stimulated it. We have just discussed chemical imbalance within the ANS, but equally, physical trauma and any other physical imbalance experienced in the skeleton of the human can also cause problems within the autonomic nervous system restricting blood flow for example that require corrective measures by the experienced chiropractor.


In the early 1900s during Beard’s day, nutrition was rarely discussed in medical science ( not so different today) although I’m sure Beard and certainly Pottenger and others were aware of its important significance toward all life in plants and animals.  However, the incredible story of Dr kelly showed how one man put the puzzle pieces of proteolytic enzymes, nutrition and the backbone ( the ANS ) physiology of the human body to heal his stage IV pancreatic cancer. In the concluding part we will show how one modern practice today is doing the same thing using nutrition and enzyme treatment of cancer with great success since 1987.

“I’d like to share a revelation that I’ve had, during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species. I realized that you’re not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment, but you humans do not. You move to an area, and you multiply, and multiply, until every natural resource is consumed. The only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet, you are a plague, and we are the cure.”

Agent Smith The Matrix

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