In the previous article we concluded it with a story of Rosemary Kennedy, but I am sure you are unaware that this barbaric practice of Lobotomy, or Leucotomy was a official, and accepted neurological procedure that involved severing connections in the brain’s prefrontal lobe to treat Schizophrenia, Manic depression and bipolar disorder.


The original procedure involved cutting a hole in the skull and injecting ethanol into the brain to destroy the fiber connections from the frontal lobe to other parts of the brain.  Amarro Fiamberti (1894-1970) an Italian psychiatrist gained entry into the frontal lobe through the eye sockets. This was done using an ice pick and a hammer, and once in there the ice pick would be moved side to side to separate the frontal lobes from the Thalamus ( the sensory input receiver).  This barbarity is depicted in the 1962 film ‘ One flew over the cuckoo’s nest’ where Randle McMurphy a boisterous but sane man is given a lobotomy which leaves him mute and vacant minded. I suppose we to have to thank the introduction of psychotropic drugs that replaced lobotomy procedures. Barbaric torture to poisonous torture.  Did you know some 50,000 Lobotomies were performed in the US before this procedure was ‘outlawed’…and then they rounded up all of the recipients to star in the TV series ‘the walking dead’ as This was not the only practised barbaric surgery. They had another procedure if you were afflicted with Seizures.

“Don’t worry we have a solution for”

Epileptic Seizures

Before I describe this horror you may remember that due to a dysbiotic gut, in some cases, can cause a build up of toxins in the brain that are microbial metabolites released by commensal bacteria of the Microbiome. This build up of toxins is naturally ‘blown out of the brain’, like an electrical storm causing seizures to the host. Once the gut is repaired using dietary measures, the beneficial bacteria brings balance to the gut reducing the commensal bacteria overgrowth, eliminating the pathogenic metabolites and in turn eliminating the toxic build-up in the brain.  In the old days, this was not known and even today conventional medicine refuse to accept this, so before psychotropic drugs, surgery was used as a treatment. Dr Campbell Mcbride informs us that 30% of children with learning dysfunction suffer from some type of seizure, especially autistic children, where childhood seizures can occur in all shapes and sizes including jitteriness, benign myoclonus ( a rare condition resembling spasms that appear in infancy), benign paroxysmal torticollis ( the tilting of the head to one side, accompanied by vomiting), pallor ( unhealthy pale skin color) and ataxia ( dysfunctional voluntary coordination of muscle movement)), paroxysmal choreoathetosis ( involuntary movements of the limbs, trunk and facial muscles), pallid syncopal attacks ( breath holding), and vasovagal syncope (brief loss of consciousness).

Causes of Epilepsy

There are also other reasons for epileptic episodes including fever, kidney or liver failure, electrolyte imbalance, low blood sugar, lack of oxygen, low blood calcium levels, hormonal abnormalities, metabolic dysfunction, trauma, drug withdrawal, brain tumor, vascular malformations in the brain ( e.g plaque buildup in the inner wall of blood vessels in the brain), stroke, toxins ( as explained above), and nutrient deficiency. Allopathic conventional medicine continue to describe this condition as ‘Idiopathic’ which is a fancy term meaning ‘ unknown cause….what day is it ???’.

Corpus Callosum and the cerebral hemispheres

Let us first discuss the outer brain structure.  Simplistically the brain consists of 2 hemispheres of the cerebral cortex which are connected together by a structure called the Corpus Callosum. The right hemisphere is responsible for artistic activity, creativity, imagination, intuition, insight, music, and 3 dimensional perception. The left side controls analytical thought, logic, language, reasoning, scientific thought and reasoning, Mathematical activity, and the ability to write.  There exists a ‘wiring trunk’ that are neurons carrying the Input/output sensory signals within the Corpus Collosum in the form of a neural crossing design of nerve fibers referred to as “decussations” that forms the letter X.  This distinctive body blueprint exists in all vertebrae that have a dorsal spinal cord located on the back, This X design means that nerve fibers connected to the right hemisphere control the left side of the body and vice versa for the left hemisphere. Other organisms like sharks, crocodiles, frogs, owls, kangaroos are all vertebrates that have the same body blueprint, whereas with invertebrates they have no dorsal or backbone like scorpions, spiders, crabs, lobsters, shrimp, ants, bees, butterflies etc. Jellyfish for instance have a diffuse ‘nerve net’ but no central nervous system to decussate.  Evolutionary biologists and neuroscientists spend some of their time attempting to answer why there is this crossover design in the body plan trying to figure out when did this evolutionary change occur…why?? this not just God’s design of creatures that inhabit the planet. If their looking for some Darwinian explanation, his theory collapsed when the Cambrian fossils were discovered.  Anyway I digress.


This horrorific non scientific procedure involved splicing the corpus callosum and splitting the brain into 2 halves which means that a person could be putting on a pair of pants, pulling them on with the left hand and pulling them down with the right hand, since coordination between the 2 hemispheres is lost. Back in the 60’s they experimented with this procedure and reported that some individuals gained special abilities…what they turned them into the bionic man?. In the mid 80’s they had psychobiologists involved in this analysis…pyscho is right.  Communication and coordination between the 2 hemispheres is essential, and by severing communication causes one half to operate primitively. What did they aim to achieve ?..they felt that by physically separating the 2 halves of the brain it would eliminate the spread of the epileptic seizures from one hemisphere to the other..??.

Medicating idiopathic conditions

Again, in the meandering world of ignorance, allopathic medicine ply the epileptic child with anti-epileptic poison even though 70% of children who have experienced one seizure will never experience another, but even these children will be prescribed drugs to be taken permanently.  Parents agree to this not realising that these drugs are worthless and simply make the child worse. Brain activity is suppressed leaving the child academically and socially disabled, shape shifting their character, turning them into walking zombies, and in many instances the seizures do not abate.  This is completely understandable since drugs like Carbamazepine (Tegretol) and Sodium Valproate (Epilim) cause impaired liver and kidney function…what was one cause of epilepsy ?… kidney or liver failure.  All of these drugs interfere with the body’s natural bone remodelling process causing bone abnormalities and high risk fractures, as well as folic acid depletion..guess what ?, epilepsy does to.  Epileptics are also deficient in zinc and Vitamin B6( Pyridoxine), and many other nutrients like some essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, magnesium, selenium. A drug called Phenytoin (Dilantin) depletes the body of Vitamin B1 (Thiamine ). As I stated above, it is known that nutrient deficiency, another cause of seizure, almost go glove in hand with a dysbiotic gut since no nutrient absorption is occuring.  For all allopathic physicians out there, we know what is the most common cause of epileptic seizures and we know how to fix it. A young woman aged 40 e-mailed Dr Campbell-Mcbride ( thank you Dr for the courtesy in allowing me to quote this message):

“I have suffered from IBS for many years and I have been diagnosed with Celiac disease..I have also had temporal lobe epilepsy my whole life with spacing out, weird feelings, blackouts, distorted sights and sounds, and recently with muscle jerks, head turning, weird facial expressions, etc. I started your diet and most of my what is wrong with me went away…I went off your diet a bit after having done it for year; I started eating rice and some refined sugar, and the jerks started again. I went back on the GAPS diet and the symptoms stopped”.

You will remember I covered the GAPS diet in detail in the article ‘fixing the vaccine damaged’.  IBS stands for Irritable Bowel syndrome. IBS and celiac disease ( gluten intolerance ) are classic symptoms of gut dysfunction.

Psycotropic drugs and substance abuse

A common observation by Dr Campbell Mcbride is that GAPS people suffering from depression, schizophrenia, ADHD, ADD, Autism as they grow into young adulthood sometimes turn to substance abuse such as alcohol which is just worsening the bad situation they are in.  One thing should be appreciated here is that pathogenic bacteria such as yeasts like Candida consume glucose and other sugars which undoubtedly is what the GAPS individual is consuming which causes the gut dysbiosis in the first place. In a healthy individual, dietary glucose is turned into lactic acid and energy via the glycolysis process, but in dysbiotic gut people the Candida overgrowth hijacks the glucose, ferments it and then turns it into alcohol (ethanol) and its by-product acetaldehyde. When a high carbohydrate meal is consumed the effects on the individual resembles drunkenness. Even conventional physicians are aware of the harmful effects to a developing unborn child if the mother drinks alcohol but they are unaware of alcohol production within the gut due to yeast overgrowth.  This perceived euphoria I suspect is one the driving forces that cause GAPS people to abuse alcohol. I am afraid to say that alcohol is very damaging to the body ( my apologies,,because I am sure many out there consume alcohol..although I am sure you are aware of the limits). I would now like to share with you ( again by courtesy of Dr Breggin taken from his book Medication Madness with Thanks) the story of Willow.

Case Study : Willow

Due to the observations of her Kindergarten teacher and Mother, both commented on Willow’s hyperactivity and slowness to learn. ( classic GAPs symptoms),  and her neurologist diagnosed ADHD. She was prescribed Ritalin, but her mother was smart, she got so fed up watching her daughter stomp around like a zombie she took her off the medicine..good for you, and Willow did well off the medication for several more years.  However…there is always a but or a however..never..and she lived happily ever after. When Willow became a teenager she began having emotional problems ( to be expected..if the underlying problem was never fixed ) but her ‘cry for help’ was ignorantly ignored and she grew to hate school because her learning skills were still impaired due to her dysfunctional gut ( I suspect). Willow’s mother sent her to a special summer school in an attempt to improve her impaired learning condition and she loved being there ( because she was getting the attention she so desperately needed ).  Willow’s older sister returned to the family home, pregnant and with her husband waiting until they could afford to buy their own place, then sibling rivalry erupted and by some accounts Willow threatened the unborn child. Her mother feeling the pressure caved in and decided to take Willow back to the same neurologist who had prescribed Ritalin when Willow was in Kindergarten ( Oh no, stay away from this man…he will only prescribe more poison), And indeed he did. He and his fellow psychiatrist both prescribed Prozac, Zoloft and Wellbutrin to Willow over the next 91/2 years.  Never did they offer any therapy, but just continued drugging the poor girl, and suffice to say she got worse. What happened next in my opinion was a blatant criminal act, despite Willow’s mother informing the psychiatrist that Willow had a bad time with Ritalin when she was child..SHE WAS PRESCRIBED RITALIN AGAIN...this is unbelievable..and the mother accepted this…what is the phrase…fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.


Willow began her spiral into a deeper depression; clearly the drug was making things worse, and still the psychiatrist ignored the warning signs, even when the mother reported to his office that Willow had taken more pills than the prescribed amount, and her daughters demands for more Ritalin..SHE HAD BECOME ADDICTED.  Ritalin comes with a black box warning :

Drug Dependence

caution if drug dependence or alcoholism hx; chronic abuse can lead to marked tolerance and psychological dependence w/ varying degrees abnormal behavior; frank psychotic episodes can occur, especially w/ parenteral abuse; careful supervision during withdrawal, severe depression may occur; withdrawal after chronic use may unmask underlying disorder sx requiring follow-up’

Did anybody think to read this..does anybody know why this black box warning is in there..because the manufacturers are aware of these dreadful side effects as well the FDA who , should have taken this stuff out of circulation but because they are toothless bureaucrats who are on the take from the manufacturers, want to be seen to be doing something so they stick this label on the product, as if anybody reads the labels anyway.  The label should also include ‘this drug causes growth retardation’ (Australian study involving 52 stimulant treated children, Researchers at Yale found the same thing studying 84 children ( 5-17)…no its not the ADHD that causes growth retardation. It has also been confirmed that pemoline (Cylert), methylphenidate(Ritalin) and methamphetamine (Crystal Meth) all inhibit the uptake of sulfate and impair the formation of glycosaminoglycans within cartilage). In addition it should read ‘This drug is twice as potent as Cocaine’.

Substance Abuse

When Willow was 16 and still taking Ritalin and Prozac she began drinking excess amounts of alcohol. This happens because of the over stimulation of the antidepressants, and they begin drinking alcohol to calm them down.  A little after 2 years of restarting Ritalin, The psychiatrist diagnoses Willow with multiple substance abuse, drinking alcohol, sniffing paint thinner, spray paint, cement glue and smoking marijuana..well I wonder who drove her to it ??…so what did her psychiatrist do…I bet you will never guess…..yeah…HE KEPT HER ON RITALIN AND TOLD HER TO GO TO ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS…well that just about beats all.  AA is group therapy.. since he is so interested in ‘therapy’ why did he not give Willow psychotherapy at the beginning??…because he is too stupid and should have been struck off, and given the chance to practice his bogus medicine in a prison. To make matters worse he then began to space out Willows visits to him while still writing prescriptions for Ritalin. Due to the multiple prescriptions of Ritalin and not seeing her regularly Willow was turned into a Ritalin junkie.  When Willow had turned 17 she swallowed 5 40mg Ritalin pills simultaneously, obviously being driven close to suicide, trying to handle the Ritalin bingeing and the ‘crashing’ ( withdrawal) between Ritalin doses. As I remarked before..and the band played on…this poor excuse for a physician continued to pour more of this addictive poison down her throat…

More Ritalin

At this point, as you would expect, her mother was frantic calling the doctor (?) informing them that Willow had managed to find a gun in the house, and instead of the doctor calling for an immediate family consultation or an immediate psych evaluation at a rehab clinic he just instructed the parents to remove the gun...ok..if you think that’s best…can you believe this ??  Anyway the father dismantled the gun. Willow began breaking and entering into a neighbors house to steal Ritalin and found a Rolex watch that she pilfered….and the the band played on….Willow’s mother informed the psychiatrist who just kept filling the ritalin prescriptions...”But Doctor my daughter is performing open heart surgery on herself”….don’t worry just hide the scalpel from your daughter and make sure she keeps taking her medication like a good little girl…lol..but this is far from being funny..

And more Ritalin

Willow was now 19, was unable to hold a job or attend community college but stayed at home fighting with her mother over her medication. The psychiatrist,once the damage had been done, decided to stop the Ritalin causing Willow to suffer withdrawal but was given other medication ( not specified ).  She buckled during the withdrawal and forged a prescription for Ritalin after which the psychiatrist considered her a felon ( that’s rich..I wonder who the felon is here ?). Willow’s mother did not visit this psychiatrist again but engaged an internist ( a non specialist physician ) who was a friend of the father, and he prescribed Ritalin for her ADHD….has the world gone mad ???..I am lost for words, how these people can abandon this young girl with such indifference..I can only quote from Paradise Lost:

Me miserable! Which way shall I fly
Infinite wrath and infinite despair?
Which way I fly is hell; myself am hell;
And in the lowest deep a lower deep,
Still threat’ning to devour me, opens wide,
To which the hell I suffer seems a heaven.” 
John Milton,Paradise Lost

And even more Ritalin

As Dr Breggin states, that it is futile to diagnose an underlying psychiatric disorder when the patient has been driven to substance abuse, although the mother hid the fact that her daughter had become a drug addict. However, since internists are supposed to be good diagnosticians, and with the right sequence of questions he would have realised that Willow had developed a dependency to the drug given the number of years she was taking it, but even failing that, there is a black box warning for this stuff.  After a while the ‘penny dropped’..dah..and the internist began to realise she was abusing her medication…I am sorry I have to quote again:

Our cure, to be no more; sad cure! ”
John Milton,Paradise Lost

More and more and more RITALIN….

…So instead of doing the right thing and immediately enrolling her in a rehab unit..he prescribed more Ritalin, this time at a dose of 60mg/day ( this is twice the normal dosage for young adults like Willow). After a year the internist gave up..’hanging Willow out to dry’ as it were.  Her mother then took her to two more doctors who prescribed more poison. Dr Breggin figured out that during one month Willow had taken 640 Ritalin tablets totalling 6,500mg, and even at a high dose of this is enough for 108 days ( just less than 4 months, or at a normal dose nearly 8 months).  Willow was fired from her job and soon after she found a gun in the spare room of her home and killed herself.

( Please accept my appreciation Dr Breggin for the courtesy of my summarising one of your case studies, a most tragic sad series of events ).

In me thou see’st the twilight of such day,
As after sunset fadeth in the west;
Which by and by black night doth take away,
Death’s second self, that seals up all in rest.
In me thou see’st the glowing of such fire,
That on the ashes of his youth doth lie,
As the death-bed whereon it must expire,
Consum’d with that which it was nourish’d by.
This thou perceiv’st, which makes thy love more strong,
To love that well which thou must leave ere long.

Sonnet 73 William SHakespeare


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