This article discusses the main ingredients (The CDC have published a full vaccine ingredient list that can be found on the link below) that are contained in today’s vaccines and based on published documents comment on their perceived reaction to the body. In addition we will take a detailed look on the Rotavirus vaccine.

Vaccine Ingredients

Measles, mumps, rubella (MMR combined vaccine)

(UK: 1 yr/3yr 4mths)

(US 12-15mths/4-6yrs)

Chick embryo cell culture

WI 38 human diploid lung fibroblasts (from a 3 month aborted female fetus) which is treated with Tumor necrosis factor alpha which is an inflammatory cytokine associated with auto-immune conditions.

Medium 99 – Vitamins, Amino acids,Fetal Bovine serum (2mcg)

SPGA (sucrose,phosphate, glutamate, recombinant human albumin)


Hydrolyzed gelatin

1.Recombinant human albumin is genetically engineered.

2. Neomycin is an antibiotic which will cause damage to the gut as all antibiotics

3.Human lung tissue from a fetal cell is an old 1964 vaccine called Wistar RA27/3 which is used for the Rubella part of the vaccine (the old fetus aborted because the mother had Rubella)

4. Gelatin comes from boiled cartilage, skin etc from a pig or a cow. Gelatin can cause allergic reactions (removed in Japan because of this problem)

Varicella (chickenpox)

(UK 1 Year 2 Doses given 4-8 weeks apart)

(US 1 Dose 12 & 15mths, 2nd Dose 4-6 yrs)

Same as above + Guinea pig cell culture, MRC5 Human diploid cell cultures, Sodium chloride, MSG, Sodium Phosphate dibasic,Potassium Phosphate monobasic, potassium chloride, EDTA (Ethylenediamineteacetic acid)MRC5 lung tissue derived in 1966 from a 14 week aborted white male fetus.

Chelating agent

Influenza (Annual)


Octoxynol (Triton X-100)

Beta tocopheryl hydrogen succinate.

Polysorbate 80


Gentamicin sulphate

ovalbumin, formaldehyde, sodium deoxycholate, sodium phosphate-buffered isotronic sodium chloride

Cleaning detergent

Emulsifier or thickening agent



(US 2 Doses 2 mths, and 4 mths,)

(UK 2 Doses 8 and 12 weeks)

Amino acids, dextran,Modified eagle medium (sodium chloride, potassium chloride. Magnesium sulphate, ferric nitrate, sodium phosphate, sodium pyruvate, D-glucose,conc vitamins), L-Cystine,L-Tyrosine, L-250 glutamine, calcium chloride,sodium hydrogenocarbonate, phenol red, sorbitol,sucrose,calcium carbonate, sterile water, xanthamModified eagle medium refers to a synthetic cell culture devised in the 1950’s in this case by Harry Eagle (1905-1992) am American physician and pathologist.  The cell culture is composed of amino acids, vitamins, carbohydrates, glucose, serum, growth hormones

Calcium Carbonate is not the best calcium for the body since it is no better than rock stone especially as a calcium supplement which you should not take anyway


Gel (derived from pigs) is used to protect live viruses from the effects of temperature. Jewish and Muslim communities accept this on religious grounds since it is not ingested and its highly purified (used in the MMR, Nasal flu,Shingles (Zostavax) and one of the chickenpox vaccines (Varivax)).  Human Serum Albumin, a common protein found in blood that is extracted from screened blood donors( used in the chickenpox vaccine). Recombinant human serum albumin which is produced by yeast cells that contain human albumin cells, a preferable method since it produces large quantities without the need for blood extraction (used in the MMR vaccines, approx 0.3mg/dose). We have discussed Sorbitol where it is naturally found in the human body, fruit and berries.


As we pointed out before antibiotics is a sure way of knocking out your gut flora including parts of the immune system. Although not used in the vaccine themselves they are used however during the manufacturing process to prevent bacteria contaminating the vaccine. Traces of 5 anti-biotics  are found in vaccines neomycin (005 mg to less than 0.016mg/dose in the MMR vaccine) streptomycin( less than 0.016mg/dose in the MMR vaccine)  , polymyxin b (less than 0.011mg/dose in the Flu vaccine) ,gentamicin (less than 0.00015mg/dose in the Flu vaccine) and kanamycin (less than .00002 mg/dose in the Polio vaccine) In the DtaP vaccine the levels of neomycin (less than 0.00000005mg/dose) and polymyxin b (less than 0.00000001mg/dose), so the values are much less. Can these miniscule amounts cause harm to the infant’s gut flora..this is a good question.


Formaldehyde and Glutaraldehyde are used in vaccines such as the Poliovirus, Hepatitis B, Diphtheria and Tetanus.  We know these substances are toxic but Formaldehyde is a metabolite produced by the One carbon cycle other wise known as the Methylation cycle. From the simple methylation cycle shown in diagram 1 formaldehyde is produced in the transformation of serine and glycine which binds to the folic acid and forms 5,10-dimethylene-THF. Conversely as the cycle spins Formaldehyde binds to THF and 10-formyl-THF during de-methylation supported by the ATP hydrogenesis. Many studies have been published showing the toxicity of formaldehyde specifically cytotoxicity (toxic to cells) where formaldehyde indirectly mediates DNA oxidative damage by free radicals rather than cause direct DNA damage.  However, we have covered in previous articles the role of the anti-oxidant network that exists within cells so healthy cells should be able to quench the oxidants and allow corrective enzymes to patch-up and repair any DNA damage. There is also an enzyme that converts Formaldehyde into formate (This enzyme is Formaldehyde dismutase) a less dangerous substance.

The production of Formaldehyde fuels the one carbon cycle of methylation while formate is used to make certain building blocks of life.  These cellular protective mechanisms naturally exist since methylation of cells occurs millions of times/day to perform epigenetic switching to control gene expression/silencing.  In a 2 month old infant for example their blood contains approx 1.1mg while the amount in the vaccine is around 0.1mg so it is debatable if there is enough formaldehyde in the vaccine to do any extensive damage and if it does the cellular protective mechanisms should take care of it, but again if the baby`s system is compromised it is possible that more than trivial damage could happen.

Diagram 1 The One Carbon Cycle (Methylation)

Glutaraldehyde, a disinfectant is used in the vaccine to inactivate toxic viruses or bacteria by cross-linking their proteins killing the cell. In a `Fracking`operation this substance in liquid form is added to break down bacterial growth  that impair production of oil and gas wells. Arguably if it kills viral and bacterial cells, it is possible it can do the same thing with mammalian cells.

Acidity Regulators

During vaccine manufacture the PH of the viruses and bacteria must be maintained. Various substances are used for this purpose that include:

Salts based on potassium phosphate and sodium phosphate used to maintain PH balance and keep the active ingredients suspended in water.

  • Disodium adipate a food additive.
  • Succinic acid,
  • Sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid
  • Histidine, an amino acid
  • Sodium borate (borax) a cleaning product that is not recommended for pregnant women
  • Trometamol, Class C drug not recommended for pregnant women

Human Cell Lines

Human cells are used to grow vaccine active ingredients because the virus is specific to humans only and are used in the Rubella, shingles and chicken pox vaccines.  These cell cultures are known as WI-38 and MRC-5 which were initially produced in the 60s from lung cells of aborted fetuses. The WHO inform us that these modern cultures are better than the older versions that used brain tissue. Dr Deisher a PHD in Molecular and Cellular physiology from Stanford claims that using human cell lines in vaccines cause auto-immune responses and can interfere with our own DNA through recombination. This theory is shared by Helen Ratajczak PHD, basically saying that when DNA from one human is introduced into another human there is a possibility of homologous recombination.

In theory it might be possible by way of Protists (a diverse group of eukaryotic microorganisms in which  homologous recombination was first discovered).  Homologous recombination was also used for gene targeting, a technique to change exogenous genes (Mario Capecchi, Martin Evans and Oliver Smithies were awarded the 2007 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine for the development of this technique), but I don’t believe any study has been done to prove or disprove the theory that injected DNA fragments can interfere with host DNA. The DNA fragments that constitute the culture in which the virus is grown will be attacked by the complement immune response once it hits the bloodstream which is the expected response.  The altered DNA would then become vulnerable to attack by the immune system since it has become part of the Host’s DNA, but it is foreign in terms of the immune system which will ignite an auto-immune response.  Their theory, I believe coincides with reports that vaccines trigger auto-immune response, but as I stated in the first article that if the immune system is in chaos before the vaccine is administered  then an abnormal immune system will trigger an abnormal response (The trigger being the vaccine).  Auto-immune ignition only occurs in some recipients who probably have a compromised immune system to start with.

Animal Cell Lines

These animal cells taken from kidney cells of African Green Monkeys back in the 60s and used in the Polio, Nasal Flu and Rotavirus vaccines. This theoretical problem of  Homologous recombination cannot occur using animal cultures but Dr Ratajczak raises the concern of an allergic response to potential contaminants in monkey kidney cells such as B.Virus,lymphocytic choriomeningitis Virus, and Arbor Virus which are potentially pathogenic.

Inactive Vaccine Ingredients

It is interesting to note that a Barbara F Gregory wrote an email in 2009 to the FDA and the following is an extract of the response she received:

It is unclear from your email exactly what oil you are referring. Again, the aluminum is the adjuvant. Aluminum in the form of alum, aluminum hydroxide or phosphate is the only adjuvants used in U.S. licensed vaccines and there is no oil in those adjuvants. The adjuvant, as well as, certain inactive ingredients [That’s right… only certain inactive ingredients not all of them. And peanut oil was considered totally safe for injection from the skin prick tests so it doesn’t have to appear!! – bfg] must appear on the package label.  General requirements for the package labeling can be found in 21 CFR 610.61.

So in effect not all ingredients will appear on the package label of the vaccine if the ingredient is deemed to be inactive and harmless, but because of the chronic poor state of health in a large proportion of the population specifically unbalanced gut flora, furthermore there are a considerable number of people who are allergic to peanuts.


Several vaccines use the technique of injecting 2 viruses into an egg and allowing them to recombine to make new strains, and then researchers search through the new produced strains and use the ones that have certain features they are looking for which sounds to me a little questionable releasing a new strain into a vaccine..what features do they look for in these GMO produced vaccines.  The Nasal flu vaccine incorporates this technology.  Since the influenza virus varies its circulatory strains, Infectious disease experts attempt to predict what these strains might be every year, (I guess they pass a hat round and pick a few, which is the reason the flu vaccine is ineffective as I pointed out earlier, it is possible the researchers are always trying to get one step ahead of the virus..good luck  

Recombinant DNA

In the recombinant DNA technology bacterial or yeast cells are used to manufacture large quantities of a vaccine by inserting the DNA of the medium that needs to be protected against and inserted into other cells.  To produce the Hepatitis B vaccine, part of the Hep B virus DNA is inserted into the DNA of bacterial DNA and then inserted into yeast cells for proliferation.

Recombinant DNA techniques

Let us look at this process more closely.  As shown in diagram 2 a Bacteria is chosen to provide the recombinant DNA source including its associated Plasmid DNA (In 1958 French biologist Francois Jacob and French geneticist Elle Wollman used the term ‘Episome’ to describe Plasmids but the term was abandoned). Plasmid DNA exists in bacteria as a small circular double stranded DNA particles within the bacterial cell physically separated from its chromosomal DNA. Plasmids typically comprise 30 genes but can contain much more, but just enough to benefit the survival of the organism (for example containing a gene that is anti-biotic resistant).  The plasmids themselves are referred to as replicons since they have the ability to replicate autonomously within a suitable host, as well as transmission from one bacteria in different species.

Mechanisms to transfer genetic material between cells

This is achieved using one of three mechanisms Transformation (a genetic alteration of a cell by the direct penetration of the cellular membrane relying on the Competence of the recipient cell which means the capability to accept extracellular or ‘naked’ DNA from its environment and it’s thought that some 80 bacterial species are capable of transformation).  Transduction (this describes the mechanism that viruses use to replicate by injecting their DNA into a host cell and is Dnase (Deoxyribonuclease) resistant as opposed to the Transformation mechanism that is susceptible to this enzyme which cuts DNA molecules),  and Conjugation (this also involves the transfer of genetic material between bacterial cells but unlike the other 2 mechanisms Transformation and Transduction, conjugation uses a direct cell to cell contact similar to sexual mating.

Manufacturing the Hepatitis B Vaccine

The process displayed in Diagram 2 involves the splicing of the Plasmid DNA with the Hepatitis B viral DNA ( including the Hepatitis B gene that produces the antigen) and then inserted in yeast cells producing recombinant yeast cells and then placed in a fermentation tank to multiply. Once a number of cells are produced they are extracted and purified to manufacture the final vaccine product.  In the example shown in diagram 2 the plasmid is being used as a bacterial cloning vector allowing the insertion of DNA fragments ( into the spliced portion of the plasmid that was previously cut using restrictive enzymes) producing recombinant DNA which are then introduced to the cell culture medium ( Yeast ) using the Transformation mechanism. It is interesting to note that some plasmids contain an ‘Addiction ‘ system that contains 2 genes that express a toxin and an antitoxin ( the antidote ) such as in E.Coli. When bacteria lose their plasmids they are selectively killed because the unstable antidote ( antitoxin) degrades faster than the toxin itself so the plasmid is destroyed. Yeast are eukaryotic organisms that naturally harbor plasmids which is why yeast is chosen as the culture medium.

Diagram 2 Recombinant DNA Process

If you have read the article ‘Microbiome and the gut-brain barrier part 3’ there is a discussion on genetic engineering and recombinant technology, where I explain that it is difficult to get a foreign gene to work in a cell which is why it is necessary to incorporate a ‘gene switch’ or Promoter that tells the cell to copy a gene and make lots of protein and express the gene at a high level which is incapable of turning off, however this may not be an issue.  I am not privy to the intricacies of the manufacturing process but recombinant technology is playing with nature which is always a precarious path. Remember the voice of the supreme court vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe.”

In terms of the Hepatitis B vaccine I reiterate what I stated in first vaccine article  Hepatitis B vaccines that are given on day 1 of a newly born irrespective of birth weight or gestation period without the mother’s consent, let alone being in a position to give any informed consent after a possible exhaustive labor process, and given the fact that this virus can only appear in the human body by blood transfusion, sexual intercourse or if the mother has it.  The mother can have a blood test and if she has it then administer the vaccine but all other conditions does not warrant it.  So now there are 2 reasons to avoid this vaccine. It is not possible for the infant to contract the virus unless it’s passed on from the mother and the fact that it is manufactured using recombinant DNA technology which also carry some potential  risks, relative to what I said in the section above on Human cell lines, I.e homologous recombination.

Rotavirus Vaccine

Well looking at the ingredients above they appear to be a fairly innocuous mix (although the Rotateq product from Merck contains Polysorbate 80 but the Rotarix product from GSK does not). So why in some recipient infants of the vaccine get Intussusception and others do not..well you may ask..what is t Intussusception.  First of all the rotavirus causes severe diarrhea (statistics state half a million deaths/ann across the globe in children under 5, and according to the CDC before the introduction of this vaccine in 2006 (US), and 2013(UK) almost all children in the US were infected leading to 20-60 deaths/ann).  The first Rotavirus vaccine Rotashield (Wyeth) was found to have an association with  Intussusception and the 2 successors Rotateq(Merck) and Rotarix(GSK) were initially thought not to have this risk but they do.  However, everybody and his dog confirm that the risks pale into insignificance compared to the benefits (risk stats = 1 in 20,000 infants but then they say the risk is higher if you don’t vaccinate which seems to be confirmed if most children were infected with Rotavirus during the pre-vaccine era.(1-4 children in1,000)


Intussusception is a common bowel obstruction in infants (4-10 months) a `Telescoping` effect (where one piece slides into another when collapsing a telescope) which causes one section of the intestine to slide inside another section because one section of the bowel becomes unfolded within a more distal segment.  This cuts off the blood supply resulting in rectal bleeding ( since the venous return is blocked) and/or a `redcurrant` looking stool, in addition to blocking the intestines. Symptoms include vomiting, abdominal distension and abnormal bowel sounds, and possibly shock (because of severe vascular compromise of the intestine. The oedema is identified as a mass upon abdominal examination. It is thought that this condition is caused by hypertrophied lymphoid tissue (tissue enlargement) caused by the virus. However,  intussusception occurs in unvaccinated infants probably caused by a dysbiotic gut allowing the rite of passage to bacteria and viruses.  When Rotashield was introduced in 1999 it was withdrawn because postmarketing surveillance uncovered 1-2 excess cases of Intussusception per 10,000 recipients. Looking at the risk/benefits ratio it’s a no-brainer, since the New England journal of Medicine editorial claimed that the vaccine each year prevents 53,000 hospitalizations, 170,000 ER visits and the prevention of some 14 deaths/year. If these figures are accurate then it is conceivable that the benefits far outweigh the risks. Having said that a healthy baby with a healthy microbiome may not need this vaccine because its own immature immune system may have the resilience to combat the virus.

The 90 Essential Nutrients and Essential Breastfeeding

To verify the condition of the infant’s immune system, although immature it will be healthy IF…IF you as a nursing mother are (and you should be) taking the 90 essential nutrients yourself and have been, all through your pregnancy and before (hopefully) then your gut flora should be healthy and the microbiome that your infant has inherited from you should also be healthy but his/her immune system will be weak. It is absolutely crucial that you breastfeed your baby for as long as possible.  In one of my previous articles I described in detail the contents of breast is the most nutritious food on the planet and even the best formulae does not come close to its essential goodness.

The Marvel of Breast Milk –

The Most Nutritious Substance on the Planet

Breast milk  contains 7 proteins, 5 nitrogens, 20 amino acids (building blocks of life – protein builders), 13 nucleotides (DNA/RNA building blocks), 8 fatty acids including 3 essential fatty acids (Omega 3, 6), 3 monounsaturated fatty acids, 4 saturated fatty acids, 6 Phospholipids (for healthy cell membranes), 11 sphingolipids (raw building material for cell membranes, brain and nervous tissue), 13 sterols (hormone and prostaglandin building material),  Vitamin D3 metabolites, complete steroid hormones, 15 vitamins, 18 minerals, 22 Cytokines (Immune system messengers) for the immune system, 14 Peptides (pre-combines amino acids), 24 pre-built hormones, 12 enzymes, 30 Anti-microbial factors (Immune system WBC’s such as leukocytes,phagocytes, neutrophils, macrophages etc), beneficial bacteria to reseed the gut (Bifidus factor). So there is nothing on this planet which is more nutritious.  When the child becomes non interested in the breast milk it will be time for solid food but intermix it with baby pre-biotics to maintain gut health.  This is all the protection he/she needs until their own Immune system begins to mature which starts to develop about 2-3 months. Unless your pediatrician understands how vital nutrition is to the human body than be very cautious what he tells you especially about breastfeeding and giving the child drugs if he/she is feeling a little lousy..remember if the child is running a fever than this is normal..let it run its course..the immune system is in training by raising your child’s temperature to kill the infectious agent..under no circumstances give your child any poison like baby advil or tylenol,,this stuff works against the natural processes of the body…Consult with Dr Bergman he is an expert pediatrician among other things (50% of his patients are young children that have been damaged by conventional medicine).

WHO state that the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting system received a high proportion of reports vaccine association with other gastrointestinal problems including fever,bloody stool,vomiting,diarrhoea,abdominal pain,gastroenteritis and dehydration (occurring within 3-7 days after administration of the vaccine.  If the immune system is compromised the viral infection can go beyond the intestines and enter into the lymph nodes, liver, myocardium (muscular tissues of the heart).lung and the central nervous system (as discussed in study’s Nouvo et al 2002: Chiappini et al 2005 – Viraemia (presence of virus in blood) is a common finding in immunocompetent children with rotavirus infection).


In these series of articles I am attempting to present all of the facts that have been published in the public domain coupled with understandable (I hope) science in order for you to make sensible informed decisions on vaccination.  I try to maintain a disinterested position rather than sway toward the 2 camps of the pro-vaccine vs the anti-vaccine.  I don’t believe in making blanket statements which I have seen on various websites which say ‘ Vaccines are safe, whats all the fuss about, the amounts of questionable vaccine ingredients are minuscule so  they can’t possibly do any harm’ to ‘ All vaccines can cause harm, where are the safety studies..’ etc.  Dr Sheri Tenpenny states that we should avoid all vaccines, and I suspect Dr Suzanne Humphries might agree.  I have forwarded the notion of using a risk vs benefits equation to assist in your decision making but is there enough valid, factual, untainted information that you can use to balance this equation.  It does not help the decision process when you hear about the latest Merck litigation concerning the MMR vaccine throwing into question what else has been ‘fudged’.  The focus on safety must be directed toward infants and if that infant is being breast fed and he has a healthy microbiome chances are he/she has the tools to fight viral and/or bacterial infection.

Vaccination is a barbarous practice and one of the most fatal of all the delusions current in our time.

Conscientious objectors to vaccination should stand alone, if need be, against the whole world, in defense of their conviction.

Mahatma Gandhi


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Author: Eric Malouin



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