Many doctors today are recommending supplements in the same way they would prescribe a medication to cover up a symptom or treat an illness. It’s important to keep in mind that supplements aren’t actually that vital to the healing process. The only reason I recommend supplements is because it’s extremely difficult to get all the nutrients your body requires just from food. The best option would be to invest in high quality organically grown food in addition to making the proper lifestyle changes and getting proper chiropractic care.

So if you’re getting proper daily sun exposure you don’t need to take a vitamin D3 supplement. If you’re consuming plenty of vitamin C rich food you don’t need to take a vitamin C supplement. If you’re consuming healthy wild caught fish like sardines, mackerel, or anchovies you don’t need to take an omega 3 supplement. If you’re consuming sea vegetables like kelp you don’t need iodine supplements. If you have a diet rich with minerals you don’t need to take a mineral supplement.

As you can see it’s often much easier to just supplement unless you have access to all these food sources.

The supplement brands I recommend to my patients*

*this is not a sponsored post or any type of brand featuring, just my own experience using these products.

For any other supplements I recommend searching through and because they’ve done extensive research on the supplements they offer and you can be sure you’re getting the highest quality.

These are the supplements that I currently use and recommend to my patients, but keep in mind that I’m always researching and trying out different brands so this list might look very different a year from now.

What about Enzyme Supplements?

Enzyme supplements can be┬ávery beneficial but aren’t necessary if you make the proper dietary changes. You can get all the necessary enzymes your body needs through juicing vegetables and blending fruits. Juicing and blending are fantastic because the soluble fiber in veggie juice can be absorbed directly into your bloodstream and bind to toxins which may be affecting the health of your body. Juicing/blending also pre-digests the food so the nutrients/minerals are more easily absorbed by your body. There are also enzymes and natural probiotics in the veggie juice/blended fruit that will radically improve your digestive system.

Here’s a video on juicing if you’d like to learn more:


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